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Msindisi Monthly 145

Salvador & Dianne’s Msindisi Monthly


Number: 145            May 2017



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KwaZulu Natal,

South Africa


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Dear Friends and family,


“Kia ora” as they say in New Zealand. You may be surprised by this greeting but we have had to make an impromptu visit to the land of the long white cloud. Two Thursday nights ago, Di’s father fell critically ill, which was quite hard as we live so far away. We had some money set aside for Salvador’s application for New Zealand residency (preparing for the future event that we may have to leave South Africa at some point after the last visa scare), which we could use to pay for Di’s ticket to fly to New Zealand that same evening after we got the news. We were hoping that she may get to see her dad before he passed away.


Di’s Dad: Darwin Kaye Vincent

As we couldn’t use our bank card to pay for it, some friends made the payment for which we paid a portion back to them before the Lord touched hearts and covered the rest of the ticket. Sadly, Di’s father passed away early Sunday morning on the 23rd before Di landed in New Zealand. In South Africa on Sunday morning when Salvador was on his way to the Church meeting he received a phone call from a Christian brother who offered to pay for his ticket to join Di in New Zealand. The funeral was Thursday 27th April. Di’s family received much love and support, there were family members, and friends who hadn’t seen each other for years, which were reunited for the day. We really appreciate the prayers from God’s people across the world. The testimony and love has been a strength and encouragement for Di especially. We would like to acknowledge, with thanks, all those who so graciously blessed us with prayers, gifts and messages you all truly blessed our hearts.


Sunrise at home.

While here some wonderful family friends have loaned us their spare car, which has been a huge blessing. We have been staying with Di’s mum and walking with her, through this time, as she adjusts to the changes ahead while sorting through legal and practical matters with other family members. We have also been catching up with friends and Christian brethren. Today we visited Di’s good friend Glenys (who was instrumental in Di getting saved) and we rejoice at the testimonies of seeing the Lord at work in Palmerston North. We also visited Joan, Glenys’ mum, who is in a rest home. She accepted the Lord just a few years ago. We were so humbled to hear her say that she prays for us every single night. Other friends, Eril and Lindsay Shotton (who have been instrumental in Di’s Christian walk) are also in the same rest home and it was awesome seeing these veterans in the faith.


Di’s Family together.


Di with Glenys’ mum Joan.


“I pray for you every single day!”


Visiting Brian and Patrice Guerin


This Sunday we will visit Emmanuel Congregational Church who have been a major support to us while in South Africa. The Sunday after, Salvador will be speaking at The Father’s House fellowship in Bulls, Manawatu.


Salvador with Di’s Mum


Di’s Dad and Mum on their Wedding Day

Over the last couple of months in South Africa, Salvador has continued to teach Hebrew classes three times a week. He has also been teaching through a series on Eschatology, the first of which is included at the end of this Newsletter. Di continues facilitating the ladies bible study. She participates with the Church Sunday school. Les, the pastor, has been teaching a lot of messages about our fellowship and walk with the Lord and Salvador has shared the teaching ministry but has also led a meeting on Purim and we had a wonderful Passover meal with our brothers at Coming King Ministries. It is a blessing to look at, experience and taste of the Biblical Jewish roots of our faith out of freedom and not from a legalistic compulsion that we must do so.



Lighting the Candles for Passover


Maggid, asking the four questions at Passover.


Seder Plate of Passover


Everybody enjoying Passover.


Salvador has also started a weekly Gospel bible study with a young man called Sandile. He works as a Barista and is very open to the Gospel and scripture. He has asked numerous times about attending a bible study when it seemed possible to have a bible study in Groutville. However, on that not eventuating Salvador does a private study with him. We don’t know how long this will continue as his work situation may bring that to a halt if it changes.



Studying scripture with Sandile


We also have done a weekly online bible study with a lovely Christian couple in the United States who walk a lonely walk with the Lord. This has been a temporary help to support them while people who usually teach them scripture were visiting family in the UK for a few weeks. Salvador has been going through a few of the first principles with them, (Water Baptism, Spirit Baptism, and Baptism of fire as well as the laying on of hands).



Studying scripture with the couple from the States

We are here for one more week before heading back to South Africa. We thank the Lord for provision through our brethren in Jesus. It means that the ability to apply for Salvador’s New Zealand residency is still possible.


Beach in Otaki


May the Lord bless you all.


Salvador and Di


For those who are interested, here is the first teaching Salvador does in his series on Eschatology. It concerns the first section of Scripture’s over arching story from Genesis to Revelation. In this session we run from Creation to the Fall.

To watch “Eschatology 1: Creation to the Fall” please click on the Following link:




Msindisi Monthly 144



NUMBER: 144       Mar 2016  


96 Colwyn Drive,

Umhlali, 4390




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Salvador and Di together before Church on Sunday.

Hi all


As above, you can see that we have a new postal address, so if you have any letters to post to us please feel free to use the address above.


We have had a busy 3months…. Hence the lack of newsletters.

In the month of Feb Di realized she had been in South Africa for 10 years. When we look back it’s been an incredible experience, we have much to be thankful for.


Early Jan we moved into our new home, a 2 bedroom cottage with a sea view which came last second to our attention. Fully furnished so we haven’t had to purchase anything. What a blessing !!!!


Our Humble abode.


Judy sharing a meal with us. Lovely house warming.

When we wrote the last newsletter we just did a short term mission trip and Di worked at care bear crèche before coming down with the flu in the last 2 days.

Sal continues to visit the rest home and the home for the disabled. Di also when she can.



Salvador sings hymns and choruses at Bill Buchanan Home for the Aged in Durban


Ladies dancing at time of singing hymns and choruses at the Old Age home.

Sal has had an amazing response of people wanting to learn Hebrew. He is now doing 3 classes a week. Basic and Advanced and as a 2 families of home school kids. He is also preaching often at CKM and in the worship group. Di is also on the roster for Sunday school teaching.



Salvador teaching Hebrew

We had Mesuli and Johnny staying with us over night. 


We finally finished all the paper work for the application for NZ residency and got it posted. Since then it’s been returned as more paper work needed and needed to be on their new form of application. This sadly throws all the dead lines out with police checks expiring so we now have to apply for new ones and do the health check again.


Cell groups during the week continue, sharing a meal together, communion, prayer, sharing and teaching. Di has the ladies meeting on a Friday morn. Sal is teaching a weekly Eschatology bible study every Thursday morning. He is also doing private studies with a few on how to study the bible (Hermeneutics) on a one on one basis. This month we also visited the Union Bible Institute in Hilton and shared with the students on the issue of witnessing to people involved in Ancestral traditions.



Salvador gives his talk on Ancestors at the Union Bible Institute in Hilton, KZN


Evangelism is not programmatic but very much personal on a one to one basis as we conduct our lives. We get talking to people and share the faith in very natural ways. Through doing so we have gotten to know several people and have remained in contact with them.


The months of Dec, Jan, Feb and March are very hot in this area. So there have been days when the heat has left us both exhausted. We are certainly looking forward to the cooler months.


At the end of the month Omri Jaakovich from HIT International (Hosting Israeli Travelers) will be in the area sharing about the work they do and seeing how believers can get involved.


Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. Also the encouragement and contacts we have received from emails and social media have been a real source of blessing.


Shalom in Jesus.


Salvador and Dianne




Msindisi Monthly 143



NUMBER: 143       Jan 2017  

 Postal address: 102 Hilary Drive

Ballito 4420




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Dear Friends, family and brethren in Messiah.


We seem to be a little slack in regards to sending out our newsletters for the beginning of the month. Much has been happening and 2017 seems to hold much in store for us.



Amazing sunset

Just to update everyone, the Lord moved us on from the mission work near Vryheid and has brought us to Ballito to serve as missionaries with Coming King Ministries. On our heart especially is to share ministry responsibilities with the pastor, Les and to facilitate strong Cell groups with a sustainable dynamic of fellowship where the members of the body all participate in a home setting. This is to supplement the ongoing ministries going on in the Church. We want to take mission opportunities in the area but this has been slow to see a start. Sphiwe from Groutville is still to arrange a meeting place in Groutville and things slowed down a lot over December, especially as people visited family and busied themselves up for the festive season. Salvador is also involved in the arrangement of several meetings this year, and a possible inter-fellowship retreat between groups of likeminded brethren. We will also be taking several mission trips this year to our old area to encourage Phumlani and the other brethren. Some video teaching needs to be planned and filmed as part of CKM outreach. Di has started a ladies bible study and that has taken off very well. We have been ministering at Old Age home in Durban and a special needs home in Stanger called St Lukes. One Friday afternoon we go to Durban and the alternate week is in Stanger. In both Salvador will sing hymns and choruses on his guitar and we get to share. We started going to the Old Age home because someone in our Church, Grant, has been ministering there on a weekly basis after the Lord opened the door for him to go there.


A map of KZN. We now live in Sheffield Beach which is above Salt Rock. Not far from Ballito.


Getting ready to visit the folks at the Old Age home in Durban.


A few of the residents at St Lakes. Precious people.

Kevin and Michele Edwards from CKM have been amazing in opening their home to us. At the beginning of December came the end of our staying with them as we had been asked to house sit for people going on holiday. Altogether we housesat at three different homes in December. During this time we celebrated Chanukkah with 8 nights of feasting, lighting candles, reciting blessings and exchanging of gifts. This feast commemorates the time of Antiochus Epiphanes when he desecrated the Jewish temple and the Maccabees revolted and rededicated the temple. It was a wonderful reminder of why Jesus came into the world, as the light of the world to save sinners, cleanse them of all that defiles and to dedicate them as Temples of the Holy Spirit. For more information on that feast please click on the following link:



Our own Chanukiah (Candelabra for Chanukah).

The first night was shared with Judy Balcombe from CKM and the next morning at Church we did a special Chanukkah service.



Celebrating Chanukah with Judy Balcombe.


Chanukah service at CKM

We had been looking for a place to rent with CKM committing to covering the rent. Accommodation is very expensive in Ballito and suitable accommodation is always quickly taken. We continually were told that flats we were interested in had already been taken. We were offered a wonderful 1 bedroom apartment in a very nice estate but it was very expensive for us. The church committed to paying its rent but we always wondered if it was too much for us. However, we signed the lease thinking this was the only alternative. A few days later, after Church, we visited a couple who told us of a garden cottage for a very good price. It is a 2 bedroom place, fully furnished with a sea view, satellite TV and Wifi access and is much cheaper than the other place. Fortunately the owner of the other place had not signed the lease so we were free to turn it down.



Amazing view outside our new home.


Our new home, garden cottage in Sheffield Beach.

From November, Salvador has been trying to obtain a ministry vehicle to replace the Ford Ranger that was sold in order to cut down costs. As we now live in Ballito we do not need a big vehicle like that. We are now driving a VW polo classic and it is already saving money on fuel and on tyres. It has been quite a process to get it registered, which we just finalized yesterday. Salvador is presently trying to do a shorter version/shorter versions of the Allegiance film as the full movie is 77 minutes which is long for people to watch online. So Salvador has condensed the movie to 40 minutes and is also breaking the movie into the 4 separate stories which work out to between 10-15 minutes each, which may be better for online viewing, especially for people who struggle with Data.



Meeting up with Russell and Claudia who were visiting Ballito in December.


Having a lovely meal with Grant and Alicia. Grant visits the Old Age home in Durban.


So we moved into our new place in the second week of January but did not have much time to settle or to arrange the place as we had to leave last weekend to come up to Vryheid. Di had promised Belinda Els that she would help at Care Bear crèche for the first week of term. So we decided to use that as an opportunity to do our first short term mission trip. John and Esther Raath from CKM joined us this last weekend. We asked John to prepare a bible study and for Esther to teach kids club on Saturday. They arrived Friday morning as Salvador was struggling to complete the roadworthy in order to get the license disk from the licensing department. It has seemed that when you get everything in order there are other things you need to get sorted such as 2 new tyres Friday morning, oil leak sorted etc. Suffice it to say everything had to wait for yesterday.



Visiting Celani’s shop the friday afternoon we arrived. Clothes donated from CKM were delivered here.


Di meets up with Celani

We arrived at our place and drove to the Bible study we used to do with the ladies at KwaBhekephi. The road was being worked on so the car was put through a testing but did very well. Ntombikayise, was Hamilton’s mum in the film (amazing acting for someone who had zero acting experience – check out her full scene here with subtitles: ). She testified to the Lord’s grace concerning her daughter who was involved in some kind of Satanic ritual. She was fed a piece of glass and was possessed. She did not respond to her name, claimed she was someone else, had super strength and would feel like she was burning when she was near her mother. Ntombikayise was very worried and scared but after seeing that her daughter was not herself started shouting “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.” She said her daughter coughed up the glass which was spinning and changing colours, before their eyes. She said her daughter has repented and accepted the Lord and at school encountered other girls afflicted by demonic spirits and is likewise speaking the name of Jesus with confidence and authority as her mother did. Ntombikayise and her sister were so jubilant to see the power of God manifested through ordinary believers as themselves. They were such a blessing to us. We met in the crèche they run in the community and John gave a very encouraging message about God’s purposes in our lives being worked through the good and bad things we experience. Friends from CKM donated some toys for their crèche so it was wonderful to see the joy they had in receiving them for their children.



Our old home.


Ntombikayise and her sister overjoyed at the toys their creche has recieved.


A still from Ntombikayise’s scene from which a snippet was taken for the allegiance film.

The next day, Esther taught the kids at the kids club that Khethiwe Sithole runs in the community of Alpha Village where she lives. It was a simple Gospel message and it is wonderful how simple it needs to be for these young souls. Khethiwe has been faithfully teaching these children since last year and with little to no training. We hope to be able to grant her some help in one of our future visits. On Saturday afternoon we visited Thobani’s whom Salvador baptized last August when we were seeking the Lord for our direction. He has grown strong in the Lord and in His word. He gathers his family round every night for Bible studies though he said that the oldest father in the home runs away when he gets the Bible out. Salvador picked up Siphamandla, who he used to do studies with on a Sunday afternoon. Siphamandla is still at school and is years behind in his education. He said his father watched the allegiance film and has since quit following ancestors. We can only pray for his salvation. When we all visited Thobani, John gave the same study but there were a couple of Thobani’s sisters (who are also running a crèche) who are not saved. Siphamandla had not gotten saved either so Salvador also gave a hard hitting Gospel message. Afterwards, Thobani exchanged numbers with Siphamandla and will follow up with him. But Thobani that evening when we had a cell group meeting testified that the father who kept running away when the Bible came out, upon seeing John, Esther and us visiting their home said to Thobani that he would like Thobani to teach him the Bible. Praise the Lord!!! On Sunday morning we had the Church meeting and Celani prepared a Church meal which we all enjoyed before John and Esther returned to Ballito.



Salvador, Thobani and John on Friday Evening, our first night.


John, Esther, Thobani, Salvador, Phumlani and little Mlando on the first night we arrived.


On way out of homestead on Saturday morning we had a puncture in one of the brand new tires!!


Esther and Khethiwe teaching the kids club.


Getting ready for Cell group.


Visiting Mkhulu’s home before Church on Sunday.


Salvador with Phumlani and Siphiwe’s daughter, Thoba.


Di with Thoba.


John and Esther about to head back to Ballito.

That afternoon we met up with Mesuli who was working that day at the Chemist. This young man is growing with the Lord and has a heart to serve the Lord and to meet up with Thobani and Phumlani to learn from the Lord and to serve Him together. It is like the Lord is raising up a small army of young men to serve Him in these areas. Very encouraging for us.


Salvador has gone up to Pretoria to see a Panel doctor in order to complete his application for New Zealand residence, so that whenever we have to leave South Africa we won’t have to be separated from each other. It is the same amount of work for a work permit as we need for permanent residence application except that permanent residence but permanent residence is for life and is more expensive. You can only get your medical and X-ray done by a designated doctor and the one in Pretoria is far cheaper than those in Durban so he has gone up. However the expenses are quite high and then there is the issue of paying for the application itself and couriering it. We almost saved up enough but not quite enough. Wondering how we were going to pay for them we found that a Church in the UK had just deposited a gift, which has covered the required amount and more besides. We praise the Lord for His grace and provision. He knows our needs and He touches people’s hearts to meet them.


A view of Eastmine, where the Church meets.


Thobani’s sisters who are running the creche. They were challenged by the Gospel preached.


Beautiful scenery outside our old home.


Please continue to pray for the works in both Vryheid and in Ballito.


May the Lord bless you all.



Msindisi Monthly 142



NUMBER: 142       Dec 2016  


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Hi all

 Sorry we did not put out a newsletter last month. We trust this one will find you well.

Many have been asking about the visa situation !!! To our delight we got an SMS, earlier than we excepted, to collect the outcome. The latest news is that it was accepted and Sal can now stay in SA until 2019. This means that, for at least until the end of next year, we can remain within SA. We say this as Dianne’s visa expires in Jan 2018.


We are very grateful for this time frame as Sal is still waiting on his UK police check to arrive so he can apply for NZ residency ASAP. This is something we are seeking to do so that, if we ever need to leave South Africa, Salvador can go to New Zealand with Di and not be separated. We do not qualify to get Di a spousal permit for the UK. Apparently 33,000 married couples have been split up because they also do not qualify to gain a permit for the non-European spouse. We ask for your prayers concerning this.


What we are contemplating is that we will leave SA at the beginning of 2018 for New Zealand and apply for a workers permit to re-enter SA. This will allow us to earn an income while here and also to apply for permanent residence after 5 years. In saying this we are committing our ways to the Lord.


With the acceptance of the visa we are now looking for somewhere to live. Security and affordability are all issues that have to be taken into consideration. We have been looking at apartments and granny flats. The cost of living is much higher here and the transition from rural living to apartment will take some adjusting.



Our old home.

Until now we have been staying in the home of Kevin and Michele Edwards with their 3 boys who have so kindly opened their home to us. We will probably be staying with different people until we are able to find something suitable for us to live in. Kevin and Michele have been incredible generous, their son Dan has given up his room for over 3 months. Salvador has been doing bible studies with the boys. As part of our contribution to staying with them Di has been homeschooling the boys, as their previous tutor found other work and Salvador has been working on a profile video for Kevin who works as a property professional.



Edwards boys schooling


Salvador filming for Kevin’s Profile Video


Sal has been preaching at “Coming King Ministries” as this is our new home fellowship. He has been sharing his heart for the church from scripture and the last days church. We are involved in a weekly evening cell group and Di has started a ladies study on a Friday morning. Salvador will be sharing more of the vision God has laid on His heart and is seeking the Lord for our roles to be defined more. Sal has been working on his book on Israel which will be part of a series dealing with the importance of Israel in different areas of theology and life.



Bella, Lorna, Salvador and Mark leading corporate Praise at Coming King Ministries

The Bakkie has been sold due to the expensive of running it and no longer needing it for dirt roads. It has been replaced with a polo sedan, which is less expensive to run, service and find parts for. It still has a large boot so we can transport clothes and goods which have been donated for Celani’s shop to help in the local community of Eastmine. The car will be under the ministry of “Coming King” so whenever we leave the country it will continue to be used for ministry in this local area. We plan to visit our old area every so many months for short term mission trips and invite people from Coming King Ministries to experience mission there.


The VW Polo we have been blessed with.



Di with Celani


Di with Celani in the shop with CKM’s gift of clothes delivered.


The view of Eastmine from Celani’s shop

We had a very short visit last week for a few days to visit Phumlani and Celani, to whom we gave gifts of clothes from Coming King Ministries. We also visited Asimbonge and NCedo and it is amazing to see how they have grown living at their grandparents’ place. For those who remember, their mother was murdered by Ncedo’s father who then committed suicide after he shot her, and Phumlani in the head. Sal also preached a short message at the Carebear crèche on thurs and fri morning for their end of year graduation. He did this to promote the film “Allegiance” that we made this year and Belinda had copied 100 copies of the film in English and 100 copies in Zulu. Most copies were taken by the parents who were grateful for the free film. Salvador also shared about ancestral traditions at Victory School, which is an ACE school in Vryheid. On Thursday evening we had a cell group meeting with Craig and Magda Boardman which was also attended by Mandla. On the way to Vryheid the car had trouble and at the moment it is at a mechanic’s in Stanger having a fuel pump replaced, CAM belt and Timing belt as well as a few other things. But the engine otherwise is in good condition and it is a nice car.


Asimbonge is doing well at school and is growing fast.


Ncedo is a beautiful girl.


The Children of Care Bear Creche


Parents come to see their Children at Care Bear Creche


More Children at Care Bear Creche.


Care Bear Creche


Zulu dancers at Care Bear


Zulu dancers in action


Salvador Preaching at Care Bear Creche.


While we have been here we have gotten to know Mujuru’s nephew, Simba, who lives in Umhlanga Rocks. It is not always easy for them to get to Ballito so we will be also visiting them for Bible Studies when they cannot get up. Tomorrow evening will be the first visit we will make to them. Salvador was also invited by Grant McArthur, at CKM, to an old aged home in Durban that he visits every week. Salvador took his guitar and sang, which has now opened the door for him to got every two weeks and sing hymns, choruses and share the gospel with Grant. Salvador will also be organising to visit the special needs home “St Luke’s” in Stanger to do monthly visits to them also. We have also met a young man called S’phiwe who is in a church that was, till recently, pastored by a Nigerian. This so called pastor presented them with a get rich quick scheme that required them to give a lot of money, as much as R2000. Next thing the congregation knew, the pastor had ran away with the money. Some of the church members have left the church as a result. As tragic as the story is, a door of opportunity has been opened to go into their township and teach the word, laying a biblical foundation. We are still waiting for them to organize a meeting place for everyone as some of the roads are bad for us to get to. This meeting will be in Zulu and we are looking forward to it. Driving onto the township was a pleasant experience for us, the people looked friendly.



Di with Phumlani and S’phiwe’s daughter, Thoba

Salvador has started to put his video teachings onto the Internet.


Salvador is also looking at other filming projects to be engaged in and we covet your prayers for the Lord’s direction in this.



CKM enjoying a shabbat meal together


For those of you in South Africa that would like a tool to help witness to people involved in Ancestral traditions, purchasing Allegiance is a must. The film is available in English, Zulu and Afrikaans at the moment and is part of a double DVD set which has lots of extras including a five part tutorial Salvador presents as a guide for reaching people involved in Ancestors. The film copyright allows people to make as many copies of the film as you want and distribute the film for free. 




The film website is


We thank you for your on going prayers, support and interest in co-sharing in the labour of the Lord. We look to the Lord for our daily needs as we seek the kingdom of God first.


Please pray for:


The safe arrival of Sal police check from the UK


The right place, where we can live.


The fellowship of CKM, keeping Leslie the pastor and his wife Angie, healthy before the Lord.


The doors to continue to open this side for ministry in the townships and surrounding areas.


Thankfulness for the timing of the visa outcome


For this month’s teaching we include a link to the first message in the series that Salvador has been bringing to Coming King Ministries:


God’s vision for the Church 1. The Purpose and Unity of the Church.





Msindisi Monthly 141



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Hi all

As we wrote in our last newsletter we have moved from our local area in Eastmine to the northern coast. The details of how and why are all in our last newsletter.


We are slowly settling into the area, changes always take time. We are now living with a lovely family, Kevin and Michele Edwards and their 3 boys, they so kindly opened their home to us and have welcomed us into the area along with many from the church “Coming King Ministries”. This will be our base until Sal hears from the visa centre either confirming our remaining in the country or rejecting it. The processing time went from 8-10 weeks to 8-10 months for the outcome. So we wait. Sadly we have had to cancel our tour to Australia and New Zealand, it wasn’t easy phoning Dis parents and telling them this news. They had really been looking forward to us coming. We all felt disappointed.



The Indian Ocean. God’s beautiful creation.

However in saying that it has given us a great opportunity to get Sal’s paper work together for applying for NZ resident. We took a trip to Joburg in the month to collect police clearances, Sals qualifications which were SAQA approved, and to get information concerning Sal needing his UK and Portuguese police checks sent through. We caught up with people also who we hadn’t seen for awhile, Mark Hibberd, Julie and Johnny who distribute the Berean call and Discernment Ministries newsletters, and Morné and Doret. A special time was catching up with Clayton and Jessie Wells who were out visiting family with their little boy Albie from the UK. This was a lovely day as its very rare they are all together in one place.



Allen and Sue Wells with the whole family together again.

On the Sunday, Sal was asked to bring a message, by our friendsTony and Maria, at the Kempton Park home church fellowship. It was so nice to be in a home church which is very multi-cultural. Ashley a leader in the fellowship had visited us a year or so ago at Phumlani’s, so it was great to connect again. Thank you for inviting us and getting to know you all.


Visiting the home church in Kempton Park


With the guys at Kempton Park home church.


Monday we drove through to Vryheid to spend a couple of nights with Phumlani and to visit people from the family and fellowship. We were able to take a few things for the shop which had been given in Joburg. It was a happy time with lots of laughter and everyone was doing well. On the last night we visited Johnny and Kim who had organized a cell group meeting, giving us the opportunity to see everyone again around the word and a delicious meal.



Salvador with Phumlani and his baby girl, Thoba.


Di with Phumlani and S’phiwe’s boy, Mlando.


S’phiwe and Thoba.




Mkhulu and Khethiwe from the Zulu Church that we have left. They live in Alpha.


Mkhulu’s wife in Alpha.


Kids at Alpha.


Nice teddy bear at Alpha.


Salvador, Di and Mo visiting in Alpha.


Nice boy in Alpha.


Scene in East Mine after visiting Celani.


All together for home cell at Johnny and Kim’s.


Another photo of cell group.

The Allegiance film has been going out and given by various brethren. We are grateful for the testimonies of witnessing opportunities people have had through the film. The film is now available for purchase in English, Afrikaans and Zulu languages through the Bread of Life ministries website:



The Allegiance Film is now for sale.

Also the website for the film is as follows:


and if you want to join the facebook page you will find it at:


We have also decided to release the transcripts of the original interviews that gave rise to the film in Book format. For those interested, these transcripts can be purchased from the following website:


Alternatively, one can contact us for the PDF file of the book. These transcripts contain a lot more information than was contained in the film and give greater insight into the issues surrounding these people’s experience in necromancy and how they got saved. If we are to have a heart for the lost of South Africa these stories will prove invaluable tools. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:


“When a Church in Sydney, Australia donated a huge amount of money to us, it was the answer to prayer for provision and timing to start making “Allegiance.” Every step of the way the Lord has provided everything needed to make the film without asking people to donate a cent. We saw His hand in making us aware of issues, of provision of people and locations. This film was birthed in the Lord and completed by His guiding hand. However, as with all films, there was so much information that did not make the cutting floor. In attempting to maintain the focus of the story line some valuable information had to be discarded. Thus, I felt it a good idea to offer the original transcripts of the initial interviews of the people in the film for those wishing to take time to read over in order to get a better understanding of their experiences as part of the process of becoming a more intelligent and sensitive witness to those engaged in ancestral traditions.


South Africa is a country where people, anywhere between 50-80 percent of its citizens, are actively involved in ancestral traditions. We are to take Jesus’ commission seriously, to make disciples of ALL nations. If we love Him we will keep His commandments. If there is no concern for the salvation of the black people of South Africa how can we say that our hearts are beating in time with Jesus’ heart if we give little thought to one of the greatest strongholds that prevent black people (9 different ethnic groups and languages) from accepting the Gospel? Let us, as Paul before us in Athens, study the market place of idolatry and tackle the very idols that are cherished by those whom we perceive to be “very religious in all respects.” Let us offer the Gospel in a way that speaks to the false beliefs and lofty thoughts raised up against the knowledge of Christ with genuine concern and understanding as we seek to make disciples of all nations.”



Kevin Edwards giving out the Allegiance Movie.

On a very positive note, we received information and photographs of one lady who was convicted by the Movie for keeping her Sangoma things, after a process of initial discipleship, has now burned all those things. The pastor has been faithfully walking with her and her husband to ensure that her break with these things will be permanent.



Burning the Sangoma things. Praise the Lord.

We returned to the coast and house sat for a few days before returning to Kevin and Family.


Sal has been sharing at the fellowship of “Coming King Ministries” over the month. Leslie Crickmay is the pastor there. Sal has brought 3 messages so far, particularly sharing his heart, were he sees the end time church is heading. He also is desiring to be more involved in the weekly cell groups to help facilitate opportunities for growth and leadership equipping.



Trying out the Keyboard belonging to Coming King Ministries after Lee fixed it.

We have been trying to get to know people a little more through visiting, drinking tea and sharing meals. Sunday morn doesn’t allow for real fellowship so it’s great connecting on a more personal level.


We were able to meet a lovely missionary couple called David and Krista for coffee after church one week. They are involved with Roger Oakland and the Bryce Homes project. We had many stories to swop and also were able to give them a copy of the DVD Allegiance to share in their local community.


To help out as much as possible while staying at Kevin and Michele’s, Sal has taken on a few filming jobs to help Kevin in promoting his real estate business. Di is home schooling the 3 boys until the end of term. Di is hoping to get a ladies bible study up and running in the next few weeks as many are showing an interest. She also will be on the rooster to teach the little ones at church on Sunday.



Salvador studying.

We hope to be selling our truck, which belongs to “Road to Recovery” and purchasing a smaller vehicle which will be less expensive on fuel and general wear. This coastal area does not need a large bakkie and the running costs are very high. Once we purchased a smaller, economical car, maybe a polo or Ford, we will put it under “Coming King Ministries” so if we have to leave in the future it will go to the ministry.


Due to the high price of renting here in Ballito, we have offered to house sit over the holiday time and look after pets. We have asked people to advertise in their local estates as people head away over the holiday season. If nothing comes of this we will stay with Kevin’s family until future notice.





Salvi and Di


Pray needs:


The visa outcome after the appeal


Distributing freely of the DVD and the work of the HS for those viewing it


Our Future direction, concerning visa’s and the paperwork involved


Thankful for good health


The transition for all those involved with us, cell group, Zulu fellowship, friends.


Thankfulness for the faithfulness of our Lord and the generosity of His people














Msindisi Monthly 140



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Hi all


Due to the last 2 hectic months, we are sorry we skipped writing the last newsletters.


We are still waiting the outcome of the appeal that was submitted for Sal on the 5 July for the extension of his visitors visa. We were told that the process and outcome could take up to 8-10 weeks, that takes us to the end of August.   If this visa is declined we would need to leave South Africa in 10 days of receiving the letter.



Spring time

Keeping this in mind,we have been looking at the procedure, needed for Salv to become a permanent resident in NZ. This would take several months of paper work due to the fact that he would need police checks from Portugal, SA and the UK. Salv may have to return to the Uk first and apply from there while Di returns to NZ.


If the appeal application for his visa is approved then this would give us time to complete and submit the required information for a NZ residents visa. Once this was secured we would return to NZ when Di’s visa expired in 2018 and apply for a workers visa to re-enter SA in the future, working for 5 years in SA we would then apply for permanent residents in the country.



Rainbow which speaks of God’s promise and grace

While the visa situation has been going on, running along side, has been the leading of the Lord to move on. Let us explain some of the process that has brought us to this. I think over 3 years ago we were asked to pray about moving to the east coast to help with a fellowship. We both felt no leading of God’s will to go there at that time. Over this last year we have felt that out time in our local area may have been coming to an end in the future but we were not sure when. Salv thought that if we were granted the visa for the next three years it would be our last in the area. Salv had completed his vision that every homestead would hear the gospel in the surrounding areas of Eastmine. This was completed last year before he started the DVD project of the documentary on the 4 lives of those who had turned from contacting the dead after hearing the gospel.



The Zulu Church. Hard to say goodbye.


Going home after church meeting.

So when Salv’s application for extending his visa was rejected, we knew something new maybe in the wind, he put in an appeal but then we also started to seek the Lord for his further direction in our lives. Three options were placed before us, which we took time out, to really think and pray through.


We believe the Lord is leading us away from the area to a fellowship on the east coast who had approached us over 3 years ago. In saying that we also know we will be able to visit our local area and still support the Zulu fellowship. The timing of us leaving our area has been confirmed by various believers both in our local area and around the country.



On the way to the East Coast of South Africa

Within the Zulu fellowship, participation has been encouraged for people to share and men to bring teachings. We believe if we stay around we will be in the Lord’s way. Salv has been bringing teaching to the church concerning the early church in Acts of meeting together, sharing a meal ( however basic) prayer, communion, teaching. The body has been encouraged to become activity involved. They have had teachers from other areas and been encouraged to re- invite them.


Our home is in the transition stage with boxes packed and some in storage. When we leave the area Phumulani and S’phiwe with their 3 children will make it their new home.



Beautiful Aloe

We praise the Lord for His work in the lives of some of the people in the area. One of our neighbours visited the church and shared some of her story. She is a student in a University in Pretoria and had been attending a mega church pastored by a false teacher. She had many questions which we were able to answer. We have given her the contact details of a house church in Pretoria. Salv also had another neighbor called Thobani contact him with questions regarding the Word of God. He shared his testimony that while at school a fellow pupil had shared the Gospel and that message had never left him. He works near Ladysmith and upon visiting home met up with Salvador. He had a testimony of salvation but had not been baptized. We took him to the river, seeking a long way for water. The river has dried up with the drought but we found a slimey, algae infested pool that was deep enough to baptize him. Through whatsapp communication, he since has had the truth confirmed in his heart that he can only trust in Jesus and no ancestors or the path of his old life can help or save him.



One of our neighbor’s . The home of the student in Pretoria

We are picking up our Bakkie from Newcastle tomorrow as it was being repaired after hitting the donkey a few months back. We have been so thankful for all those people who so kindly loaned us their vehicle over this whole time that the Bakkie has been out of action.


Sal has been distributing to all the actors and those who helped in the making of the documentary a free copy of the DVD over the last few weeks. We have been burning dvd’s, sourcing cases and printing covers. A huge thank you to Judy Balcombe who was instrumental in this. We encourage people to burn these DVD and give them out for free. In the future “Bread of Life” will be selling master copies in Zulu, English and Africans.



Judy was a trooper in helping with the thank you DVDs


We will keep you posted once we know the final outcome of the visa. Until then we are in transit between the east coast and Vryheid and our local area. To all those people who are opening their homes to us over this time. We thank you so very much.

As things have been a little hectic there is no teaching in this edition of the newsletter. We hope to resume as usual should we receive the Visa Appeal.




Salvi and Di


Pray needs:


The visa outcome after the appeal


Distributing freely of the DVD and the work of the HS for those viewing it


Our Future direction, concerning visa’s and the paperwork involved


Thankful for good health


The transition for all those involved with us, cell group, Zulu fellowship, friends.


Thankfulness for the faithfulness of our Lord and the generosity of His people

Msindisi Monthly 139




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Hi all


It’s times like now, I wish we could do an audio newsletter. I am not sure how to put into words the events of the last month? So much has gone on and yet I don’t want to bore you with every little detail.


So here goes, writing with broad strokes…….


End of May, we showed the premiere of the DVD in Vryheid ( the documentary we made of four people lives and how they turned away from following the dead) you can view this by downloading it from:


We then prepared the Auction yard ,where Sal, Caleb and Sophie lived when they first moved into the area (this is situated not far from our homestead), for the next viewing of the documentary, which was to be in Zulu.



Getting the Auction yard prepared for the Zulu Screening

The afternoon arrived with fetching people from far away who had no transport. We had a mixed response from the viewing some were encouraged and others were disturbed. The people in the area have heard this teaching time and time again so we pray that they will not harden their hearts to what the Lord is showing them again.



People watching the Zulu Screening at the Auction Yard

After clearing up the hall, transporting people home and taking the chairs back to where we had borrowed them, we headed for home. It was around 6pm so the sun had gone down, as we drove up over the rise of a hill, we ran into a small group of donkeys. There was an oncoming taxi so we couldn’t try to miss the donkeys by going to the other side of the road so we hit one of the donkeys.


The extent of the damage to the car

The next day we were supposed to be heading off around the country to screen the DVD in various places. The force of the impact crunched the bonnet and pushed the radiator into the fan blades which sliced through it. Our friends from cell group were quick to come to our assistance.


The next day after towing the truck into town and sorting insurance issues, we headed off to Secunda, thanks to the generous lending of our friend’s car.


The plan was to take the DVD around to certain locations in South Africa. Starting with our area then onto Secunda, Boksburg, Bloemfontein onto the Cape then back to Sedgefield, Port Elizabeth, Kostad, Pietermaritzburg ending in Ballito and Stanger. In Secunda Salvador got the opportunity to share and answer questions a couple of ladies had who watched the film. While in Boksburg, Salvador went and shared the word at a fellowship called Truth Ministries, which apparently confirmed the word that a former member, Kirk, had shared with them. We praise the Lord for speaking through this meeting. We also screened the film in Zulu in a local township, where the pastor Dumisani Madi was keen to use the film to help his congregation. One attendant who asked a question later gave his life to the Lord that day and a lady who made some kind of decision for the Lord a year ago was challenged to get rid of some Sangoma things she had kept in her home. Dumisani said wants to resolve some other issues with her first so that when she burns her stuff she will be completely free without any hook to take her back to her former Sangoma ways. 


Dumisani Addressing the people who watched the Allegiance film in Zulu


Salvador sharing at Truth Ministries



Time of worship at Truth Ministries


Mujuru and company at the Screening of Allegiance at Bread of Life Ministires

However once we got to Bloemfontein we were stopped due to car troubles (leaking petrol tank) which forced us to cancel all the viewings until Pietermaritzburg.


On the way to Bloemfontein

While we were in Bloemfontein we got to spend some time with our friend Pam Mott from Australia whom Sue Wells kindly brought down to us. Sal did some teaching in the fellowship there on 1st Peter and another on being “filled in the spirit and full of the spirit”. He also shared a teaching on Shabbat where we all enjoyed a evening together. Chris and Linda De Wet kindly hosted us till we left by bus for Pietermaritzburg, as we saw the car was going to take longer to fix than expected. From there our friends from Ballito kindly came and fetched us.



Di and Pam at the Women’s Memorial and War Museum


Di, Pam and Sue at the Bloemfontein Church group


The Bloemfontein Church Group

Once we knew the Car was still not ready by the weekend we needed to be on the East Coast we got a bus to Pietermaritzburg and showed the film there at Bisley Park Assembly. Our hosts, Neville and Anne Le Roux were lovely and gave a royal and welcoming reception.


With Neville and Anne Le Roux

The last viewings of the dvd were in Stanger and Ballito. After we have viewed the DVD at the different locations around we found the responses where positive. Some have learnt to appreciate the difficulties of people leaving such things, some have been challenged and convicted, others encouraged. Many are eager to get it out realizing its a world wide issue and it’s not only pertaining to South Africa. Today personal spirit guides, horoscope reading etc are common practice. May the Lord use it for His kingdom.



Salvador Speaking at the Ballito Screening

Along the way on our travels and challenges we have many testimonies of the Lords personal encouragement, provision, and faithfulness. The hospitality and generosity of his people have been a blessing to us. He works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.


We ended the trip in Ballito, as Sal was due to pick up the answer for his application for the renewal of his visa. Friends once again kindly lent us their car so we could fetch it. The visa renewal was rejected. The response being they want to see his qualifications for the job. In all the 10 years of applying these have never been asked for when applying for the renewal of a voluntary workers/visitors permit. Sal has the qualifications but they have not been SAQA approved. This is something we will do in the future as time is limited now.


This meant we needed to get back home to Vryheid to collect the qualifications and have them certified, so we can submit them on Tuesday. We have been given 10 days to appeal to the rejection. Over those 10 days Sal has applied for his Portuguese passport which he hopes to collect at the same time as the results from the appeal which takes 14 days to be processed. We returned to Bloemfontein to collect the car and will return it to our friends on Tuesday when we return to Vryheid to prepare to leave the country in case the appeal for the visa is declined. Until we leave Ballito Sal will be meeting up with people this side, leading worship on Sunday at “Coming King Ministries” and organizing where people can purchase a hard copy of the DVD if downloading isn’t an option for some people. All these details will be on the website page.



Graeme, the Executive Director of Allegiance, was a huge help and we praise the Lord for him.


So If the appeal for the visa is declined Sal will need to leave the country almost immediately. He is thinking he will go to Australia, as it was planned that later this year, in September we would be going for a itinerary tour. Di however has another year in which she can remain. We are not running ahead but we are also preparing to leave if the appeal is declined. Interesting times ahead. We keep it all in pray and have the peace of our Father.


We thank the Lord for His hand over our lives, and commit all our ways to Him.

Thank you once again for your on going love and support.




Salvi and Di


Pray needs:


The visa outcome after the appeal


The truck being repaired


Distributing freely of the DVD and the work of the HS for those viewing it


Our Future direction, our friends from cell group and also farming friend’s who recently were robbed.


Thankfulness for the faithfulness of our Lord and the generosity of His people


Up coming teachers and elders for the Zulu fellowship


We are now endeavoring to replace the typed teachings with Short Video Teachings. You can either watch the video below or click on the Youtube link.












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