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KwaZulu Missions Productions

“Allegiance: Walking with the Dead”

“Allegiance: Walking with the Dead” is a documentary-drama film that tells the story of 4 individuals who became Christians and turned their backs on their contact with and rituals for the so-called “dead”. Punctuated with re-enactments and commentary, we desire to tell their stories and struggles as a tool to reach thousands of people across South Africa with the biblical perspective on the issue but also with a message of hope , which we believe is bound up with the Gospel message itself, as found in Scripture. The four individuals in the documentary film are from different backgrounds. Munyuradzi Mujuru is a Shona from Zimbabwe, Karabo Lotsholo is Tswana, Hamilton Buthelezi is Zulu and Jean is a white english speaking South African. As Jean has gone to minister among refugees in the near east, her name and identity have been kept secret. #film #people #southafrica

The film is available in English, Afrikaans and IsiZulu.

The Official “Allegiance: Walking with the Dead” website

Watch the Film

In English: Allegiance: Walking with the Dead in English

In Afrikaans: Allegiance: Walking with the Dead in Afrikaans

In isiZulu: Allegiance: Walking with the Dead in isiZulu


“Seeds of ‘Faith'” is a Documentary following Zinhle Pondo round South Africa as he interviews people who were involved in Word of Faith theology and churches. As Zinhle travels the country he processes what he is told, trying to discover what is the seed within “word of faith” beliefs, that produces the kind of fruit that the various people all experienced.

Click to watch: Interview with Jean.

In 2016 KwaZulu Mission released a documentary called, “Allegiance: Walking with the Dead” telling the story of four people who were saved out of ancestral traditions and necromancy. One of the stories was about Jean, who was involved with occult and seances. After she became a Christian she was still plagued by demonic presences and full of fear until she was willing to lose her life and became besotted with Jesus. What that film did not explain is her journey in that intervening time between accepting Jesus and gaining victory. This interview tells that story in anticipation of the release of KwaZulu Mission’s second documentary, “Seeds of ‘Faith’”, which is an investigative journey discovering the impact of Word of Faith theology in South Africa.

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