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Eastmine Home Church Newsletter 3


(The Newsletter of Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa

– Congregation of the Only Way. Jesus is the only way.)


May 2018

C/O Mesuli Mhlongo

P.O. Box 222

Vryheid 3100

KwaZulu Natal

South Africa


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Greetings brethren. We thank the Lord for all the experiences we go though and what He has been teaching us. We all feel like we are at the time where our faith as a church is being tested but what’s most amazing about it all is that God has prepared and is still preparing us for the challenges we are facing.

So, a lot has been happening over the passed few weeks and will try share as much as possible.

Church visits around Vryheid:

Mesuli, Thobani and MaSithole went and visited a church in Bhekuzulu location (a big settlement in Vryheid) in the beginning of May. This was now the first time that we went to visit another church, one which we had no clue whether their doctrine is true or not. Nonetheless we went and unfortunately singing and announcements were all that was done with a few minutes being allocated for “the word” which I suppose was meant to be reading scripture and listening to the sermon but the Bible wasn’t even read. MamaSithole was quite happy with the service and said this is what real fellowship is like, after having visited our apparently quiet church. As much as mamaSithole is enthusiastic about the gospel, I was a bit worried that her inclination to hyper charisma.

On the other hand, as much as some visitors have been finding the fellowship missing a lot of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, a humble guy, Mr. Mbuyisa, came and fellowshipped with us. No one knew him or where he was from but said that he’d been to so many churches and this is the first time that he had come across a group of believers who intimately seek the Lord and go into so much depth in the word as we do. This was really encouraging for all believers and we all just knew that it was God speaking to us, reminding us to trust Him as our teacher and pastor. Mr Mbuyisa shared with us that he does ministry where the Lord leads him. He also shared a testimony of how he got saved which was encouraging and we pray that his testimony touches the hearts of those who aren’t saved.

Picture of Mr Mbuyisa sharing his testimony with a lot of enthusiasm.

Picture of Mr Mbuyisa sharing his testimony with a lot of enthusiasm.

MaNxumalo (Phumlani’s wife after our meeting).


Sisters having juice and biscuits after the meeting.

Mesuli also had an opportunity to minister at a school in Vryheid. “Upon organizing my visit to Landbou School which is approximately 12km out of town, The Lord put in my heart end times and Laodicea, how to understand scripture and the book of revelations. I prayed and prepare after I had convinced myself this is the message God wants me to go share with the learners and school teachers.

So I got to the school, a bit nervous because I thought the school children wouldn’t understand what I’d be saying. Trusting The Lord, I stared speaking but what was strange about it all was that I was so comfortable and had an inexplicable experience ministering at the school. What I said was in order and this was after making much reference to other scripture (and this is the one thing I’ve always found difficult to do) but on the day it was so spontaneous. I truly believe the Lord spoke through me and pray what was sown in the people’s hearts manifests and grows.

The High School Principal introducing Mesuli.

Mesuli ministering to the school.

The school learners and teachers.

Prayer requests

Our church has been hit to a test where one person has complained about the lack of the “works of the Spirit” in our church. The latter concluded that we needed guidance and needed to find out what our spiritual gifts are. The latter also suggested that we get a pastor from a church in Durban who has the gift of looking at you and telling you exactly what your spiritual gift is. The pastor from Durban would have needed to also be presented with a gift as gratitude. Now, in our fellowship we have had so many visitors and have never been in a position where we needed to give our money for the pastor. This pastor is from a mega church and when the visitor suggested we get that pastor, we were all just skeptical as much as we allow anyone to visit us.

17 Now from Miletus he sent to Ephesus and called the elders of the church to come to him.

18 And when they came to him, he said to them: “You yourselves know how I lived among you the whole time from the first day that I set foot in Asia,

19 serving the Lord with all humility and with tears and with trials that happened to me through the plots of the Jews;

20 how I did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable, and teaching you in public and from house to house,

21 testifying both to Jews and to Greeks of repentance toward God and of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

22 And now, behold, I am going to Jerusalem, constrained by the Spirit, not knowing what will happen to me there,

23 except that the Holy Spirit testifies to me in every city that imprisonment and afflictions await me.

24 But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

25 And now, behold, I know that none of you among whom I have gone about proclaiming the kingdom will see my face again.

26 Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all,

27 for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.

28 Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.

29 I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock;

30 and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them.

31 Therefore be alert, remembering that for three years I did not cease night or day to admonish every one with tears.

32 And now I commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

33 I coveted no one’s silver or gold or apparel.

34 You yourselves know that these hands ministered to my necessities and to those who were with me.

35 In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'” – Acts 20:17-35

Now almost everyone in our fellowship is unemployed and for them to be expected to prepare a gift was a bit difficult for them to understand. This was not to say that the brethren are against giving but in this context, Mkhulu’s response was that our fellowship is led by the Lord, that He is our teacher and other brethren believed that, God willing, the pastor would come to visit us, despite any issue. Celani also mentioned that we had a visitor, Mr Mbuyisa who to her and other brethren was a confirmation that God is with us and that we should trust Him and that we should be bold.

Our prayer is that the Lord preserves us at this time of testing and that we may remain strong in Gods word and trust him in our faith as we seek him with all our hearts.


Eastmine Home Church Newsletter 2


(The Newsletter of Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa

– Congregation of the Only Way. Jesus is the only way.)


April 2018

C/O Mesuli Mhlongo

P.O. Box 222

Vryheid 3100

KwaZulu Natal

South Africa


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Hi brethren. This is our second news letter and would like to apologize for the late post. Myself (the author) have been pre occupied with pharmacy board exams and hadn’t been able to get to post the newsletter till now. February was a quick month for us and none other than the ordinary has happened since the last newsletter (except growth and love amongst ourselves).

Scripture wise, we’re going through the book of Hosea, looking at prophesy and how God wants his people to be go back to him and be faithful at all times. We also concluded Matthew 13 on the parables after looking into it in detail to really understand why Jesus spoke in parables, what the implication of the parables meant for the present time and the future.

We’ve had a visitor, who attends mega churches in townships around northern KZN who is devoted in truth. It’s always pleasant to have visitors coming to fellowship with us. We pray that God will always help her discern what is Gods word and what isn’t from God.

Scenes from Eastmine

Scenes from Eastmine

Prayer requests:

MamaNtombela’s contract has been terminated, and is looking for another job in Vryheid. May we please keep her in our prayers, ask that the Lord provides for her and her family.


There are a few people who attend the fellowship and have been hearing the truth but aren’t saved. Without any pressure, join us in prayer as we pray that the Lord may open their eyes to see His goodness.

The fellowship:

May we please pray for the Lord to continuously guide the fellowship, teach and lead us at all times. Also pray for Phumlani, Mesuli and Thobani’s guidance and direction from the Lord as they share the word alternatively.

Eastmine Home Church Newsletter 1.

Introduction by Salvador Ung Hayworth. 
Having left South Africa has made Di and I think of our relationship to KwaZulu Mission. In a sense we will always be a part of the work in that area but the Lord has moved us on and left the fellowship and work in the hands of those left behind. We worked with them and now they continue the work without us. It is only right that we started our own website and get one of the brethren there to write newsletters to update you all about the work there that you have continued to pray for.
Mesuli Mhlongo is a precious brother who has a heart for the truth of God’s word and is a young man of God. I first met him in 2004 when he was a boy. He came every week to the Children’s club we started. A young, enthusiastic and polite young man who was always attentive. It was a blessing to find out when Di and I came to live in the area in 2009 that Mesuli had given his life to the Lord. After the visit of our friends from Pretoria, Mesuli started to really grow in his faith and walk, making difficult decisions in order to please God, though following the Lord could mean conflict with those around him. He made the decision to be baptized in the middle of winter and went from strength to strength. Last year he completed studies in Pharmacology at Rhodes Varsity where he also was involved in a home bible study with other students and avoiding compromise with things unbiblical. At present he is back in Vryheid doing his practical. It is wonderful how the Lord brought him back to Vryheid before we left the country. Phumlani, Mesuli and Thobani support each other and share the teaching in the congregation. Mesuli is fluent in English and his mother language, isiZulu. He is able to connect with people from different cultures and he is perfect to be the person who would update you all as to what is happening in the Church and the community, a community that we have been practically disconnected from since we started filming, “Allegiance” movie. The Church there is called “Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa” which means, ‘congregation of the only way.’ It congregates in the home of one of the members in an area called “Eastmine”. In an area where people are trusting in other messiahs, ancestral spirits and witchcraft, the church exists as a testimony to the fact that Jesus is the only way to God.
May the Lord bless your work Mesuli and the brethren in the Church. May He make you fruitful in your lives and in your service to the Lord.
(The Newsletter of Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa
– Congregation of the Only Way. Jesus is the only way.)
C/O Mesuli Mhlongo
P.O. Box 222
Vryheid 3100
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
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Hi everyone. So on the 11th January 2018 we said goodbye to Salvador and Di, as the Lord has directed them to New Zealand for ministry. So, Mesuli, a member of the fellowship at East Mine will be updating the KwaZulu mission page.

Mesuli Mhlongo

Accepting Salvador and Diane’s leaving was really difficult because they have become a part of our lives but we have to follow where the lord leads us. “Your word is the lamp to my feet and a light on my path.” Nonetheless we pray that the Lord continues use them as a light in this dark world.
On his way to say goodbye to Sal and Di at the airport, Mesuli had the opportunity to meet the Wells family and was so encouraged by Sue’s and her husband’s big heart and love for their children. Such a wonderful family that loves the Lord

Sal, Di and Mesuli have supper with the Wells family


As Alan and Sue have adopted, fostered and have privately placed 11 children meal times are always a big affair.


Goodbyes 😦 


Time has come to say goodbye to the Wells family. 


Alan and Sue’s son, Ben, having his cool picture taken


At the O. R. Tambo Airport a few hours before Sal and Di departed.


Morné, Doret, Mesuli, Sue Wells and Thabo Wells accompany Salvador and Di.


Goodbye sister 

We miss you guys so much❤❤
The fellowship is growing and seeking the Lord at all times. We trust the Lord in everything that happens but our hearts seek for the Lord. The last 4 weeks or so, we’ve been looking into that happens in the last days, having read scripture from Jude on apostasy and the the parables in Matthew 13 and relevant scripture. The Lord has been speaking to us on His return much lately.

Time for Singing hymns and choruses to the Lord at the Church meeting.


View from Phumlani’s place near Eastmine

Prayer requests:
  • Mama Ntombela, part of our fellowship, will no longer be employed from April because her contract was not renewed due to corruption happening at her workplace. She isn’t well physically as well so may we please keep her in our prayers. Shes been really worried about her contract not being renewed but Celani spoke some words of encouragement to saying in Zulu “inkosi izolenza icebo buka angisebenzi kodwa nakhu siyaphila” meaning, “God will make a way, look I’m not employed but we’re surviving.”
  • This really encouraged mamaNtombela. May we please pray for her.
  • Thobani is growing in the Lord and it is encouraging. He wants to further his studies, and wants to do accounting as his dream job is to work in the bank. May we please pray for him that the Lord may lead him where he needs to be.
  • There are a few members in our fellowship who aren’t saved. They have heard the truth may we pray for their salvation.
Alpha and Eastmine community
  • Just between December 2017 and February 2018, one person has been butchered and thrown into a river apparently by young boys from the Eastmine community, juvenile suicide from Alpha area and 1 murder case where a man has was shot with 30 bullets and head butchered for theft. People in this area have heard the truth. We ask the Lord that He may use us to speak to the people in the community.

Msindisi Newsletter 151


NUMBER: 151       Jan 2018  


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We are still waiting on the outcome from NZ migration. However, Praise the Lord that He has made a way for Salvador to come to New Zealand. As a British citizen he can go on a return ticket and receive a 6 month visa waiver. This will enable us both to await the outcome of his NZ residency application in New Zealand. So the ticket is booked. We are both able to leave South Africa together on the same flight on the 11th January to Dubai and then on separate flights to Auckland where Salvador will await for Di to land. But more on that later.



An Aloe in KwaZulu Natal is a very versatile thing. It can be used for a whole variety of applications. Lol.

Here we are in Gauteng, house sitting at our friends place in Boksburg. The beginning of the month saw us leave our cottage by the sea and stay with our friends, Grant and Alicia. We visited Vryheid to say goodbye to our Vryheid family. Having spent 7 years of our lives with the brethren it made it hard to say goodbye. Precious souls hidden away in a rural situation, unknown to the rest of the world (except through our newsletters), serving the Lord quietly. Having departed to live near Ballito for a year made it easier for us, as we had already said goodbyes previously. We praise the Lord that He eased our departure in this way. We began with meeting most of our small home cell group on the friday evening in Vryheid. Our friends, Craig and Magda, had moved into a farm house, near Craigs work place. We did a small bible study based on the Hebrew text of Psalm 23.



With Craig and Magda outside their new home.

The next morning we visited Asimbonge and Ncedo with their adopted family. Those of you who have followed our newsletters for several years will remember that their mother, Babhekile, was murdered at our home while we were visiting Kokstad. (You can read about that news here ). Soon after Asimbonge and Ncedo went to live with their grandmother and uncles near a town called Newcastle, who became their adopted family. We were so happy to see that they are excelling in their schooling, Asimbonge especially. It was lovely to think that Di had a part to do with teaching him basics that prepared him for school.



Di with Ncedo and Asimbonge and their school certificates.


Di with Asimbonge when he was a baby.


Look how tall Asimbonge is now.

Later in the day, we went to our Zulu home where Phumlani and Sphiwe were waiting. We had hoped to stay a week but unfortunately we had to leave the following Tuesday evening in order to be ready to fly to Gauteng to house sit. Phumlani and Sphiwe hosted us generously. They prepared all our meals and it was a joy to relax, to speak about the Lord and to fellowship. Phumlani asked Salvador if he would bring a message for Church, so after prayer Salvador felt led to share about the Lords humility and the call to be slaves though we are sons, and the voluntary servitude that pleases the Lord. It was amazing to see that Leslie Crickmays sermon that Sunday at Coming King Ministries was also on Sonship and Servants. Celani put on a wonderful meal after the meeting and we shared one last meal together.



Church Meal

In the afternoon we went to the Creche that Salvador used to do a Bible study at in KwaBhekephi. We were so blessed by Grant and Alicia lending us their 4×4 to get to that area. It worked the difficult terrain like a breeze. We brought toys for the Creche and then did a bible study. The Lord is their teacher but they valued the input that we gave. These are precious souls in the middle of nowhere but they have the word and the Spirit. The next day we visited some people in the community. Salvador visited a friend who made a profession of faith several years ago but suffered a stroke. It was sad to see he had backslidden and says that he doesnt remember making such a commitment.


We are so grateful to have used Grant and Alicia’s 4×4.


Maria, her sister and the creche they run.


Receiving toys donated to the Creche.


On Tuesday morning, early, we left to go to Newcastle to Asimbonges home where Celani was visiting for one night in order that she could do a Facetime call with our friends Caleb and Sophie who Salvador used to minister with in 2002 – 2004. Unfortunately, Salvador got the time difference wrong but thankfully Sophie got out of bed to take it. The joy on Celanis face was priceless as she was able to video call her long time friend and sister in the faith. It really struck us that the Lord has so enriched these precious brethrens lives by bringing believers from the other side of the world to share their lives with these forgotten and hidden people. Those bonds of fellowship and family will never be broken. When we got back, Celani made a lovely lunch for us, and set it out like a restaurant. It was her way of showing her love and heart with us though we didnt expect it. That evening our friends, Johnny and Kim came round for a meal which we shared with Phumlani and Celani. We drove back late that night, which gave us a couple of days to sort out laundry, to pack our things and to tidy unfinished business before leaving Ballito to go to Gauteng.


Lunch for 2 at Celani’s Zulu home, restaurant style.



Singing some Zulu hymns in Phumlani and Sphiwe’s home.


Di with Phumlani and Sphiwe’s daughter, Thobani


Di with Thoba and Mlando.

In Gauteng we have caught up with precious friends, Allen and Sue Wells with all their kids (even though some are young adults lol). Soon after Allen, with two of the younger kids went to visit the oldest daughter and her family. So the rest of the family visited us on Christmas Day. The previous week we visited a couple called Roald and Lydia who had transported some of our possessions from Ballito when they visited in November. We visited our missionary friends Tony and Maria. They are not well. Maria had a benign Tumor which she has had surgically removed and Tony has an infection on Thyroid. Please pray for them. They are equipping various people from different churches to do cross cultural mission and church plant. On the Sunday, (24th Dec) we visited their home church in Thembisa. A young man named Ashley preached a fantastic message on Jesus as Emmanuel and as Saviour. South Africa needs more preachers like him.


Sue and most of the Wells family visit on the 25th December


With Tony and Maria, and Ashley and his wife Nicole after church.


We also got to catch up with John and Esther Raath who were visiting their family. They are from Ballito and part of Coming King Ministries. Esther was instrumental in Salvadors Hebrew classes being established in the Church. The following day we had our friends, Morné and Vicki Rabie with their daughter for breakfast. We have not seen them for years. It was in their home that we got married, they slaved over their garden for the wedding. When Di first came to the country, the mother of the couple we are house sitting for, Val, in had prayed that Di and I would be married and a month before we got married she went to be with the Lord while visiting for one night in Morné and Vickis home. It was such a blessing to see them again and we trust it was an encouragement for them in the Lord. Then in the afternoon we went to visit some lovely friends, John and Julie Leo. They distribute the Berean Call and the Discernment Ministries newsletters in South Africa and sell their books and materials. Please pray for them. Hardships and illness have hit but their faith is strong and they handle it with grace.



Coffee with John and Esther Raath


After breakfast with Morné and Vicki

Our other friends also need prayer. Mark and Paula Hibberds eldest son was cleaning the drains, and the drain cleaners lid popped while he was pouring it and the drain cleaner splashed up violently against his skin, burning his clothes and skin. Miraculously it burned his eyelids but not his eyes and missed his neck. However, his face, chest and arms were burned. His mother had just done a first aid course after being persuaded by a friend and acted quickly. For the first period of time in hospital their son was sedated as the pain was too severe. Many people prayed. The latest news is that he will need some skin grafts on his body but his face is healing nicely. He has not suffered infection and the nurse had remarked that this could have taken his life but his healing is beyond expectation. Praise the Lord. We visited him in hospital and although it must be hard so for him to go through this, he was chatty and gracious during our visit. We visited the rest of the family afterwards. This Sunday we visited Bread of Life Ministries and the message that was preached was a fantastic gospel message which challenged the hearer to recommit to the Lord and acknowledge any blindness or hardheartness to the Lord.


Today we had coffee with a young man from Bread of Life called JP. We knew him from Port Elizabeth from an assembly of wonderful brethren that we have been in fellowship with since 2010. It was wonderful to see the Lord in His life, the Lords leading and his growth. This was followed by lunch with Clayton and Maggie Lowane whom Salvador had the pleasure of officiating and preaching at their wedding back in 2008. They and their home fellowship have been an enormous source of encouragement and blessing to us over the years. 2 members of the house church were part of the Allegiance film and shared their testimonies of how the Lord saved them out of ancestral worship. Their names are Karabo and Mujuru.



Coffee with JP.


Lunch with Clayton and Maggie Lowane.

This is surely a time of reflection for Salvador. The Lord first brought him to South Africa on the 2nd January 2002, 16 years ago tomorrow. When he left the UK, the pastor of the Church shared a message that “You will never pass this way again”. It almost feels the same. We don’t know what lies ahead. We know this is a new chapter of our lives and ministries but don’t know what will be written in that chapter. As Salvador will be in New Zealand as a visitor, he will not be able to work or study. We can stay with Di’s mum up to three months. But it seems that we will visit various believers and churches, possibly in Australia too (which has been spoken about with a certain sister in the Lord in Australia). We plan on being mobile and allowing the Lord to close wrong doors and open right ones. We look back and see how faithful the Lord has been to bring us this far. We know He will not forsake us now. We feel like Abraham going forward to a land he did not know.


After ten years of marriage and ministry together we can testify to the faithfulness of the Lord in every area of our lives. It is His mercy and grace that has brought us this far and we look forward to seeing what he has for us next.


Prayer needs:


Sal has submitted his NZ residency so please keep that in prayer


Di has regular contact with her mum on FaceTime, please keep her in prayer


For John and Julie Leo.


For Mark and Paula Hibberds family.


For Tony and Maria Verlaan and their health.


For Coming King Ministries


For Phumlani and the Zulu Church outside Vryheid.


For the Lords leading for us in New Zealand.


If anyone is interested, here is the next teaching in the series on Eschatology:


Eschatology 7: The Inclusion of Gentiles in the Jewish Ekklesia










Msindisi Newsletter 150


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One last look at the View outside our home when we left.

 We have now moved out of our home and are now homeless. Di’s ticket to New Zealand is booked for the 11th January but sadly Salvador will need to remain in South Africa until his application for New Zealand residency is finalized, which may be as late as March 2018!!! If they take any longer then Di will be sure to be knocking on the door of NZ immigration in Auckland.



Visiting the beach one last time with Alicia, and with Matthew and Maralize.

This month we have finished all our ministry on the North Coast. Salvador finished his eschatology series and his series on God’s vision for the Church which he began when we started to minister at Coming King Ministries last year, all the email links are available on PDF files. (If you would like copies of the links please email It is hard to believe that a year and a year and three months have flown by.



Salvador teaching the final eschatology class.

Last week we had the final Hebrew class Salvador taught the homeschool boys. For the last ladies meeting and Friday Hebrew class we just met up for coffee. We had the final Wednesday night cell group for the year and this week we had the final Tuesday afternoon cell group, in which we got up to Romans 11.



Salvador teaching the homeschool boys the final Hebrew class, Psalm 23.


The Homeschool boys studying Hebrew.


Hebrew is finished!


Last Meeting with adult Hebrew Class.

On Sunday evening of the 19th Salvador went to preach at a Zulu church in KwaMashu in which there were some members who still hold to ancestral traditions. The leadership of that church have taken copies of the allegiance movie and Salvador shared about ancestral traditions in light of the gospel. The message was wonderfully received and on the following Saturday Salvador recieved the following message.

 “Hi, Just to report. God is doing a wonderful work in the lives of our people. A lady took off her animal skin band at our service and said she wants to put her trust in Jesus only. U have been a blessing to our church. Thank u.”


Church camp at Hazelmere Dam.

We received this whatsapp message while we were on a church camp at Hazelmere dam on that weekend. It was wonderful to share this with the Church members and to fellowship with each other in a relaxed environment. On the Friday evening we had celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We are so thankful for this wonderful time of celebration while things have been hectic in preparing to leave. Last week we left our home as the owner’s family arrived to have their holiday there. Our friend’s Grant and Alicia have very graciously and generously opened their home for us to stay, though we had no shortage of offers to host us. It has been so helpful to have one base in which we could sort through our things. They have also lent us a car as the one we were driving has now been sold. This last week has basically been one of visiting people and saying goodbye.


Kids from Coming King Ministries made us goodbye cards.

This last Sunday was our last meeting at Coming King Ministries. Les preached an epic message on hope and people shared testimonies. It was a blessing to see the Holy Spirit move, touch people and confirm the message preached. After the meeting we went through as a church for a braai (South African version of a BBQ but better than a BBQ),  where the Church wished us well and gave a photo book they had made for us as a goodbye present. We were really touched by their love and kindness.



Coming King Ministries members wishing us farewell.


Close up of some of us at farewell Braai.


Our photo book present


Inside one of the pages of our photo book present.

Tomorrow we leave to visit Vryheid and say goodbye to our friends and family that side. Thanks to Grant and Alicia for the use of their 4×4 which will allow us to visit people living in more difficult terrain. We return to Ballito next week and then fly to Gauteng where we will house sit and say goodbye to friends and family that side. It is extraordinary to believe that after over 10 years in South Africa we are leaving but we are confident that the Lord will lead us and open the right doors. We go not knowing where we will end up but we go by faith. We are open to where ever the Lord may have us be. The first thing we need to establish is Salvador’s residency in New Zealand.


With our brother Derick, visiting the Umhlali river mouth.


One last catch up with David, Krista and their family.

As stated before Di will leave South Africa on the 11th of January and Salvador will remain until his application for NZ residency is finalized. His South African permit will not run out till 2019 so that is not a problem. In the meantime it seems that he will minister in a couple of places in South Africa while he awaits the outcome of his application. We appreciate your prayers as it will be hard for us to be separated this long. We have never been apart from each other more than a week at a time, on the occasions that Salvador visited Zimbabwe.



One last cappuccino at Salt Cafe

Prayer points:


  • For our move to New Zealand and God’s direction for our lives and ministries
  • For our Church, Coming King ministries
  • For Phumlani, Mesuli, and all the Zulu brethren back in our old area
  • For David and Krista and Mission Thando
  • For Kokstad and the believers there
  • For Salvador’s NZ residency/permanent residency application


If any one is interested, here is the next teaching in the series on eschatology:


Eschatology 6: The Kingdom will be Restored to Israel.  






Msindisi Newsletter 149



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Tick tick tick….

After 10 years of living in this beautiful country and meeting so many incredible people we have just finished packing up our world of possessions into 22 boxes (mainly books) and have them ready to ship in the future.



Packing boxes for shipping


We still wait on the outcome from NZ immigration for Salvadors application for NZ residency. Sal received another email last month to submit more proof that we actually lived together over the last 10 years. They wanted electricity and water bills, bank statements and proof of receiving mail to both of us to our PO Box. As you can imagine this was impossible for water and lights as we lived in a Zulu homestead for over 7 years. Also, when we left the rural area we got rid of all old paper work not thinking we would have to prove we actually lived together. In saying all this Sal got straight onto it. He took a trip to our local area and then proceeded to go around all the schools, clinics, neighbors and ask them to write letters (in English) for NZ immigration.



Salvador with Jacob Boachie, Educator at Hamu High School, near where we used to live.


We got friends to write again and tell them of our marriage and their first hand experience of visiting us as a couple or staying in their homes.


We went back over all our what’s up messages from 2014 hoping that may help and then got all our bank statements to show where we had drawn money and purchased goods in the same area. We have also explained that we would be happy to be interviewed separately if this helps also.



Di with Mujuru who was visiting Ballito. Mujuru was one of the people interviewed in the film, “Allegiance: Walking with the Dead” 


I think if it still gets turned down….. My family would be happy to visit NZ imagination with me and bang on a few doors. So now we wait, we are very good at this now, as we are aware any visa application can a long time to be processed.



Salvador with Mujuru.


Quick overview of our plans, dates may change but always around that time frame.


30 Nov – We must move out of our home, and go and stay with friends


8 Dec – We will travel back to our rural community outside Vryheid, stay with Phumlani and visit with family, friends and the fellowship that side. Then we will drive back to Ballito around the 17th December.


18 Dec – We will fly up to Joberg and connect with family and friends that side


10 Jan – Di has to leave the country as her visa expires on the 11th. It will depend on the NZ application for NZ residence, if Sal will join her on that date. Fortunately Sal can stay longer in SA, as his visa does not expire until 2019. We do not want to be separated but we are committing this to the Lords hands. His will be done.


We continue to pray and trust the Lord for ongoing guidance for our future.

We haven’t ruled out returning to SA but are totally open to wherever we are lead and how the doors open. Please keep us in your prayers. Isa 50v10



Catching up with Khethiwe and Zuzu, from our old area. They have been studying in Durban.


We are in the process of selling the car we have, so ask you keep that in prayer also.


Over the next month we will be winding things up and saying our goodbyes.


Visiting Mission Thando in Durban for the Canadian Thanksgiving meal.

This last month we ministered for the last time at St Luke’s home for the disabled and Salvador ministered for the last time at Bill Buchannans old age home. We also had our last Umhlanga cell group with Simba and his family.


Di with some of the guys from St Lukes.

Salvador has finished his series that he began over a year ago this last Sunday, concerning the vision he believes that the Lord placed on his heart for Coming King Ministries. This culminated with a special gathering on Sunday evening where we experienced a first century type church gathering. He will also be finishing his series on Eschatology this Thursday.



Enjoying a shabbat meal with friends from Church.



Experiencing the vibe of a first century style meeting.


Starting the gathering.

We visited Kokstad for one last time. The guys there would love us to minister there more permanently but alas that is not possible at this time. Salvador ministered to 3 lots of Zulu staff concerning the gospel and ancestors. On the weekend he also ministered at a Baptist church there.



Scene from Kokstad


Another beautiful scene from Kokstad

We met up with “Jean” from the movie Allegiance for a visit. She introduced a pastors wife whose church meets in a Zulu Community. Salvador will be going this Sunday evening to share about ancestral traditions.



Jean was played by Nicole Els from Vryheid.




Dr. George Mnisi, a commentator on the Allegiance film, is the Principal of the Union Bible Institute.




Thadikhaya Manciya is an evangelist in Pietermaritzburg.


Dr. Munyuradzi Mujuru is a lecturer in the University of Limpopo.


Karabo Lotsholo works with BMW Rosslyn and lives near Pretoria.

Salvador was asked to share the gospel in isiZulu with the staff members of a family business in Ballito. The meeting went well and we hope to see them again before we go.



Salvador sharing with the staff of Cyber View Lettings, Ballito


Thami is ministering the Gospel in rural KwaZulu Natal, near to Tugela Ferry. His desire is to see Zulus saved and discipled. A friend of ours in Pretoria was able to sponsor a lot of bibles for him.


We also met up with our dear friends Veronica and Joshua who have loved and supported us for over the last 10 years. They have continually prayed for and been such an encouragement for us from the time we got married, which will be 10 years on the 24th November a couple of weeks time.



Jozua and Veronica have faithfully supported and prayed for us other the last ten years. It was wonderful to catch up with them on their break in Umhlanga.




Prayer points:


  • For our move to New Zealand and God’s direction on our lives and ministries.
  • For our Church, Coming King Ministries.
  • For Phumlani, Mesuli and all the Zulu brethren back in our old area.
  • For David and Krista and Mission Thando.
  • For Kokstad and the believers there.
  • For Salvador’s New Zealand residency/permanent residency application.



If any one is interested, here is the next teaching in the series on Eschatology.


Eschatology part 5: Israel and the Kingdom.



Msindisi Newsletter #136



NUMBER: 136        March 2016  


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KwaZulu Mission Website:


Hi all


I, Di, am writing this after a day of washing….. There was so much in fact that I had to hand wash at least 4 loads, then spin them in the machine, then use the machine for the other 4 = 8 loads. My back is really sore, from hanging it out , bringing it in, folding it …… and I could just sit and stare into space. Warning never leave your washing that long before you do it !!!!


Its newsletter time and It must go out ….. So today is that day.


Just got up to look for my calendar but it’s not here. Left it at home. This should be interesting now, having to go off my memory. All the omega 3 doesn’t seem to help. I have trouble remembering what happened last week let alone a month ago. Bear with me as I think …………


I do know we have stopped filming now, think that was last week that we stopped. Now Sal is 100% tuned into editing it.  However, sadly on top of this he has had to step up in ministry as Phum is getting married in 2 weeks and is stepping down from ministry. We see this now as a good opportunity to address some areas that we see as vitally important for growth in the church and our lives. We are asking for prayer concerning labourers as the work and the DVD project added together is rather large.


We filmed all of Hamilton’s scenes and a few weeks ago went to Ballito to film a dream sequence. Lee Pauls, who made our model Ark said it looked like we would not be able to film as there was high probability of rain and storm. He had a cordless drill to use. Salvador said, “The Lord’s held back cloud and blown away mist for this film so he can hold back the rain.” Everybody was skeptical and we were praying that the Lord would be merciful. Well the rain was held back till the following day. We also did not have someone to play the Noah Character in the dream but last minute found someone by the side of the road who was willing.  


We came back and got straight into helping a visiting evangelist, Cecil Peasley, with outreaches. Salvador interpreted into Zulu for him. We were also blessed no challenged by his messages at Bethany Baptist Church. It was after we got back we received the news from Phumlani of his future plans.


For the last segment of filming we travelled back to Ballito to film movement sequences with Isabella Pauls and Connor. We were supposed to have a professional dancer, who is a big guy but sadly his grandmother passed away so Connor stepped in last minute and was the only person to answer the call. He is a young 17 year old .  The time frame was very tight but we are grateful it went well. Lorna Pauls was amazing and went the extra 50 miles for us. Organising Connor last minute, getting the dance studio booked for us, doing make up, driving etc. Many many thanks Lorna. While there in Ballito Sal was asked to to a teaching at Coming King Ministries as they are planning on doing a Shabbat once a month for the fellowship. This happening on the Friday night after filming. Come Saturday we literally crashed and both needed a day of rest so we relaxed, chilled, went down to the sea. While away, a friend of ours called Mandla, came and did a teaching at our Zulu church.


While we were away Celani got started on the building of her second hand clothing shop. It’s all very exciting and once again we thank those who are giving clothing and other things for the community.


Pause …… Trying to think again.


Salvador went to Alpha on Tuesday and is challenging the brethren to keep their eyes on the Lord and keep praying and fellowshipping with one another. There is one testimony that I recall which blessed me greatly. On Friday afternoon we went to kwaBhekephi where a bible study takes place with 3 lovely ladies. This week only 2 could make it. Near the end of the study they said they have news which they wanted to share.  Earlier in the year someone had given cash to help with education in their area. These ladies been running a crèche in a mud hut but a storm flattened the crèche building. The money was given to help with rebuilding the crèche. On Wednesday this week they went to town to start buying the cement but they said the Lord told them to wait and they felt Him say so again so they put the money in the bank. The following day the mayor visited their area and said their application for a new crèche building was approved and they need to get quotations from contract companies. They glorified the Lord with joy.


This month Salvador is busy editing the film with a computer and software on loan. He is picking up the extra responsibilities with the Church. There are no gospel outreaching now for the time being. He is also getting documents together so he can apply for another three year extension on his visitors permit, and this is his tenth year of being in South Africa on a Visitor’s permit. Please pray. We need Zulu speaking workers for the vineyard, but people with a calling and that are not looking for a job opportunity.


I guess you could sum the month up with many words, shock, discouragement, overwhelming, enlightening, dependence, hope, joy, anticipation.


We praise the Lord that He knows the beginning to the end

We trust Him daily for His grace and spirit to fill our lives

We know He works all things together for good for those that love the Lord

We thank Him for His unfailing love, that He never leaves or forsakes us

We serve an amazing God who reveals himself to us daily through his word and the body of Christ.


We ask for your on going prayer support as we labour together.

We thank you for all your prayers and giving.


Prayer needs :


Khethiwe as she runs the New kids club.


Thank the Lord for the help of so many people concerning the DVD project


Phumlani’s new marriage and family life.


The Lords strength, wisdom and protection.


Thankful for His mercy for the rain that has arrived, was badly needed, but need more





I would like you to contemplate the following paragraph and see if you can discern the error in it.

If we turn to verse 22 of Romans 14 it tells us that we are to have our faith as our own conviction and that we are happy if we do not condemn ourselves in what we approve. In 1 Corinthians Paul says that an idol is nothing in itself and, in having knowledge of that, there is no problem eating meat sacrificed to idols if we buy it in a market place without asking questions. Now here is the issue: What if I do not condemn myself in eating those meats in a pagan temple? What if I do not condemn myself in getting drunk on a weekend? What if I do not condemn myself in sleeping around? What if I do not condemn myself in going around and getting into fights? Etc. Paul says it is my own conviction and I am happy if I do not condemn myself in what I approve. It is my conviction and it is personal. What we are dealing with in Romans 14 is tolerating each other when we have differing sensibilities. Paul actually tells us in verse 10 not to judge our brother. So when someone denies the trinity, should we just accept them as part of the fellowship, because after all that is their own conviction and we are not to judge our brother?

When we take a verse away from its context we can use it to advocate something that the bible is fundamentally against. It is true that this chapter advocates tolerating one another in our differences of sensibilities but there is a fundamental mistake made here. The above paragraph fails to differentiate between what is black and white and what is grey. There are definite verses in the bible that speak against drunkenness such as 1 Corinthians 6: 10, which says that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God. In 1 Corinthians 5: 11 it tells us that we are not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler – not even to eat with such a one. So there are black and white issues in the bible. But in Romans 14 we are dealing with grey issues. Though the Bible is against drunkenness it speaks favorably concerning the consumption of wine and strong drink. Let us read the first thirteen verses which I will entitle, ‘Do not judge’. Then we will look at verses 14 – 23 which I entitle, ‘Do not cause offense or stumbling.’

VERSES 1 – 13:


In this passage we are dealing with the living reality and the temporal outworking of the doctrine set forth concerning Jew and Gentile that was presented in Romans 11. You will remember that when we started the epistle we saw that Jew and Gentile are equally sinners. As Romans 3: 23 says, ‘all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ But then again Paul also said that there is much advantage in being Jewish and in being circumcised. There is one thing that we must never forget when we read Romans and the epistle to the Hebrews. Just because believing Jews are not under the Law of Moses anymore does not mean that they are to stop practicing aspects of the Mosaic covenant. We cannot turn round and say that it is wrong for a Jew to circumcise their baby boys or to keep the Jewish feasts because they are not under Moses but under Christ. Early Church Fathers such as Tertullian would say that the Holy Spirit rebuked the Jews for their holy days. This is not the truth. The reason that the Holy Spirit hated their worship was not because they kept Shabbat and the Jewish feasts. He could not have been angry at those things because God was the one who commanded the Jews to observe those feasts. Rather the Holy Spirit was grieved because they drew near to the Lord with their lips but their hearts were far away from the Lord. God did not hate circumcision but He was appalled at the fact that their physical circumcision lacked the internal reality of having the circumcision of heart. If it is wrong for Jews who believe in Yeshua to obey the writings of the Old Testament, then the Apostle Paul was wrong to keep the nazirite vow and then have his hair cut. (Acts 18: 18) It was wrong for him to go into the Temple and purify himself to show that he did not speak against the Law of Moses. (Acts 21: 26). It was wrong for Paul to do those things if that was the case.


So here is the crux of the matter. If believing Jews who follow Yeshua still maintain observance of Moses, and as we read in Romans 11, that we Gentiles, according to the flesh, are grafted into Israel’s olive tree, then how can we have complete fellowship? Believing Jews will still eat Kosher, I do not. Some believing Jews will have issues about stuff that I do not have an issue with concerning certain observances. How can we meet together? You only have to read Acts 10 to see how radical an idea it was for Jews to eat with Gentiles. Well maybe the answer is that we separate the believers into two different fellowships. In one fellowship the Jews can maintain their culture and in the other we can maintain ours. But is this how they did it in the times of the apostles? If you read acts 15 we see that the Apostles loosed us Gentile believers from everything in the Mosaic Law apart from 4 things. These four things go back to Noah, and the covenant God made with all of humanity. These things are to abstain from blood, not to eat meats strangled, from fornication and things offered to idols. James, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, set these laws in place for us so that fellowship between physical Gentiles and physical Jews may take place. But Paul goes even further than this.


The first philosophy Paul expounds is non-judgmentalism. If you are Jewish and have been laid hold of by your Messiah and follow Him, you are saved by faith and not by works of the Law. So why should you be upset if your Gentile brethren or even your Jewish brethren fail to keep Shabbat or one of the feasts? These things do not procure salvation or make us more spiritual. In fact we are sometimes prone to think that someone is spiritual because they keep religious observance, they can preach a good sermon, and they have a good knowledge of scripture. These things are necessary but you can do all this without being spiritual. Such was the case with the Corinthian church. They had all the knowledge and they were praised by Paul in the first chapter of 1 Corinthians for their knowledge but knowledge does not make us spiritual. There is not a dichotomy where you can be totally fleshly and totally spiritual. Remember in Romans 12: 1 – 2, Paul said that what we do in our bodies is spiritual. The back bone of the spiritual life is our old friend ‘faith’. Our justification is by faith and not by works of the Mosaic Law. Our sanctification is also by faith and our activity for the Lord must also be by faith. The problem is a little complex because you have two paths that hold out a promise of justification. You have the path of faith and the path of the Law of Moses. The path of faith is totally different to Moses and yet it is not totally different. Now that sounds a contradiction but we are dealing with two different perspectives. Remember the analogy of the two diagrams.

Diagram # 1 Diagram # 2

Righteous: Power of Spirit:

Law of Moses & Law of Christ

Law of Christ

__________________ _________________

Unrighteous: Power of Flesh:

Law of Sin Law of Moses

& Law of Sin

From the perspective of righteousness they are not so different in that the righteous requirement is the same. It is the same God who gave both laws and in essence they embody the same law, which is Love. Love for God first and then love for one another. But from the perspective of spiritual power, Christ is superior to Moses in that His law is kept in the power of the Spirit. It is brought into effect by a spiritual birth but the Mosaic Law is kept only in the power of the flesh. The two laws are also different in properties. The Law of Moses is contained in outward ordinances but the law of Christ is one of faith and the renewal of our heart and mind. Therefore when a Jew gets saved, it is not like he has to leave all his Jewish practices behind as if it was an awful pagan religion. God instituted it. Paul does not regard the path of Moses as something dirty and wicked. Paul’s argument is that the path of Moses is good BUT it does not work because it requires 100% obedience. We must go back, once again to Romans 1: 16 – 17.

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. 17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “BUT THE RIGHTEOUS man SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.””

The path of faith works. It brings about justification, sanctification, assurance of salvation, hope, and a huge inheritance. As Jeremiah 31: 31ff shows us, this covenant is relational and not merely legal ‘For they shall all know me.’ Though our religion has rules, it is not merely a legalistic religion. But the heart of everything we do must be faith; our obedience must be a product of faith. Some Jews did not fully grasp this it seems, and so what do we do with them? Do we write them off? Not at all! Paul says that we are to accept the one who is weak in faith with out using it as an opportunity to pass judgment, or to wrangle, over his opinions. Just because someone feels they must keep Shabbat, so long as they do not make it a salvation issue and enforce it on everybody else, do not try to wrangle over it and debate the issue. We are entitled to have our own opinion on these issues. Paul presents to us a few issues where someone may be weak in faith. Let us look briefly at each one.


According to verses 2 – 3, one person has the faith to eat all things but one who is weak in faith eats vegetables only. Now this has a two-fold application. For one, it can refer to people who abstain from meat because they may not believe it is Kosher. Maybe it is not slaughtered to let the blood drain out. Maybe it is because of the mixture of dairy produce with the meat. Some people who believe do not have the faith to eat non kosher food. Now that person is to be accepted without regarding the guy with contempt. But the one who cannot find it within himself to break kosher should not judge the one who will eat all meats. It is not a justifying issue.

More probably it has to do with the fact that in various cities in the Roman Empire meat was sacrificed to Idols. Now we were already told in Acts 15 that we were to stay away from things sacrificed to idols. Paul even reiterated that in 1 Corinthians 10: 21 – 22. But here is the issue, the meat that was sacrificed to idols was often mixed with non-sacrificed meat and sold together in the market. You could never be sure that the meat that you were buying was not sacrificed to idols. Some people would have seen all the meat as being contaminated by virtue of the fact that there was some meat sacrificed to idols being sold there. Other Christians thought there is no such thing as an idol anyway, they were not seeking for anything sacrificed to idols and they wanted some meat. But Paul has taught that a person may buy it without asking any questions. But if the person selling meat says, ‘Nice bit of meat here just sacrificed to the gods, extra lucky.’ Refuse it for the sake of that person’s conscience. If he does not tell you, feel free to buy the meat there. But other Christians might object saying that that person might be bringing in cursed meat and allowing a demonic influence into their home.

People say these things today. You must not celebrate Christmas, (though I do not personally care about celebrating December 25th). They say you must not read secular literature or go to a pub or to the movies or to any other such place. If you tell them that you are not involving yourself in immorality or drunkenness or even pagan fertility rites they sometimes say that nevertheless you might open a doorway for a demonic spirit to come in and then you will be in trouble. What would Paul have to say to that argument?

Verse 4 Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

Who are you to judge the servant of another master? They are not your servant, but God’s. Just because the meat they have bought may or may not have been sacrificed to an idol does not necessarily mean that that person will fall. He will stand for the Lord is able to make him stand.


There is the aspect of Shabbat which we have looked at already. We cannot say that Jewish believers must not keep Shabbat and neither can Jewish believers say that we, Gentiles, must keep it. The key that Paul gives us here in verse 6 is that if we observe the day we must observe it for the Lord. And if we do not observe it we do so for the Lord. Either way the motive has to be to honour the Lord. However there are some in the church who say that although Shabbat has been done away with, we must keep the Lord’s Day, which they call the ‘Christian Sabbath’, as a day of rest. What they say is that this was something that was instituted in the early church. Therefore, to fail to observe this on a Sunday is a sin. Now I have nothing against meeting on a Sunday and using that day as a day of rest. I think it is a great day to meet on and it is a special day in the Bible, being termed the Lord’s Day. But neither do I regard Sunday as a Sabbath. But to reject another church because they might meet on a Saturday would be something that I would have a problem with. There are Christian churches in Israel that meet on a Friday night or a Saturday. There is nothing wrong with this.

But people will protest by saying, that there are scriptures in the New Testament that teach us that Sunday was the day that the Church set aside to meet on. Rev 1: 10 is used to say that Sunday is the Lord’s Day and as such it is the day of meeting. But this verse does not specify that John was actually meeting with other believers on the Sunday. It only says that John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day. What about 1 Corinthians 16: 2? Does this mean that Sunday is the day that Believers are supposed to rest on? It tells the readers to lay aside some of their income, on the Lord’s Day. Does this prove that Sunday is a ‘Christian Sabbath’? No it does not. The saving up of income in the text is shown to be individual and not in the context of a collection. Each person is to store up as they prosper so that no collection would have to be made in the meeting when Paul came. This verse is not saying that Sunday was to be a day of rest.

I am not saying believers did not meet on the Lord’s Day, because they did. In the churches of Gentile lands it seems that Sunday afternoon or night was when they met. I am only speaking against the imposition of it as a Sabbath for all believers and then applying Old Testament scriptures such as ‘Remember to keep the Sabbath holy’, and Isaiah 58: 13 and other such scriptures to prove it. In fact we know that people did meet on Sunday because of Acts 20: 7 which talks about the believers meeting and breaking bread when Paul was in town on the Lord’s Day. In the early Church it was called the Lord’s Day because Jesus rose from the dead on the Sunday. But there is no indication in the New Testament that this day was set aside exclusively as a day of rest, especially when we look at the fact that Paul in 1 Corinthians 11: 20 – 33 alludes to the fact that slaves had to work. Therefore, they could only arrive late for the breaking of bread, whether that would have been on a Sunday or any other day of the week.

In fact the precedent set in Jerusalem by the early Church was of meeting, not only on a Sunday, but every single day. They met in the Temple and were breaking bread from house to house. You cannot appeal to the writings of pre-Nicene Church Fathers to back up Sunday being a Christian Sabbath because the Scripture is the sole authority for all matters of faith and morals. To appeal to Tertullian or to Origen as doctrinal authority is doing what we accuse the Roman Catholics of doing, which is to treat Church tradition as equal with the scripture. We are doing what Jesus said, in that we are teaching the inventions of men as doctrines of God. Therefore, we should not argue over these issues amongst ourselves. Each person is to have his own conviction. Only the scripture says ‘do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together’, whenever that might be. Some people will come up with many excuses not to meet with a church. I am not talking about people who do not have the opportunity to meet at particular times, due to work commitments or because there is no biblical church that they can get to. I am speaking of people who would rather not meet together and would rather stay at home.

If I go to a messianic fellowship I am not to criticize them for meeting together on a Friday night and observing the Sabbath day. And they are not to judge me for not observing the day. I may choose that I would honour God more by meeting on Sundays, especially amongst a society of westerners, where Sunday has traditionally been regarded as special. In fact amongst some people groups it would be a very bad witness not to meet on a Sunday morning.


If my decisions on these issues are down to my own conviction, what is it that stops us going off the rails with having a Christianity of our own personal invention? Verse 12 says that we must give an account of ourselves to God. Paul is not referring to God as an abstract idea which differs from person to person. God is not a belief that is relative to each person but is the God of the Bible. The same God, who gave the Sabbath as a day for His Jewish people, is the same God who gave us the perfect Sabbath which is in the Messiah. On these issues of food, drink and special days, let us not judge one another in terms of our freedoms. But there is another principle that Paul exhorts us to maintain.

VERSES 13 – 23:


In Christ we have freedom. I am not bound to Moses, apart from maintaining the four things of Acts 15 that preceded Moses. I am free to eat anything sold in the market place without asking questions. I am free to drink wine. I am free to forego the observance of Shabbat and I do not have to attend the Jewish feasts. No Jewish believer can judge me for this and when I am on my own, there is no problem. However as we saw in Romans 12: 3 – 8, Christianity is not only individualistic but it is also corporal. We need time alone but we also need time together. What happens when Jewish believers and physically Gentile believers meet together to eat and to worship? This Church in Rome would have had to deal with these issues because it was composed of both Jew and Gentile. Paul has already laid down the doctrinal foundation, but how does one experience that in the practical realm? While we have freedom and may use that freedom, we must follow Christ’s example of restricting that freedom at certain times. It is not a law in stone, but the law of love in the heart that is worked out in various ways and in various contexts.

Because of love we are not to cause our brethren to sin and fall away from the faith. Do not put an obstacle or stumbling block before someone in regards to their faith in Christ because the whole point of Romans 12 – 16 is the bringing about of the obedience of faith. We are being made Christ like and so if using our freedom will cause someone to fall away or stumble in the pursuit of being more Christ like, we are to restrict that freedom for their sake. The obvious example of this is found in verse 21. It is good not to drink wine if it causes someone to stumble. I like a good glass of red wine and I can drink it without indulgance. I can limit my consumption in a way that it is respectable to drink. However, if I am in the company of someone who has just overcome a drinking problem, I injure that person if I drink around him. By restraining from drinking I am not saying to him that I think alcohol is wrong, but I do not want to cause his being enslaved to alcohol again. It is the same with food. Paul said that he is convinced there is nothing unclean in and of itself. A saved Jewish person might not keep Kosher but other Jewish people might have a problem with it. Now the one weaker in faith is not to judge the other Jewish believer for not eating kosher in his own home. But the one who has no problem with having bacon sandwiches is to restrict himself for the one who has the problem. When he is around the guy with the problem he is to refrain, if it causes offense. This does not mean that he must agree with the person that one should only eat kosher. If he is pulled up for eating unkosher, the one stronger in faith may defend his position. But here we are dealing with living in tolerance of things that scripture clearly shows are not to be debated or divided over.

Do not destroy that guy with your eating. An example of overcoming this issue was in a different context when I was growing up. We were friends with a certain family in Church, and this family was a loving family that really befriended us. They were vegetarian and sometimes when we ate together they made vegetarian food and we ate it together. We did not despise them for being vegetarians and they did not judge us for being meat eaters. We must have tolerance on the issues the Bible teaches us to be tolerant on. It is wrong to force someone to eat meat that does not have the faith to eat meat. Neither is it right to force someone who only eats kosher to eat unkosher. At the end of the day wine is not important. Food does not matter. What do I care if I eat vegetarian lasagna or a steak? It is food at the end of the day; it goes into the mouth and out the other end. Our focus is not to be the food. Eating food is important but there is something more important than that. It is more important to maintain a good testimony. Paul said in verse 16 that we should not cause someone to speak evil of something that is good for us, by causing someone else to stumble with that good thing. I should not cause someone who has a problem with drink to drink and therefore bring a bad reputation on drinking. Our focus should be verse 17. Peace, righteousness and joy. Our decisions and our freedom must be shaped by our faith and not merely by a set of rules.

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