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Eastmine Home Church Newsletter 6

January 6, 2019


(The Newsletter of Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa

– Congregation of the Only Way. Jesus is the only way.)


Jan 2019

C/O Mesuli Mhlongo

P.O. Box 222

Vryheid 3100

KwaZulu Natal

South Africa


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Greetings brethren. This is a newsletter updating everyone on what has been happening at KwaZulu Mission. 

I, Mesuli (author of this newsletter)have now relocated and working at a rural hospital called Itshelejuba. The nearest town, Pongola, is 30km away and approximately 130km away from Vryheid. I relocated because it is a government requirement that after internship we do a community service year at a government hospital. My community service will then finish on the 31st July 2019. Hopefully I will go back to Vryheid after this, God willing. 

Having moved to this new area, I haven’t been going home much as sometimes I’d be on call on some weekends. This also means I’d only fellowship with brethren back at home at least once a month. Fortunately, I am able to share scripture with some of my new colleagues and it is always fulfilling to meet brothers and sister whose hearts are after The Lord.

img_5377Itshelejuba Hospital 

Phumlani’s bakkie/van had been giving a lot of problems with the engine to be specific. He’s tried fixing it himself and seeking help from local mechanics but the repairs ended being unsuccessful.

Surprisingly, one of Phumlani’s relatives from the Mthembu family have given Phumlani’s their car so that he’s able to drive to work and do his necessary errands. We thank the Lord for this as Phumlani will still be able to fetch brethren from Alpha to and from church.

img_5378Phumlani’s new car

Thoba, Phumlani’s little daughter is very sickly and they ask that we pray for her recovery.

img_5379Thoba with her mother 

One of our congregants from Alpha East Mine area, who fellowships at Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa, hasn’t been to the fellowship in a while after she had a different vision of how our meetings should operate. All believers are praying seeking for The Lords direction as we believe that He is our teacher. We are also praying for her; that we may all seek the Lord’s will for our fellowship. 

MamaNtombela has been going through difficult times and ask fellow believers to pray with her and for her family. After she lost her job, things with her family have also just been difficult. In spite of all hardships, she’s still holding on to the Lord. She also believes that even this time of her faith being tested she will hold on to Jesus, the Lord of our salvation. May we please pray with her and for her family. 



Mesuli Mhlongo (B. Pharm, Rhodes)

Cell number: +27614577656

Work number: +27344134000

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