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History of the KwaZulu Mission

MKM TEAM 2002 – 2005

Caleb Massey

Caleb Massey

Sophie Massey

Sophie Massey

It was in 2002 that Caleb and Sophie Massey came to South Africa in order to do mission work under Dave Royle who started up Moriel Missions Southern Africa in that same year. They were going to work in a Lutheran Hospital which was situated between Louwsburg and Nongoma. Salvador Ung Hayworth, then a student with Moriel Bible College was to join them for six months. Sophie would teach nursing training with Robin Trust, Caleb would teach Bible studies with the nurses and Salvi would help out. On the same day that the three arrived at the hospital, Robin Trust had pulled out. There was no nursing training, the doctor said that the Lutheran pastor would not like Caleb teaching the bible there. The house that the three were to stay in had prospective buyers. They were told that there was a huge need in the community and they should enquire. Upon further enquiry they found a company called Mondi who were willing to let them rent a workers house for six months and at the end of 2002 a contract was signed to rent a disused cattle auction yard in the nearby area. Sophie volunteered at the local clinic, and Caleb and Salvador did bible studies, gospel preaching and school assemblies. A mobile clinic, run by the salvation army would visit every two weeks and this would provide the MKM an opportunity to preach the gospel and hand out tracts as well as minister one on one. At the end of 2003, the Lord led a man called Phumulani to ask about the gospel. He had gotten saved by reading the bible and upon hearing the Gospel he decided to be baptised in obedience to the word. A church was started at the beginning of 2004 with Phumlani, Phumlani’s sister Celani (who had been a believer for a number of years), the three missionaries and various people visiting, plus the translator and Zulu teacher, Simon Khumalo who was not saved.

Salvador Ung Hayworth

Salvador Ung Hayworth

The church was named ‘Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa’ meaning, Congregation of the Only Way to teach that Jesus is the only way and not the ancestral spirits or the idolised false prophet, Isaiah Shembe. Salvador ran a children’s club called ‘Abantwana BeZulu Club’ (Children of heaven, or Zulu Children’s Club). During the year Salvador and Phumlani would take time to visit local Zulu homes in order to share the Gospel. Many short term missionaries visited the Mission also. At the end of 2004, Salvador left to find work in the UK and to pay off his student loan. Caleb and Sophie carried on the work. Celani ran the kid’s club from her home which was well attended. The auction yard was put up for sale in 2005 and as there was no money for the land to be purchased for the mission, Caleb and Sophie moved out to live in the local town, Vryheid. Moriel KwaZulu Mission sadly ceased to exist as Caleb and Sophie had to leave Moriel. Caleb concentrated on discipling Phumlani and doing bible studies with local pastors. The church now met in Celani’s home. Two girls from the kids club gave their lives to Christ and joined the Church. Another saved lady started to attend the church. In 2006 Phumulani started to take on pastoral responsibilities. Salvador returned to South Africa after his student loan had been paid but worked with Dave Royle in Ebyown Children’s Village. At the end of 2006, he did his first short term mission to KwaZulu and one girl, Cebisile, professed faith and repentance and was baptised. In 2007, Caleb and Sophie went to live in the US of A and started a work called Ezra Ministries with Sophie’s brother, Christian. Salvador got married to Dianne in the same year and did several mission trips throughout 2008. Throughout the last few years Salvador had felt KwaZulu near to his heart and  on one of the trips he read Acts 8: 30 – 31. He knew the relevance of these verses to the area, that there was hardly anyone there to evangelise and disciple the people, to act as guides to the scripture. At the beginning of 2009 Dave gave permission for Salvador and Dianne to be released to work in the area. Salvador and Dianne moved there in mid April, 2009 and built a Zulu house to live in on Phumlani’s property.

KM TEAM 2010 – 2016

Unfortunately the Moriel KwaZulu Mission ceased to exist again as Salvador and Dianne had to leave Moriel in 2010. But the work continued as normal under the name of KwaZulu Mission. And Salvador and Di have been so priveledged to have experienced the things they have in these areas. They have fulfilled the goal of ministering the Gospel to someone from almost every homestead in the outlying areas, edified brethren and produced material for the brethren to use. Most notably many Zulu Bible audio teachings, and the documentary, “Allegiance: Walking with the Dead”, Although the kids club in Eastmine has died down, Khethiwe Sibiya is leading one in Alpha which is doing very well.

Salvador and Dianne Ung Hayworth

Salvador & Dianne Ung Hayworth


From 2016 onwards. 

The Lord has moved Salvador and Di on from the area to move to another church, Coming King Ministries on the North Coast in Ballito. Short term mission trips are planned to the area but it is the end of an era for Salvador and Di to remain in the area on a permanent basis. We will update the website as the Lord raises others to step into the shoes of recognised ministry. At present the church, “Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa” continues as a body of believers, reliant on the Holy Spirit, the word and the participation of the brethren.

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