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Msindisi Monthly 141

October 11, 2016



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Hi all

As we wrote in our last newsletter we have moved from our local area in Eastmine to the northern coast. The details of how and why are all in our last newsletter.


We are slowly settling into the area, changes always take time. We are now living with a lovely family, Kevin and Michele Edwards and their 3 boys, they so kindly opened their home to us and have welcomed us into the area along with many from the church “Coming King Ministries”. This will be our base until Sal hears from the visa centre either confirming our remaining in the country or rejecting it. The processing time went from 8-10 weeks to 8-10 months for the outcome. So we wait. Sadly we have had to cancel our tour to Australia and New Zealand, it wasn’t easy phoning Dis parents and telling them this news. They had really been looking forward to us coming. We all felt disappointed.



The Indian Ocean. God’s beautiful creation.

However in saying that it has given us a great opportunity to get Sal’s paper work together for applying for NZ resident. We took a trip to Joburg in the month to collect police clearances, Sals qualifications which were SAQA approved, and to get information concerning Sal needing his UK and Portuguese police checks sent through. We caught up with people also who we hadn’t seen for awhile, Mark Hibberd, Julie and Johnny who distribute the Berean call and Discernment Ministries newsletters, and Morné and Doret. A special time was catching up with Clayton and Jessie Wells who were out visiting family with their little boy Albie from the UK. This was a lovely day as its very rare they are all together in one place.



Allen and Sue Wells with the whole family together again.

On the Sunday, Sal was asked to bring a message, by our friendsTony and Maria, at the Kempton Park home church fellowship. It was so nice to be in a home church which is very multi-cultural. Ashley a leader in the fellowship had visited us a year or so ago at Phumlani’s, so it was great to connect again. Thank you for inviting us and getting to know you all.


Visiting the home church in Kempton Park


With the guys at Kempton Park home church.


Monday we drove through to Vryheid to spend a couple of nights with Phumlani and to visit people from the family and fellowship. We were able to take a few things for the shop which had been given in Joburg. It was a happy time with lots of laughter and everyone was doing well. On the last night we visited Johnny and Kim who had organized a cell group meeting, giving us the opportunity to see everyone again around the word and a delicious meal.



Salvador with Phumlani and his baby girl, Thoba.


Di with Phumlani and S’phiwe’s boy, Mlando.


S’phiwe and Thoba.




Mkhulu and Khethiwe from the Zulu Church that we have left. They live in Alpha.


Mkhulu’s wife in Alpha.


Kids at Alpha.


Nice teddy bear at Alpha.


Salvador, Di and Mo visiting in Alpha.


Nice boy in Alpha.


Scene in East Mine after visiting Celani.


All together for home cell at Johnny and Kim’s.


Another photo of cell group.

The Allegiance film has been going out and given by various brethren. We are grateful for the testimonies of witnessing opportunities people have had through the film. The film is now available for purchase in English, Afrikaans and Zulu languages through the Bread of Life ministries website:



The Allegiance Film is now for sale.

Also the website for the film is as follows:


and if you want to join the facebook page you will find it at:


We have also decided to release the transcripts of the original interviews that gave rise to the film in Book format. For those interested, these transcripts can be purchased from the following website:


Alternatively, one can contact us for the PDF file of the book. These transcripts contain a lot more information than was contained in the film and give greater insight into the issues surrounding these people’s experience in necromancy and how they got saved. If we are to have a heart for the lost of South Africa these stories will prove invaluable tools. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:


“When a Church in Sydney, Australia donated a huge amount of money to us, it was the answer to prayer for provision and timing to start making “Allegiance.” Every step of the way the Lord has provided everything needed to make the film without asking people to donate a cent. We saw His hand in making us aware of issues, of provision of people and locations. This film was birthed in the Lord and completed by His guiding hand. However, as with all films, there was so much information that did not make the cutting floor. In attempting to maintain the focus of the story line some valuable information had to be discarded. Thus, I felt it a good idea to offer the original transcripts of the initial interviews of the people in the film for those wishing to take time to read over in order to get a better understanding of their experiences as part of the process of becoming a more intelligent and sensitive witness to those engaged in ancestral traditions.


South Africa is a country where people, anywhere between 50-80 percent of its citizens, are actively involved in ancestral traditions. We are to take Jesus’ commission seriously, to make disciples of ALL nations. If we love Him we will keep His commandments. If there is no concern for the salvation of the black people of South Africa how can we say that our hearts are beating in time with Jesus’ heart if we give little thought to one of the greatest strongholds that prevent black people (9 different ethnic groups and languages) from accepting the Gospel? Let us, as Paul before us in Athens, study the market place of idolatry and tackle the very idols that are cherished by those whom we perceive to be “very religious in all respects.” Let us offer the Gospel in a way that speaks to the false beliefs and lofty thoughts raised up against the knowledge of Christ with genuine concern and understanding as we seek to make disciples of all nations.”



Kevin Edwards giving out the Allegiance Movie.

On a very positive note, we received information and photographs of one lady who was convicted by the Movie for keeping her Sangoma things, after a process of initial discipleship, has now burned all those things. The pastor has been faithfully walking with her and her husband to ensure that her break with these things will be permanent.



Burning the Sangoma things. Praise the Lord.

We returned to the coast and house sat for a few days before returning to Kevin and Family.


Sal has been sharing at the fellowship of “Coming King Ministries” over the month. Leslie Crickmay is the pastor there. Sal has brought 3 messages so far, particularly sharing his heart, were he sees the end time church is heading. He also is desiring to be more involved in the weekly cell groups to help facilitate opportunities for growth and leadership equipping.



Trying out the Keyboard belonging to Coming King Ministries after Lee fixed it.

We have been trying to get to know people a little more through visiting, drinking tea and sharing meals. Sunday morn doesn’t allow for real fellowship so it’s great connecting on a more personal level.


We were able to meet a lovely missionary couple called David and Krista for coffee after church one week. They are involved with Roger Oakland and the Bryce Homes project. We had many stories to swop and also were able to give them a copy of the DVD Allegiance to share in their local community.


To help out as much as possible while staying at Kevin and Michele’s, Sal has taken on a few filming jobs to help Kevin in promoting his real estate business. Di is home schooling the 3 boys until the end of term. Di is hoping to get a ladies bible study up and running in the next few weeks as many are showing an interest. She also will be on the rooster to teach the little ones at church on Sunday.



Salvador studying.

We hope to be selling our truck, which belongs to “Road to Recovery” and purchasing a smaller vehicle which will be less expensive on fuel and general wear. This coastal area does not need a large bakkie and the running costs are very high. Once we purchased a smaller, economical car, maybe a polo or Ford, we will put it under “Coming King Ministries” so if we have to leave in the future it will go to the ministry.


Due to the high price of renting here in Ballito, we have offered to house sit over the holiday time and look after pets. We have asked people to advertise in their local estates as people head away over the holiday season. If nothing comes of this we will stay with Kevin’s family until future notice.





Salvi and Di


Pray needs:


The visa outcome after the appeal


Distributing freely of the DVD and the work of the HS for those viewing it


Our Future direction, concerning visa’s and the paperwork involved


Thankful for good health


The transition for all those involved with us, cell group, Zulu fellowship, friends.


Thankfulness for the faithfulness of our Lord and the generosity of His people














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