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Msindisi Monthly 140

August 23, 2016



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Hi all


Due to the last 2 hectic months, we are sorry we skipped writing the last newsletters.


We are still waiting the outcome of the appeal that was submitted for Sal on the 5 July for the extension of his visitors visa. We were told that the process and outcome could take up to 8-10 weeks, that takes us to the end of August.   If this visa is declined we would need to leave South Africa in 10 days of receiving the letter.



Spring time

Keeping this in mind,we have been looking at the procedure, needed for Salv to become a permanent resident in NZ. This would take several months of paper work due to the fact that he would need police checks from Portugal, SA and the UK. Salv may have to return to the Uk first and apply from there while Di returns to NZ.


If the appeal application for his visa is approved then this would give us time to complete and submit the required information for a NZ residents visa. Once this was secured we would return to NZ when Di’s visa expired in 2018 and apply for a workers visa to re-enter SA in the future, working for 5 years in SA we would then apply for permanent residents in the country.



Rainbow which speaks of God’s promise and grace

While the visa situation has been going on, running along side, has been the leading of the Lord to move on. Let us explain some of the process that has brought us to this. I think over 3 years ago we were asked to pray about moving to the east coast to help with a fellowship. We both felt no leading of God’s will to go there at that time. Over this last year we have felt that out time in our local area may have been coming to an end in the future but we were not sure when. Salv thought that if we were granted the visa for the next three years it would be our last in the area. Salv had completed his vision that every homestead would hear the gospel in the surrounding areas of Eastmine. This was completed last year before he started the DVD project of the documentary on the 4 lives of those who had turned from contacting the dead after hearing the gospel.



The Zulu Church. Hard to say goodbye.


Going home after church meeting.

So when Salv’s application for extending his visa was rejected, we knew something new maybe in the wind, he put in an appeal but then we also started to seek the Lord for his further direction in our lives. Three options were placed before us, which we took time out, to really think and pray through.


We believe the Lord is leading us away from the area to a fellowship on the east coast who had approached us over 3 years ago. In saying that we also know we will be able to visit our local area and still support the Zulu fellowship. The timing of us leaving our area has been confirmed by various believers both in our local area and around the country.



On the way to the East Coast of South Africa

Within the Zulu fellowship, participation has been encouraged for people to share and men to bring teachings. We believe if we stay around we will be in the Lord’s way. Salv has been bringing teaching to the church concerning the early church in Acts of meeting together, sharing a meal ( however basic) prayer, communion, teaching. The body has been encouraged to become activity involved. They have had teachers from other areas and been encouraged to re- invite them.


Our home is in the transition stage with boxes packed and some in storage. When we leave the area Phumulani and S’phiwe with their 3 children will make it their new home.



Beautiful Aloe

We praise the Lord for His work in the lives of some of the people in the area. One of our neighbours visited the church and shared some of her story. She is a student in a University in Pretoria and had been attending a mega church pastored by a false teacher. She had many questions which we were able to answer. We have given her the contact details of a house church in Pretoria. Salv also had another neighbor called Thobani contact him with questions regarding the Word of God. He shared his testimony that while at school a fellow pupil had shared the Gospel and that message had never left him. He works near Ladysmith and upon visiting home met up with Salvador. He had a testimony of salvation but had not been baptized. We took him to the river, seeking a long way for water. The river has dried up with the drought but we found a slimey, algae infested pool that was deep enough to baptize him. Through whatsapp communication, he since has had the truth confirmed in his heart that he can only trust in Jesus and no ancestors or the path of his old life can help or save him.



One of our neighbor’s . The home of the student in Pretoria

We are picking up our Bakkie from Newcastle tomorrow as it was being repaired after hitting the donkey a few months back. We have been so thankful for all those people who so kindly loaned us their vehicle over this whole time that the Bakkie has been out of action.


Sal has been distributing to all the actors and those who helped in the making of the documentary a free copy of the DVD over the last few weeks. We have been burning dvd’s, sourcing cases and printing covers. A huge thank you to Judy Balcombe who was instrumental in this. We encourage people to burn these DVD and give them out for free. In the future “Bread of Life” will be selling master copies in Zulu, English and Africans.



Judy was a trooper in helping with the thank you DVDs


We will keep you posted once we know the final outcome of the visa. Until then we are in transit between the east coast and Vryheid and our local area. To all those people who are opening their homes to us over this time. We thank you so very much.

As things have been a little hectic there is no teaching in this edition of the newsletter. We hope to resume as usual should we receive the Visa Appeal.




Salvi and Di


Pray needs:


The visa outcome after the appeal


Distributing freely of the DVD and the work of the HS for those viewing it


Our Future direction, concerning visa’s and the paperwork involved


Thankful for good health


The transition for all those involved with us, cell group, Zulu fellowship, friends.


Thankfulness for the faithfulness of our Lord and the generosity of His people

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  1. Veronica Bekker permalink

    Hi Salvi and Di I have missed out on posts from many the last few weeks. My heart is very heavey tosee you both saying goodbye to your wonderful family in our Lord . You have been a n inspiration to me and I praise our Lord for the wonderful work that He has done through you both. May our Lord keep you in His loving care and guide and keep you in His will. You will always be in my prayers. Lots of love and God bless.


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