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Msindisi Monthly 139

July 4, 2016




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Hi all


It’s times like now, I wish we could do an audio newsletter. I am not sure how to put into words the events of the last month? So much has gone on and yet I don’t want to bore you with every little detail.


So here goes, writing with broad strokes…….


End of May, we showed the premiere of the DVD in Vryheid ( the documentary we made of four people lives and how they turned away from following the dead) you can view this by downloading it from:


We then prepared the Auction yard ,where Sal, Caleb and Sophie lived when they first moved into the area (this is situated not far from our homestead), for the next viewing of the documentary, which was to be in Zulu.



Getting the Auction yard prepared for the Zulu Screening

The afternoon arrived with fetching people from far away who had no transport. We had a mixed response from the viewing some were encouraged and others were disturbed. The people in the area have heard this teaching time and time again so we pray that they will not harden their hearts to what the Lord is showing them again.



People watching the Zulu Screening at the Auction Yard

After clearing up the hall, transporting people home and taking the chairs back to where we had borrowed them, we headed for home. It was around 6pm so the sun had gone down, as we drove up over the rise of a hill, we ran into a small group of donkeys. There was an oncoming taxi so we couldn’t try to miss the donkeys by going to the other side of the road so we hit one of the donkeys.


The extent of the damage to the car

The next day we were supposed to be heading off around the country to screen the DVD in various places. The force of the impact crunched the bonnet and pushed the radiator into the fan blades which sliced through it. Our friends from cell group were quick to come to our assistance.


The next day after towing the truck into town and sorting insurance issues, we headed off to Secunda, thanks to the generous lending of our friend’s car.


The plan was to take the DVD around to certain locations in South Africa. Starting with our area then onto Secunda, Boksburg, Bloemfontein onto the Cape then back to Sedgefield, Port Elizabeth, Kostad, Pietermaritzburg ending in Ballito and Stanger. In Secunda Salvador got the opportunity to share and answer questions a couple of ladies had who watched the film. While in Boksburg, Salvador went and shared the word at a fellowship called Truth Ministries, which apparently confirmed the word that a former member, Kirk, had shared with them. We praise the Lord for speaking through this meeting. We also screened the film in Zulu in a local township, where the pastor Dumisani Madi was keen to use the film to help his congregation. One attendant who asked a question later gave his life to the Lord that day and a lady who made some kind of decision for the Lord a year ago was challenged to get rid of some Sangoma things she had kept in her home. Dumisani said wants to resolve some other issues with her first so that when she burns her stuff she will be completely free without any hook to take her back to her former Sangoma ways. 


Dumisani Addressing the people who watched the Allegiance film in Zulu


Salvador sharing at Truth Ministries



Time of worship at Truth Ministries


Mujuru and company at the Screening of Allegiance at Bread of Life Ministires

However once we got to Bloemfontein we were stopped due to car troubles (leaking petrol tank) which forced us to cancel all the viewings until Pietermaritzburg.


On the way to Bloemfontein

While we were in Bloemfontein we got to spend some time with our friend Pam Mott from Australia whom Sue Wells kindly brought down to us. Sal did some teaching in the fellowship there on 1st Peter and another on being “filled in the spirit and full of the spirit”. He also shared a teaching on Shabbat where we all enjoyed a evening together. Chris and Linda De Wet kindly hosted us till we left by bus for Pietermaritzburg, as we saw the car was going to take longer to fix than expected. From there our friends from Ballito kindly came and fetched us.



Di and Pam at the Women’s Memorial and War Museum


Di, Pam and Sue at the Bloemfontein Church group


The Bloemfontein Church Group

Once we knew the Car was still not ready by the weekend we needed to be on the East Coast we got a bus to Pietermaritzburg and showed the film there at Bisley Park Assembly. Our hosts, Neville and Anne Le Roux were lovely and gave a royal and welcoming reception.


With Neville and Anne Le Roux

The last viewings of the dvd were in Stanger and Ballito. After we have viewed the DVD at the different locations around we found the responses where positive. Some have learnt to appreciate the difficulties of people leaving such things, some have been challenged and convicted, others encouraged. Many are eager to get it out realizing its a world wide issue and it’s not only pertaining to South Africa. Today personal spirit guides, horoscope reading etc are common practice. May the Lord use it for His kingdom.



Salvador Speaking at the Ballito Screening

Along the way on our travels and challenges we have many testimonies of the Lords personal encouragement, provision, and faithfulness. The hospitality and generosity of his people have been a blessing to us. He works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.


We ended the trip in Ballito, as Sal was due to pick up the answer for his application for the renewal of his visa. Friends once again kindly lent us their car so we could fetch it. The visa renewal was rejected. The response being they want to see his qualifications for the job. In all the 10 years of applying these have never been asked for when applying for the renewal of a voluntary workers/visitors permit. Sal has the qualifications but they have not been SAQA approved. This is something we will do in the future as time is limited now.


This meant we needed to get back home to Vryheid to collect the qualifications and have them certified, so we can submit them on Tuesday. We have been given 10 days to appeal to the rejection. Over those 10 days Sal has applied for his Portuguese passport which he hopes to collect at the same time as the results from the appeal which takes 14 days to be processed. We returned to Bloemfontein to collect the car and will return it to our friends on Tuesday when we return to Vryheid to prepare to leave the country in case the appeal for the visa is declined. Until we leave Ballito Sal will be meeting up with people this side, leading worship on Sunday at “Coming King Ministries” and organizing where people can purchase a hard copy of the DVD if downloading isn’t an option for some people. All these details will be on the website page.



Graeme, the Executive Director of Allegiance, was a huge help and we praise the Lord for him.


So If the appeal for the visa is declined Sal will need to leave the country almost immediately. He is thinking he will go to Australia, as it was planned that later this year, in September we would be going for a itinerary tour. Di however has another year in which she can remain. We are not running ahead but we are also preparing to leave if the appeal is declined. Interesting times ahead. We keep it all in pray and have the peace of our Father.


We thank the Lord for His hand over our lives, and commit all our ways to Him.

Thank you once again for your on going love and support.




Salvi and Di


Pray needs:


The visa outcome after the appeal


The truck being repaired


Distributing freely of the DVD and the work of the HS for those viewing it


Our Future direction, our friends from cell group and also farming friend’s who recently were robbed.


Thankfulness for the faithfulness of our Lord and the generosity of His people


Up coming teachers and elders for the Zulu fellowship


We are now endeavoring to replace the typed teachings with Short Video Teachings. You can either watch the video below or click on the Youtube link.












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