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Msindisi Monthly 142

December 1, 2016



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Hi all

 Sorry we did not put out a newsletter last month. We trust this one will find you well.

Many have been asking about the visa situation !!! To our delight we got an SMS, earlier than we excepted, to collect the outcome. The latest news is that it was accepted and Sal can now stay in SA until 2019. This means that, for at least until the end of next year, we can remain within SA. We say this as Dianne’s visa expires in Jan 2018.


We are very grateful for this time frame as Sal is still waiting on his UK police check to arrive so he can apply for NZ residency ASAP. This is something we are seeking to do so that, if we ever need to leave South Africa, Salvador can go to New Zealand with Di and not be separated. We do not qualify to get Di a spousal permit for the UK. Apparently 33,000 married couples have been split up because they also do not qualify to gain a permit for the non-European spouse. We ask for your prayers concerning this.


What we are contemplating is that we will leave SA at the beginning of 2018 for New Zealand and apply for a workers permit to re-enter SA. This will allow us to earn an income while here and also to apply for permanent residence after 5 years. In saying this we are committing our ways to the Lord.


With the acceptance of the visa we are now looking for somewhere to live. Security and affordability are all issues that have to be taken into consideration. We have been looking at apartments and granny flats. The cost of living is much higher here and the transition from rural living to apartment will take some adjusting.



Our old home.

Until now we have been staying in the home of Kevin and Michele Edwards with their 3 boys who have so kindly opened their home to us. We will probably be staying with different people until we are able to find something suitable for us to live in. Kevin and Michele have been incredible generous, their son Dan has given up his room for over 3 months. Salvador has been doing bible studies with the boys. As part of our contribution to staying with them Di has been homeschooling the boys, as their previous tutor found other work and Salvador has been working on a profile video for Kevin who works as a property professional.



Edwards boys schooling


Salvador filming for Kevin’s Profile Video


Sal has been preaching at “Coming King Ministries” as this is our new home fellowship. He has been sharing his heart for the church from scripture and the last days church. We are involved in a weekly evening cell group and Di has started a ladies study on a Friday morning. Salvador will be sharing more of the vision God has laid on His heart and is seeking the Lord for our roles to be defined more. Sal has been working on his book on Israel which will be part of a series dealing with the importance of Israel in different areas of theology and life.



Bella, Lorna, Salvador and Mark leading corporate Praise at Coming King Ministries

The Bakkie has been sold due to the expensive of running it and no longer needing it for dirt roads. It has been replaced with a polo sedan, which is less expensive to run, service and find parts for. It still has a large boot so we can transport clothes and goods which have been donated for Celani’s shop to help in the local community of Eastmine. The car will be under the ministry of “Coming King” so whenever we leave the country it will continue to be used for ministry in this local area. We plan to visit our old area every so many months for short term mission trips and invite people from Coming King Ministries to experience mission there.


The VW Polo we have been blessed with.



Di with Celani


Di with Celani in the shop with CKM’s gift of clothes delivered.


The view of Eastmine from Celani’s shop

We had a very short visit last week for a few days to visit Phumlani and Celani, to whom we gave gifts of clothes from Coming King Ministries. We also visited Asimbonge and NCedo and it is amazing to see how they have grown living at their grandparents’ place. For those who remember, their mother was murdered by Ncedo’s father who then committed suicide after he shot her, and Phumlani in the head. Sal also preached a short message at the Carebear crèche on thurs and fri morning for their end of year graduation. He did this to promote the film “Allegiance” that we made this year and Belinda had copied 100 copies of the film in English and 100 copies in Zulu. Most copies were taken by the parents who were grateful for the free film. Salvador also shared about ancestral traditions at Victory School, which is an ACE school in Vryheid. On Thursday evening we had a cell group meeting with Craig and Magda Boardman which was also attended by Mandla. On the way to Vryheid the car had trouble and at the moment it is at a mechanic’s in Stanger having a fuel pump replaced, CAM belt and Timing belt as well as a few other things. But the engine otherwise is in good condition and it is a nice car.


Asimbonge is doing well at school and is growing fast.


Ncedo is a beautiful girl.


The Children of Care Bear Creche


Parents come to see their Children at Care Bear Creche


More Children at Care Bear Creche.


Care Bear Creche


Zulu dancers at Care Bear


Zulu dancers in action


Salvador Preaching at Care Bear Creche.


While we have been here we have gotten to know Mujuru’s nephew, Simba, who lives in Umhlanga Rocks. It is not always easy for them to get to Ballito so we will be also visiting them for Bible Studies when they cannot get up. Tomorrow evening will be the first visit we will make to them. Salvador was also invited by Grant McArthur, at CKM, to an old aged home in Durban that he visits every week. Salvador took his guitar and sang, which has now opened the door for him to got every two weeks and sing hymns, choruses and share the gospel with Grant. Salvador will also be organising to visit the special needs home “St Luke’s” in Stanger to do monthly visits to them also. We have also met a young man called S’phiwe who is in a church that was, till recently, pastored by a Nigerian. This so called pastor presented them with a get rich quick scheme that required them to give a lot of money, as much as R2000. Next thing the congregation knew, the pastor had ran away with the money. Some of the church members have left the church as a result. As tragic as the story is, a door of opportunity has been opened to go into their township and teach the word, laying a biblical foundation. We are still waiting for them to organize a meeting place for everyone as some of the roads are bad for us to get to. This meeting will be in Zulu and we are looking forward to it. Driving onto the township was a pleasant experience for us, the people looked friendly.



Di with Phumlani and S’phiwe’s daughter, Thoba

Salvador has started to put his video teachings onto the Internet.


Salvador is also looking at other filming projects to be engaged in and we covet your prayers for the Lord’s direction in this.



CKM enjoying a shabbat meal together


For those of you in South Africa that would like a tool to help witness to people involved in Ancestral traditions, purchasing Allegiance is a must. The film is available in English, Zulu and Afrikaans at the moment and is part of a double DVD set which has lots of extras including a five part tutorial Salvador presents as a guide for reaching people involved in Ancestors. The film copyright allows people to make as many copies of the film as you want and distribute the film for free. 




The film website is


We thank you for your on going prayers, support and interest in co-sharing in the labour of the Lord. We look to the Lord for our daily needs as we seek the kingdom of God first.


Please pray for:


The safe arrival of Sal police check from the UK


The right place, where we can live.


The fellowship of CKM, keeping Leslie the pastor and his wife Angie, healthy before the Lord.


The doors to continue to open this side for ministry in the townships and surrounding areas.


Thankfulness for the timing of the visa outcome


For this month’s teaching we include a link to the first message in the series that Salvador has been bringing to Coming King Ministries:


God’s vision for the Church 1. The Purpose and Unity of the Church.





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    Thank for all the wonderful work that you do for the Lord


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