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Msindisi Monthly 143

January 17, 2017



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Dear Friends, family and brethren in Messiah.


We seem to be a little slack in regards to sending out our newsletters for the beginning of the month. Much has been happening and 2017 seems to hold much in store for us.



Amazing sunset

Just to update everyone, the Lord moved us on from the mission work near Vryheid and has brought us to Ballito to serve as missionaries with Coming King Ministries. On our heart especially is to share ministry responsibilities with the pastor, Les and to facilitate strong Cell groups with a sustainable dynamic of fellowship where the members of the body all participate in a home setting. This is to supplement the ongoing ministries going on in the Church. We want to take mission opportunities in the area but this has been slow to see a start. Sphiwe from Groutville is still to arrange a meeting place in Groutville and things slowed down a lot over December, especially as people visited family and busied themselves up for the festive season. Salvador is also involved in the arrangement of several meetings this year, and a possible inter-fellowship retreat between groups of likeminded brethren. We will also be taking several mission trips this year to our old area to encourage Phumlani and the other brethren. Some video teaching needs to be planned and filmed as part of CKM outreach. Di has started a ladies bible study and that has taken off very well. We have been ministering at Old Age home in Durban and a special needs home in Stanger called St Lukes. One Friday afternoon we go to Durban and the alternate week is in Stanger. In both Salvador will sing hymns and choruses on his guitar and we get to share. We started going to the Old Age home because someone in our Church, Grant, has been ministering there on a weekly basis after the Lord opened the door for him to go there.


A map of KZN. We now live in Sheffield Beach which is above Salt Rock. Not far from Ballito.


Getting ready to visit the folks at the Old Age home in Durban.


A few of the residents at St Lakes. Precious people.

Kevin and Michele Edwards from CKM have been amazing in opening their home to us. At the beginning of December came the end of our staying with them as we had been asked to house sit for people going on holiday. Altogether we housesat at three different homes in December. During this time we celebrated Chanukkah with 8 nights of feasting, lighting candles, reciting blessings and exchanging of gifts. This feast commemorates the time of Antiochus Epiphanes when he desecrated the Jewish temple and the Maccabees revolted and rededicated the temple. It was a wonderful reminder of why Jesus came into the world, as the light of the world to save sinners, cleanse them of all that defiles and to dedicate them as Temples of the Holy Spirit. For more information on that feast please click on the following link:



Our own Chanukiah (Candelabra for Chanukah).

The first night was shared with Judy Balcombe from CKM and the next morning at Church we did a special Chanukkah service.



Celebrating Chanukah with Judy Balcombe.


Chanukah service at CKM

We had been looking for a place to rent with CKM committing to covering the rent. Accommodation is very expensive in Ballito and suitable accommodation is always quickly taken. We continually were told that flats we were interested in had already been taken. We were offered a wonderful 1 bedroom apartment in a very nice estate but it was very expensive for us. The church committed to paying its rent but we always wondered if it was too much for us. However, we signed the lease thinking this was the only alternative. A few days later, after Church, we visited a couple who told us of a garden cottage for a very good price. It is a 2 bedroom place, fully furnished with a sea view, satellite TV and Wifi access and is much cheaper than the other place. Fortunately the owner of the other place had not signed the lease so we were free to turn it down.



Amazing view outside our new home.


Our new home, garden cottage in Sheffield Beach.

From November, Salvador has been trying to obtain a ministry vehicle to replace the Ford Ranger that was sold in order to cut down costs. As we now live in Ballito we do not need a big vehicle like that. We are now driving a VW polo classic and it is already saving money on fuel and on tyres. It has been quite a process to get it registered, which we just finalized yesterday. Salvador is presently trying to do a shorter version/shorter versions of the Allegiance film as the full movie is 77 minutes which is long for people to watch online. So Salvador has condensed the movie to 40 minutes and is also breaking the movie into the 4 separate stories which work out to between 10-15 minutes each, which may be better for online viewing, especially for people who struggle with Data.



Meeting up with Russell and Claudia who were visiting Ballito in December.


Having a lovely meal with Grant and Alicia. Grant visits the Old Age home in Durban.


So we moved into our new place in the second week of January but did not have much time to settle or to arrange the place as we had to leave last weekend to come up to Vryheid. Di had promised Belinda Els that she would help at Care Bear crèche for the first week of term. So we decided to use that as an opportunity to do our first short term mission trip. John and Esther Raath from CKM joined us this last weekend. We asked John to prepare a bible study and for Esther to teach kids club on Saturday. They arrived Friday morning as Salvador was struggling to complete the roadworthy in order to get the license disk from the licensing department. It has seemed that when you get everything in order there are other things you need to get sorted such as 2 new tyres Friday morning, oil leak sorted etc. Suffice it to say everything had to wait for yesterday.



Visiting Celani’s shop the friday afternoon we arrived. Clothes donated from CKM were delivered here.


Di meets up with Celani

We arrived at our place and drove to the Bible study we used to do with the ladies at KwaBhekephi. The road was being worked on so the car was put through a testing but did very well. Ntombikayise, was Hamilton’s mum in the film (amazing acting for someone who had zero acting experience – check out her full scene here with subtitles: ). She testified to the Lord’s grace concerning her daughter who was involved in some kind of Satanic ritual. She was fed a piece of glass and was possessed. She did not respond to her name, claimed she was someone else, had super strength and would feel like she was burning when she was near her mother. Ntombikayise was very worried and scared but after seeing that her daughter was not herself started shouting “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.” She said her daughter coughed up the glass which was spinning and changing colours, before their eyes. She said her daughter has repented and accepted the Lord and at school encountered other girls afflicted by demonic spirits and is likewise speaking the name of Jesus with confidence and authority as her mother did. Ntombikayise and her sister were so jubilant to see the power of God manifested through ordinary believers as themselves. They were such a blessing to us. We met in the crèche they run in the community and John gave a very encouraging message about God’s purposes in our lives being worked through the good and bad things we experience. Friends from CKM donated some toys for their crèche so it was wonderful to see the joy they had in receiving them for their children.



Our old home.


Ntombikayise and her sister overjoyed at the toys their creche has recieved.


A still from Ntombikayise’s scene from which a snippet was taken for the allegiance film.

The next day, Esther taught the kids at the kids club that Khethiwe Sithole runs in the community of Alpha Village where she lives. It was a simple Gospel message and it is wonderful how simple it needs to be for these young souls. Khethiwe has been faithfully teaching these children since last year and with little to no training. We hope to be able to grant her some help in one of our future visits. On Saturday afternoon we visited Thobani’s whom Salvador baptized last August when we were seeking the Lord for our direction. He has grown strong in the Lord and in His word. He gathers his family round every night for Bible studies though he said that the oldest father in the home runs away when he gets the Bible out. Salvador picked up Siphamandla, who he used to do studies with on a Sunday afternoon. Siphamandla is still at school and is years behind in his education. He said his father watched the allegiance film and has since quit following ancestors. We can only pray for his salvation. When we all visited Thobani, John gave the same study but there were a couple of Thobani’s sisters (who are also running a crèche) who are not saved. Siphamandla had not gotten saved either so Salvador also gave a hard hitting Gospel message. Afterwards, Thobani exchanged numbers with Siphamandla and will follow up with him. But Thobani that evening when we had a cell group meeting testified that the father who kept running away when the Bible came out, upon seeing John, Esther and us visiting their home said to Thobani that he would like Thobani to teach him the Bible. Praise the Lord!!! On Sunday morning we had the Church meeting and Celani prepared a Church meal which we all enjoyed before John and Esther returned to Ballito.



Salvador, Thobani and John on Friday Evening, our first night.


John, Esther, Thobani, Salvador, Phumlani and little Mlando on the first night we arrived.


On way out of homestead on Saturday morning we had a puncture in one of the brand new tires!!


Esther and Khethiwe teaching the kids club.


Getting ready for Cell group.


Visiting Mkhulu’s home before Church on Sunday.


Salvador with Phumlani and Siphiwe’s daughter, Thoba.


Di with Thoba.


John and Esther about to head back to Ballito.

That afternoon we met up with Mesuli who was working that day at the Chemist. This young man is growing with the Lord and has a heart to serve the Lord and to meet up with Thobani and Phumlani to learn from the Lord and to serve Him together. It is like the Lord is raising up a small army of young men to serve Him in these areas. Very encouraging for us.


Salvador has gone up to Pretoria to see a Panel doctor in order to complete his application for New Zealand residence, so that whenever we have to leave South Africa we won’t have to be separated from each other. It is the same amount of work for a work permit as we need for permanent residence application except that permanent residence but permanent residence is for life and is more expensive. You can only get your medical and X-ray done by a designated doctor and the one in Pretoria is far cheaper than those in Durban so he has gone up. However the expenses are quite high and then there is the issue of paying for the application itself and couriering it. We almost saved up enough but not quite enough. Wondering how we were going to pay for them we found that a Church in the UK had just deposited a gift, which has covered the required amount and more besides. We praise the Lord for His grace and provision. He knows our needs and He touches people’s hearts to meet them.


A view of Eastmine, where the Church meets.


Thobani’s sisters who are running the creche. They were challenged by the Gospel preached.


Beautiful scenery outside our old home.


Please continue to pray for the works in both Vryheid and in Ballito.


May the Lord bless you all.



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    Great is His faithfulness. May the Lord continue to go before you. Grace and Peace. Sue.


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