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Msindisi Monthly 144

March 9, 2017



NUMBER: 144       Mar 2016  


96 Colwyn Drive,

Umhlali, 4390




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Salvador and Di together before Church on Sunday.

Hi all


As above, you can see that we have a new postal address, so if you have any letters to post to us please feel free to use the address above.


We have had a busy 3months…. Hence the lack of newsletters.

In the month of Feb Di realized she had been in South Africa for 10 years. When we look back it’s been an incredible experience, we have much to be thankful for.


Early Jan we moved into our new home, a 2 bedroom cottage with a sea view which came last second to our attention. Fully furnished so we haven’t had to purchase anything. What a blessing !!!!


Our Humble abode.


Judy sharing a meal with us. Lovely house warming.

When we wrote the last newsletter we just did a short term mission trip and Di worked at care bear crèche before coming down with the flu in the last 2 days.

Sal continues to visit the rest home and the home for the disabled. Di also when she can.



Salvador sings hymns and choruses at Bill Buchanan Home for the Aged in Durban


Ladies dancing at time of singing hymns and choruses at the Old Age home.

Sal has had an amazing response of people wanting to learn Hebrew. He is now doing 3 classes a week. Basic and Advanced and as a 2 families of home school kids. He is also preaching often at CKM and in the worship group. Di is also on the roster for Sunday school teaching.



Salvador teaching Hebrew

We had Mesuli and Johnny staying with us over night. 


We finally finished all the paper work for the application for NZ residency and got it posted. Since then it’s been returned as more paper work needed and needed to be on their new form of application. This sadly throws all the dead lines out with police checks expiring so we now have to apply for new ones and do the health check again.


Cell groups during the week continue, sharing a meal together, communion, prayer, sharing and teaching. Di has the ladies meeting on a Friday morn. Sal is teaching a weekly Eschatology bible study every Thursday morning. He is also doing private studies with a few on how to study the bible (Hermeneutics) on a one on one basis. This month we also visited the Union Bible Institute in Hilton and shared with the students on the issue of witnessing to people involved in Ancestral traditions.



Salvador gives his talk on Ancestors at the Union Bible Institute in Hilton, KZN


Evangelism is not programmatic but very much personal on a one to one basis as we conduct our lives. We get talking to people and share the faith in very natural ways. Through doing so we have gotten to know several people and have remained in contact with them.


The months of Dec, Jan, Feb and March are very hot in this area. So there have been days when the heat has left us both exhausted. We are certainly looking forward to the cooler months.


At the end of the month Omri Jaakovich from HIT International (Hosting Israeli Travelers) will be in the area sharing about the work they do and seeing how believers can get involved.


Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. Also the encouragement and contacts we have received from emails and social media have been a real source of blessing.


Shalom in Jesus.


Salvador and Dianne




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  1. Grace Teulon permalink

    Hi there dear folk,
    Lovely to see you pictures and read how its going! So glad to see you settled in the new house. We are busy with the workshop, home-schooling and church stuff. Kids are growing quickly and a great bunch. We all send this with our love,
    Grace Teulon


    • Hi Grace.

      Praise the Lord. So glad to hear that Judah, Jemima, Salvador and David are well. So lovely to get this message. The time is flying by so we will look forward to see you all again whenever the Lord makes the way. Thank you for writing.




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