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Msindisi Monthly 145

May 4, 2017

Salvador & Dianne’s Msindisi Monthly


Number: 145            May 2017



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KwaZulu Natal,

South Africa


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Dear Friends and family,


“Kia ora” as they say in New Zealand. You may be surprised by this greeting but we have had to make an impromptu visit to the land of the long white cloud. Two Thursday nights ago, Di’s father fell critically ill, which was quite hard as we live so far away. We had some money set aside for Salvador’s application for New Zealand residency (preparing for the future event that we may have to leave South Africa at some point after the last visa scare), which we could use to pay for Di’s ticket to fly to New Zealand that same evening after we got the news. We were hoping that she may get to see her dad before he passed away.


Di’s Dad: Darwin Kaye Vincent

As we couldn’t use our bank card to pay for it, some friends made the payment for which we paid a portion back to them before the Lord touched hearts and covered the rest of the ticket. Sadly, Di’s father passed away early Sunday morning on the 23rd before Di landed in New Zealand. In South Africa on Sunday morning when Salvador was on his way to the Church meeting he received a phone call from a Christian brother who offered to pay for his ticket to join Di in New Zealand. The funeral was Thursday 27th April. Di’s family received much love and support, there were family members, and friends who hadn’t seen each other for years, which were reunited for the day. We really appreciate the prayers from God’s people across the world. The testimony and love has been a strength and encouragement for Di especially. We would like to acknowledge, with thanks, all those who so graciously blessed us with prayers, gifts and messages you all truly blessed our hearts.


Sunrise at home.

While here some wonderful family friends have loaned us their spare car, which has been a huge blessing. We have been staying with Di’s mum and walking with her, through this time, as she adjusts to the changes ahead while sorting through legal and practical matters with other family members. We have also been catching up with friends and Christian brethren. Today we visited Di’s good friend Glenys (who was instrumental in Di getting saved) and we rejoice at the testimonies of seeing the Lord at work in Palmerston North. We also visited Joan, Glenys’ mum, who is in a rest home. She accepted the Lord just a few years ago. We were so humbled to hear her say that she prays for us every single night. Other friends, Eril and Lindsay Shotton (who have been instrumental in Di’s Christian walk) are also in the same rest home and it was awesome seeing these veterans in the faith.


Di’s Family together.


Di with Glenys’ mum Joan.


“I pray for you every single day!”


Visiting Brian and Patrice Guerin


This Sunday we will visit Emmanuel Congregational Church who have been a major support to us while in South Africa. The Sunday after, Salvador will be speaking at The Father’s House fellowship in Bulls, Manawatu.


Salvador with Di’s Mum


Di’s Dad and Mum on their Wedding Day

Over the last couple of months in South Africa, Salvador has continued to teach Hebrew classes three times a week. He has also been teaching through a series on Eschatology, the first of which is included at the end of this Newsletter. Di continues facilitating the ladies bible study. She participates with the Church Sunday school. Les, the pastor, has been teaching a lot of messages about our fellowship and walk with the Lord and Salvador has shared the teaching ministry but has also led a meeting on Purim and we had a wonderful Passover meal with our brothers at Coming King Ministries. It is a blessing to look at, experience and taste of the Biblical Jewish roots of our faith out of freedom and not from a legalistic compulsion that we must do so.



Lighting the Candles for Passover


Maggid, asking the four questions at Passover.


Seder Plate of Passover


Everybody enjoying Passover.


Salvador has also started a weekly Gospel bible study with a young man called Sandile. He works as a Barista and is very open to the Gospel and scripture. He has asked numerous times about attending a bible study when it seemed possible to have a bible study in Groutville. However, on that not eventuating Salvador does a private study with him. We don’t know how long this will continue as his work situation may bring that to a halt if it changes.



Studying scripture with Sandile


We also have done a weekly online bible study with a lovely Christian couple in the United States who walk a lonely walk with the Lord. This has been a temporary help to support them while people who usually teach them scripture were visiting family in the UK for a few weeks. Salvador has been going through a few of the first principles with them, (Water Baptism, Spirit Baptism, and Baptism of fire as well as the laying on of hands).



Studying scripture with the couple from the States

We are here for one more week before heading back to South Africa. We thank the Lord for provision through our brethren in Jesus. It means that the ability to apply for Salvador’s New Zealand residency is still possible.


Beach in Otaki


May the Lord bless you all.


Salvador and Di


For those who are interested, here is the first teaching Salvador does in his series on Eschatology. It concerns the first section of Scripture’s over arching story from Genesis to Revelation. In this session we run from Creation to the Fall.

To watch “Eschatology 1: Creation to the Fall” please click on the Following link:




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  1. Ana santos permalink

    Sorry and my condolence to Di’s father only just now I now

    God bless you with good health

    With love
    Auntie Rute


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