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Msindisi Monthly 146

June 14, 2017



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We left NZ with much anguish, it was incredible hard leaving, as we waved goodbye and boarded, my mum and sister stood alone waving and hugging each other. We parted with many tears. Our flight home was long, emotional, with long stop overs. We both were overjoyed to finally land and put our feet on solid ground. Our dear friend Kevin met us at the airport with food supplies and dropped us at home. As we entered our home it truly looked like a war zone. We had both left in such a hurry that it looked like the wardrobe had exploded, there was water on the floor from the serve rain the area had experienced while we were away. The mould had taken off with the house being locked up for 3 weeks and the gekko’s had enjoyed the freedom of an unoccupied house. Sal graciously tried to clean up as I sat on the couch …. Saying i don’t care !! If there had been no hot water for a shower then I am sure I would have collapsed into tears.



With Di’s family in New Zealand


Us in New Zealand


So we were back …. It had been a time of sorrow, reflecting, joy, tears and much hugging ,catching up with some family and friends we hadn’t seen for over 10 years and sorting out legal, personal necessities for my mum and ourselves, Sal had been able to share a teaching in a fellowship in Bulls while there, he was also mums handyman for awhile. In mums words ” she was so happy to have all her family with her over this time”……….. now we were transported back into SA time, the process of cleaning up the house came the next day with many interruptions of tears as the thought of never seeing my Dad finally had time to settle into my mind.

Death makes you see what is truly important, it can be a time of reflection which I think is so important when we live in the hectic pace of life….. It comes to us all. I saw the way many tried to handle the grieving, most drawing from a wishful thinking place, all believing that there was a happy place, a freedom that Dad would now be in. Most desired to keep the thought that he was still around spiritually and watching over. For me, I know the only hope for peace and rest in the afterlife lies in accepting Jesus and His work alone but the memories of my Dad’s life live on in my heart and mind. My desire over this time is that people would seek the truth about what happens when we die. The bible is a history book filled with stories recounted about people and nations, prophetic fulfillments and clearly teaches the only way to gain real life that continues even when we die. Many shy away from it …. My question would be… why? If anything, at least read it. Many have tried to prove it wrong however it stands consistent with history and is being fulfilled in these very last days. The documentary “The Daniel Project” is one such film that demonstrates how the Bible has seen prophecies fulfilled in the modern era.

 For more information about the Daniel Project please click the following link:

And to watch the trailer here is the link:


After the clean up of our home was over, we returned to our routine and started to connect again with people. Two families had planned a few days away and invited us to go, i have to say i was reluctant but after a muddle up with dates, thinking we needed to be in Kostad we ended up going. Those few days proved to be just what we needed. The drive into the rural of SA again warmed my heart, we were truly able to relax and gather our thoughts, be refreshed and have sweet fellowship, returning ready to immerse ourselves in ministry again.



On the way from Grosvenor, a vendor tries to sell to drivers and passengers who wait at road works.


Salvador was able to take time to witness to Teresa and Agnes




Kevin and Salvador study scripture together.

Sue Wells and her dear friend Lillian arrived with Precious and Themba for a weeks break away from Joburg ( Springs) the day after we returned. This was such a special time for us all, Sue’s years of experience in homeschooling from 1998 meant everyone was eager to speak with her and benefit from her wealth of knowledge and experience. There were many dinner dates, we tried to have some down time to walk along the beach and refresh and catch up as it has been awhile since we had seen each other. I first met Alan and Sue in 2007 at Aletheia church in Springs with Dave and Lyn Royle. While here, they joined in with bible studies, the End Time teaching study, Hebrew class and Sunday fellowship where Sal brought the word . Friendships were formed and emails and contact numbers exchanged. Real sharing and fellowship had taken place. We were all blessed. We are looking forward to future visits from the Wells.



Having a picnic together with Sue, Lillian, Precious and Themba.


Themba and Precious


Sal is totally back into ministry, he has started a teaching on the principles of meeting together from Acts 2:42-46 teaching, breaking of bread, fellowship and prayer while I am about to start helping out 4 mornings a week facilitating home schooling for a family in the church and continue with the ladies study on a Friday morning. Sal has also been asked to teach a men’s coffee study which meets on a Wednesday morning at 6 in a cafe in town. They are studying the book of revelation and have asked for input.


Sal continues in the End Time teaching, these are available on youtube for those interested. He continues to teach Hebrew so the scriptures are understood clearly from the Hebrew language. In the future we will take our learning and minister to a disabled home called St Luke’s that Sal visits every fortnight. We continue to meet in cell groups, these meet at varied times during the week one in the evening and the other has just started up which meets in the day. We share a meal, break bread and bring a word. In the evening cell we are sharing our testimonies so we get to know each other more. I shared mine a few weeks back. There is a Friday night Shabbat gathering also which brings those together who wish to come.


Salvador Teaching Eschatology

Sal is also meeting up with a young Zulu guy called Sandile every sat to study the word together and there is talk of a Zulu teaching group starting mid week for those interested.


We are aware that our week has gotten very full, so time management is extremely important as we share our vehicle. We don’t want the work to become our master but continue to keep our thoughts and prayers on Him who is able to do exceedingly more than we can ever do.



Salvador Playing at the Old Age home.

We thank you all so much for sharing in this time with us, with the parting of my dad, praying for us, words of encouragement and supporting the Lords work.


Prayer needs:


Sal has submitted his NZ residency so please keep that in prayer


Di has regular contact with her mum on FaceTime, please keep her in prayer


That cell groups continue to live out the principals of Acts 2:42


Future opportunity to visit the brethren back near Vryheid with a mission group

and visit Asimbonge and Ncelo


For friends in NZ who are unwell and undergoing treatment for cancer


For those who are interest, this is Salvador’s second session in his series on Eschatology.


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  1. veronica bekker permalink

    A wonderful news letter. I give thanks to our Lord for His strength, provision and encouragement. Your week is indeed full of wonderful moments of fellowship and teaching. God bless. Lots of love. Veronica and Jozua


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