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Msindisi Newsletter 147

September 6, 2017



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Dear friends and family.


We know it has been three months since our last newsletter. Not that there has not been anything to write about. The last three months have been awesome and we thank the Lord for open doors of ministry. The usual eschatology teachings have continued as well as Hebrew for the home school boys and for the beginners, although the more advanced class has halted as one of the students has a ministry opportunity that has opened up and that conflicts and the other student is now going to visit family in Canada for five weeks.


Salvador doing Hebrew with home school boys.

Last Friday the beginner’s Hebrew class went and ministered the gospel to the folks at the special needs home, St Lukes in Stanger. Salvador has reduced his visits there to once a week as another ministry opportunity has opened itself up which we will share just now. It is such a privelege to minister to these precious people who have mild to severe physical and mental challenges they face every single moment of every day. They are the pretty much forgotten of society. Some of their families visit regularly and have interest. Others were abandoned by friends and family alike. The Hebrew class were nervous about ministering there, not knowing what to expect. One of the ladies who live there asked, “Why are you so nervous, it is just us?!!” We always think they bless us as much as we bless them.


Some of the guys at St. Lukes


Moyra Sharing about our rest in Christ.


Barbara sharing about the wages of sin being death.


So Salvador has reduced his visits to St Luke’s and to the Old Age home in Durban to once a month. This is because we have made connection with a missionary couple from Canada, David and Krista Meisner. We heard about them through Roger Oakland who supports some of the orphans they minister to through Bryce Homes. David and Krista run Mission Thando doing outreach both humanitarian and gospel into areas just out of Durban called Quarry Heights, Kabezelani and Mount Moriah near Kwamashu. We went through one Sunday to their church and Salvador preached. It was great to meet them. Salvador will be visiting once a month to maintain connection and hopefully be an encouragement.

Sal Mission Thando

Salvador preaching at Quarry Heights

Mission Thando

Fellowship meal with brethren.


Ladies hard at work.


We also were asked to visit a home group in Kokstad of believers who needed encouragement. It was a blessing to see how the Lord had been ministering there and to be an encouragement. We had seen the Lord work just in the short time that we visited. We believe that the Lord has connected us to them. Our hearts have resonated with their hearts. So between them and the local independent Baptist church we should be visiting regularly to continue sharing with them and encouraging them.


Beautiful scenery of Kokstad.

Di has been helping a family with their homeschooling by that is coming to an end, which will be a great help in terms of ministry. She continues to facilitate the ladies bible study and is involved with the life of the church sharing in the practical set up and participating in the young children’s Sunday school. Every second Thursday evening Salvador has been going through to Umhlanga to do cell group with a Zimbabwean family and an Indian lady called Ruth. It has given rise to discussing important topics regarding salvation. Every Tuesday afternoon we have a cell meeting with Jaqueline who has responded to the preaching Salvador has been sharing and wanted to have something on in the day time. A small group of us have been going through the first principles of Hebrews 6:1-2 over the last few months, as have the Wednesday night cell group. Tuesday evenings we have been doing Bible study with Grant and Alicia and recently, by their request been studying Hebrews. Often we will also attend the Friday night meal that Grant and Alicia put on for the brethren. As they are now on a family holiday and we are house sitting for them Tuesday and Friday nights have eased up.


Grant & Alicia and Matthew & Maralize visited with there kids after church one sunday. We live by the sea.


Salvador reading a story to the kids.

On top of this we have had two visits from our brother Mesuli. For those who don’t know Mesuli is a brother in the Lord from the area we used to minister to when we lived outside of Vryheid with Phumlani. Salvador used to teach Mesuli in the kid’s club back in 2004 when he was ministering with Caleb and Sophie Massey. Since then Mesuli has gotten saved and gotten serious in his walk with the Lord. He studied Pharmacology in Grahamstown and just returned to Vryheid this year to do practical before doing his community service next year to fulfill requirements for his degree. As Mesuli has good access to the internet and is fluent in his English we have asked him if he would write regular reports of how the brethren are doing back in Eastmine for the KwaZulu Mission website, and how their service for the Lord is going. As the KwaZulu Mission website concerns the work being done in that area and as we are no longer ministering there we think it important to focus the reports on that website on the work back in the area. So expect to receive Mesuli’s reports in the future.


Salvador and Mesuli

Our friends Sean and Kathryn De Klerk from Gauteng came and visited us while taking a much needed break in the area. We were blessed by the fellowship and we love their heart for ministry and outreach. We always love to keep the lines of communication open with brethren and pray that the Lord will strengthen our bond of love always.


Sean and Kathryn having dinner with us and Les and Angie.

Sandile has now got work in Palm Lakes Club house working in catering. This has meant that the opportunity to continue with Bible studies has become extremely limited. He is however well and extremely grateful for the studies we have had and would love to have opportunity for more. This really demonstrates the truth that we need to take opportunities to sow seed while we are able because we do not know what will become of tomorrow.


We are also facing Visa issues concerning Di and are praying concerning this and our future in light of this. Salvador’s application for residency for New Zealand is still in process and this will likely affect the choice we will have to make for our direction. Please pray concerning these legal issues and the Lord’s direction of our steps.


Lastly, we are preparing to visit Vryheid next week for a short-term mission trip and catch up. We will start by visiting friends at Rorke’s drift and catching up with Asimbonge and Ncedo, who used to live with us at Phumlani’s place with their mum Babhekile (Phumlani’s niece). That was sadly until she was tragically killed on that awful time when Phumlani was also shot in the head in December 2013. After this Asimbonge and Ncedo went to live with their Gogo (Grandmother) near Newcastle. Di had deposited so much into this little boy in education and English speaking that when he started school he aced his subjects. After the visit we will meet Andre and Lorna from Coming King Ministries who will come up for a short term mission trip bringing aid and getting to know the people. We will also try to catch up with other people while there and have a cell group meeting too.


Wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Sorry that we have been so tardy in getting our newsletters out. We trust that the Lord continues to bless His people and that these Newsletters will be a source of such blessing. We value your love, prayers and support.


Please pray:


  • For the mission trip next week.
  • For David and Krista and Mission Thando.
  • For Coming King Minisries and the people who fellowship there.
  • For Kokstad and the believers there.
  • For Di’s visa issues and the Lord’s direction.


For those who are interested, here is the third message in a series Salvador has been doing on eschatology. “Eschatology 3: The Abrahamic and Sinai Covenants.”





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