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Msindisi Newsletter No:148

October 7, 2017


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Dear friends and family.

This last month has been a little bit of a rollarcoaster, it has had ups and downs. After 10+ years of ministering in South Africa our present season is coming to an end. Di’s visa runs out at the beginning of January, but in order to apply to extend her permit, we have to apply for a change of conditions permit first. This is because we have changed from one ministry covering to another. What we didn’t foresee was that to apply for change of conditions of current permit we still have to produce police clearance and other documentation. It takes about 8 weeks to get police clearance, another 8 weeks to get the change of conditions permit through and then we are supposed to apply for extension of permit 60 days before the expiry of current permit. Salvador is still waiting for his New Zealand residency to be finalized and though we have shown sufficient evidence of our marriage and relationship with each other, Immigration New Zealand have still requested that we supply more evidence to prove that we have lived together over the course of our married lives. Without having utility bills or tenancy agreements, this has made it hard to provide any official documents from Banks or Services. However, we managed to get testimonials of the tribal authority, where we used to live, testimonials of friends and testimonials of our current landlord and church. If Salvador gets Permanent residency we will have flexibility concerning our ability to live outside of New Zealand but if he only gets residency status, then he will have to stay in New Zealand. We have both felt that we have been fulfilling the vision, which the Lord has laid on our hearts for CKM and by the end of the year Salvador will have completed sharing the vision that has been laid on his heart. The eschatology series will also be completed. Though there are many doors that could open for us ministerially in South Africa, both in our current church and elsewhere, we both feel the next port of call is to establish our residency in a common country, which will serve as our base, and then see where the Lord leads. As it stands Salvador has UK and Portuguese citizenship and Di has New Zealand citizenship but we do not yet have the right to live in each other’s countries. If Salvador only gets a residency permit and not permanent residency it may mean that we will have to live in New Zealand 2-5 years in order that Salvador gets permanent residency or citizenship. It is possible that on the way to New Zealand we would be ministering in Australia but we will wait for confirmation on that.



Celebrating the Feast of Trumpets with the friday evening fellowship.

Our plan is to continue ministering in Ballito till the beginning of December, visit the folks in Vryheid one more time in December and then continue the rest of the time in Gauteng till we fly out. This means that there is much that needs to be done. The car we are driving will have to be sold, the books and possessions we are taking back will have to be freighted, other things given away and sold. Books have already been put in boxes. If you think this would mean that we would slow down ministerially in order to prepare for New Zealand you would be wrong. Salvador will continue with Tuesday afternoon cell at Jacqueline’s, Tuesday evening bible study (Hermeneutics) with some friends, Wednesday evening cell group, Thursday morning eschatology, Thursday afternoon Hebrew class with home school boys (We had a holiday from that this week), every second Thursday evening cell group at Umhlanga, Di does the Friday morning ladies group and then Salvador teaches Hebrew class (had a break this week too), Friday nights fellowship evening and then there is the Saturday morning men’s meeting. In between these meetings there is time set aside for study and preparation.



Di at Shane and Christy Van Niekerk’s in Rorke’s Drift

This month we visited Vryheid over a weekend to visit our old Zulu Church. On the way there we visited some friends at Rorke’s Drift who run a guesthouse. The following day we headed to Vryheid, picked up a trailer and then loaded it with boxes of clothes and toys donated by folk on the north coast and generously couriered by our friend, Grant MacArthur. We took the majority of these to Celani for her rural second hand shop but quite a number of toys were left for two crèches in the area. On the following day (Saturday) we went to visit Asimbonge and Ncedo who live with their Grandmother. If you will remember, Asimbonge and Ncedo’s mother was murdered a few years back at our homestead. After church on Sunday we visited our friends, Craig and Magda in Vryheid before leaving on Monday. We also took that night, and the following morning to be by ourselves. That evening we hit an emotional low point as we remembered all the memories over the last ten years in this country together.



Shane Van Niekerk and the Sparrowhawk he is rehabilitating.


Trailer with boxes to take to Eastmine.


Most of the donations given.


Di catching up with Celani.


In Celani’s Second hand shop.

Last weekend we went through to Kokstad and ministered to the home church we have started to get to know. We can see the Lord’s hand in leading us to them and have been blessed to see the Lord minister to them. It seems that both times we have visited, the Lord has used the visits to encourage, and to bring the brethren together. We also got to minister to a lovely lady who is 101 years old. She is a gracious lady and both of us got the opportunity to share the Gospel with her. On the last morning before leaving Kokstad, Salvador got the email from immigration New Zealand requesting evidence of our cohabitation throughout our married life. This would mean going to Vryheid to the tribal authority in order to collect the documentation. Thankfully, our friend Mesuli had booked a seat on the bus to visit us this last week before going to Durban to write an examination. As his bus was scheduled to leave Vryheid at 3pm, he was able to go to the tribal authority on our behalf that morning and collect the documentation. All other documentation was collected over the following two days and couriered to New Zealand two days ago. Praise the Lord, as they require the documents by the 12th October.


Visiting Asimbonge, Ncedo and their grandmother’s family.


Di with Asimbonge and Ncedo.

We had a great time of fellowship with Mesuli and we can see the Lord working in his life. He attended both the Eschatology class, and this week’s ladies group because one lady had requested a teaching on being “Slain in the Spirit?” So Salvador taught what scripture had to say about it. After this we went to Bill Buchanan Old Age home in Durban for the last time. Next week we will visit St Luke’s. Tomorrow afternoon we will also visit Mission Thando in Durban to catch up with them.


Mesuli with us.


Mesuli’s First Experience of Chinese Food.

The lady we called “Jean” in the Allegiance movie went to minister to refugees in the Near East. For this reason we had to black her face and hide her real name. She is visiting Durban at the moment and so we will be catching up with her on Monday.


Nicole Els playing “Jean” in the Movie.

Please pray:


  • For our move to New Zealand and God’s direction on our lives and ministries.
  • For our Church, Coming King Ministries.
  • For Phumlani, Mesuli and all the Zulu brethren back in our old area.
  • For David and Krista and Mission Thando.
  • For Kokstad and the believers there.
  • For Salvador’s New Zealand residency/permanent residency application.




For those who are interested, here is the fourth message in a series Salvador has been doing on eschatology.

“Eschatology 4: The Land, Davidic and New Covenants.”


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  1. Mirelle permalink

    Beloved of Adonai,we will lift your petitions before The one who answers prayer.May The One who is our Righteousness bless you and comfort your hearts as you continue to walk in trusting obedience in the paths which He has appointed for you.He will make your way straight on that highway of holiness(ps84).We give thanks and praise for your lives of faithful service in South Africa to Yshua who has written upon your hearts and lives by His Ruach for all to witness.May He bless you out of Zion! God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love which you have showed toward His Name in that you have ministered to the saints and do minister.Heb.6v10.Be strong ,be not afraid!He will accomplish all that He appoints for to you in Yeshua our Meschiach,Lo,Mirelle and girls.XXXXXXXXXX


  2. Tikvah permalink

    Continents may separate us but we will always be united in Christ our Lord.Much love always. xxx


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