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Msindisi Newsletter 149

November 13, 2017



NUMBER: 149       Nov 2016  

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Tick tick tick….

After 10 years of living in this beautiful country and meeting so many incredible people we have just finished packing up our world of possessions into 22 boxes (mainly books) and have them ready to ship in the future.



Packing boxes for shipping


We still wait on the outcome from NZ immigration for Salvadors application for NZ residency. Sal received another email last month to submit more proof that we actually lived together over the last 10 years. They wanted electricity and water bills, bank statements and proof of receiving mail to both of us to our PO Box. As you can imagine this was impossible for water and lights as we lived in a Zulu homestead for over 7 years. Also, when we left the rural area we got rid of all old paper work not thinking we would have to prove we actually lived together. In saying all this Sal got straight onto it. He took a trip to our local area and then proceeded to go around all the schools, clinics, neighbors and ask them to write letters (in English) for NZ immigration.



Salvador with Jacob Boachie, Educator at Hamu High School, near where we used to live.


We got friends to write again and tell them of our marriage and their first hand experience of visiting us as a couple or staying in their homes.


We went back over all our what’s up messages from 2014 hoping that may help and then got all our bank statements to show where we had drawn money and purchased goods in the same area. We have also explained that we would be happy to be interviewed separately if this helps also.



Di with Mujuru who was visiting Ballito. Mujuru was one of the people interviewed in the film, “Allegiance: Walking with the Dead” 


I think if it still gets turned down….. My family would be happy to visit NZ imagination with me and bang on a few doors. So now we wait, we are very good at this now, as we are aware any visa application can a long time to be processed.



Salvador with Mujuru.


Quick overview of our plans, dates may change but always around that time frame.


30 Nov – We must move out of our home, and go and stay with friends


8 Dec – We will travel back to our rural community outside Vryheid, stay with Phumlani and visit with family, friends and the fellowship that side. Then we will drive back to Ballito around the 17th December.


18 Dec – We will fly up to Joberg and connect with family and friends that side


10 Jan – Di has to leave the country as her visa expires on the 11th. It will depend on the NZ application for NZ residence, if Sal will join her on that date. Fortunately Sal can stay longer in SA, as his visa does not expire until 2019. We do not want to be separated but we are committing this to the Lords hands. His will be done.


We continue to pray and trust the Lord for ongoing guidance for our future.

We haven’t ruled out returning to SA but are totally open to wherever we are lead and how the doors open. Please keep us in your prayers. Isa 50v10



Catching up with Khethiwe and Zuzu, from our old area. They have been studying in Durban.


We are in the process of selling the car we have, so ask you keep that in prayer also.


Over the next month we will be winding things up and saying our goodbyes.


Visiting Mission Thando in Durban for the Canadian Thanksgiving meal.

This last month we ministered for the last time at St Luke’s home for the disabled and Salvador ministered for the last time at Bill Buchannans old age home. We also had our last Umhlanga cell group with Simba and his family.


Di with some of the guys from St Lukes.

Salvador has finished his series that he began over a year ago this last Sunday, concerning the vision he believes that the Lord placed on his heart for Coming King Ministries. This culminated with a special gathering on Sunday evening where we experienced a first century type church gathering. He will also be finishing his series on Eschatology this Thursday.



Enjoying a shabbat meal with friends from Church.



Experiencing the vibe of a first century style meeting.


Starting the gathering.

We visited Kokstad for one last time. The guys there would love us to minister there more permanently but alas that is not possible at this time. Salvador ministered to 3 lots of Zulu staff concerning the gospel and ancestors. On the weekend he also ministered at a Baptist church there.



Scene from Kokstad


Another beautiful scene from Kokstad

We met up with “Jean” from the movie Allegiance for a visit. She introduced a pastors wife whose church meets in a Zulu Community. Salvador will be going this Sunday evening to share about ancestral traditions.



Jean was played by Nicole Els from Vryheid.




Dr. George Mnisi, a commentator on the Allegiance film, is the Principal of the Union Bible Institute.




Thadikhaya Manciya is an evangelist in Pietermaritzburg.


Dr. Munyuradzi Mujuru is a lecturer in the University of Limpopo.


Karabo Lotsholo works with BMW Rosslyn and lives near Pretoria.

Salvador was asked to share the gospel in isiZulu with the staff members of a family business in Ballito. The meeting went well and we hope to see them again before we go.



Salvador sharing with the staff of Cyber View Lettings, Ballito


Thami is ministering the Gospel in rural KwaZulu Natal, near to Tugela Ferry. His desire is to see Zulus saved and discipled. A friend of ours in Pretoria was able to sponsor a lot of bibles for him.


We also met up with our dear friends Veronica and Joshua who have loved and supported us for over the last 10 years. They have continually prayed for and been such an encouragement for us from the time we got married, which will be 10 years on the 24th November a couple of weeks time.



Jozua and Veronica have faithfully supported and prayed for us other the last ten years. It was wonderful to catch up with them on their break in Umhlanga.




Prayer points:


  • For our move to New Zealand and God’s direction on our lives and ministries.
  • For our Church, Coming King Ministries.
  • For Phumlani, Mesuli and all the Zulu brethren back in our old area.
  • For David and Krista and Mission Thando.
  • For Kokstad and the believers there.
  • For Salvador’s New Zealand residency/permanent residency application.



If any one is interested, here is the next teaching in the series on Eschatology.


Eschatology part 5: Israel and the Kingdom.



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  1. Tikvah permalink

    May the Lord make your paths straight as you commit your ways to Him. xxx


  2. Veronica Bekker permalink

    Hi Di and Salvador reading your newsletter really saddens my heart. So hard to understand these things, but in it all there is peace knowing that our Father is in control and has a plan for you. We continue to pray for you and our faith and trust is in our Lord to watch over you and make His will known to you. Going to miss you so very much. God bless and lots of love. Veronica and Joof


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