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Msindisi Newsletter 150

December 7, 2017


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One last look at the View outside our home when we left.

 We have now moved out of our home and are now homeless. Di’s ticket to New Zealand is booked for the 11th January but sadly Salvador will need to remain in South Africa until his application for New Zealand residency is finalized, which may be as late as March 2018!!! If they take any longer then Di will be sure to be knocking on the door of NZ immigration in Auckland.



Visiting the beach one last time with Alicia, and with Matthew and Maralize.

This month we have finished all our ministry on the North Coast. Salvador finished his eschatology series and his series on God’s vision for the Church which he began when we started to minister at Coming King Ministries last year, all the email links are available on PDF files. (If you would like copies of the links please email It is hard to believe that a year and a year and three months have flown by.



Salvador teaching the final eschatology class.

Last week we had the final Hebrew class Salvador taught the homeschool boys. For the last ladies meeting and Friday Hebrew class we just met up for coffee. We had the final Wednesday night cell group for the year and this week we had the final Tuesday afternoon cell group, in which we got up to Romans 11.



Salvador teaching the homeschool boys the final Hebrew class, Psalm 23.


The Homeschool boys studying Hebrew.


Hebrew is finished!


Last Meeting with adult Hebrew Class.

On Sunday evening of the 19th Salvador went to preach at a Zulu church in KwaMashu in which there were some members who still hold to ancestral traditions. The leadership of that church have taken copies of the allegiance movie and Salvador shared about ancestral traditions in light of the gospel. The message was wonderfully received and on the following Saturday Salvador recieved the following message.

 “Hi, Just to report. God is doing a wonderful work in the lives of our people. A lady took off her animal skin band at our service and said she wants to put her trust in Jesus only. U have been a blessing to our church. Thank u.”


Church camp at Hazelmere Dam.

We received this whatsapp message while we were on a church camp at Hazelmere dam on that weekend. It was wonderful to share this with the Church members and to fellowship with each other in a relaxed environment. On the Friday evening we had celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We are so thankful for this wonderful time of celebration while things have been hectic in preparing to leave. Last week we left our home as the owner’s family arrived to have their holiday there. Our friend’s Grant and Alicia have very graciously and generously opened their home for us to stay, though we had no shortage of offers to host us. It has been so helpful to have one base in which we could sort through our things. They have also lent us a car as the one we were driving has now been sold. This last week has basically been one of visiting people and saying goodbye.


Kids from Coming King Ministries made us goodbye cards.

This last Sunday was our last meeting at Coming King Ministries. Les preached an epic message on hope and people shared testimonies. It was a blessing to see the Holy Spirit move, touch people and confirm the message preached. After the meeting we went through as a church for a braai (South African version of a BBQ but better than a BBQ),  where the Church wished us well and gave a photo book they had made for us as a goodbye present. We were really touched by their love and kindness.



Coming King Ministries members wishing us farewell.


Close up of some of us at farewell Braai.


Our photo book present


Inside one of the pages of our photo book present.

Tomorrow we leave to visit Vryheid and say goodbye to our friends and family that side. Thanks to Grant and Alicia for the use of their 4×4 which will allow us to visit people living in more difficult terrain. We return to Ballito next week and then fly to Gauteng where we will house sit and say goodbye to friends and family that side. It is extraordinary to believe that after over 10 years in South Africa we are leaving but we are confident that the Lord will lead us and open the right doors. We go not knowing where we will end up but we go by faith. We are open to where ever the Lord may have us be. The first thing we need to establish is Salvador’s residency in New Zealand.


With our brother Derick, visiting the Umhlali river mouth.


One last catch up with David, Krista and their family.

As stated before Di will leave South Africa on the 11th of January and Salvador will remain until his application for NZ residency is finalized. His South African permit will not run out till 2019 so that is not a problem. In the meantime it seems that he will minister in a couple of places in South Africa while he awaits the outcome of his application. We appreciate your prayers as it will be hard for us to be separated this long. We have never been apart from each other more than a week at a time, on the occasions that Salvador visited Zimbabwe.



One last cappuccino at Salt Cafe

Prayer points:


  • For our move to New Zealand and God’s direction for our lives and ministries
  • For our Church, Coming King ministries
  • For Phumlani, Mesuli, and all the Zulu brethren back in our old area
  • For David and Krista and Mission Thando
  • For Kokstad and the believers there
  • For Salvador’s NZ residency/permanent residency application


If any one is interested, here is the next teaching in the series on eschatology:


Eschatology 6: The Kingdom will be Restored to Israel.  






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