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Eastmine Home Church Newsletter 4

June 10, 2018


(The Newsletter of Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa

– Congregation of the Only Way. Jesus is the only way.)


June 2018

C/O Mesuli Mhlongo

P.O. Box 222

Vryheid 3100

KwaZulu Natal

South Africa


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Greetings brethren

Mesuli had an opportunity of meeting a young guy in his mid-20s called Siphephelo. Siphephelo approached Mesuli wanting to know what it means to be saved, how he as a young guy coping and wanted to hear my testimony. He also wanted some references on the internet that he could use to grow his understanding of the faith. Mesuli: ”I was quite happy to hear from this guy because it showed how much he wanted to understand what it means to be Christ-like. We set up an afternoon where we could meet and, after sharing with Siphephelo, I could only pray that The Lord raises him to be a young bold man who will walk righteously with the Lord.”

This is Asethabe, Zuzu’s little daughter

Mr Derick from the fellowship in Ballito, Coming King Ministries (CKM) took a young drive to Vryheid to drop off some toys and clothes donated for Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa fellowship. Mesuli then took these to the Sibiya home where we have our fellowship. Celani and her family was at home when Mesuli took the gifts home and was grateful as the toys will help at kids club as well. She then sent a message to Derick thanking him for his kindness to drive all the way from Ballito to Vryheid. With the few minutes Derick had in Vryheid town, he went for a quick coffee with Mesuli after off loading the car at Mesuli’s apartment in town. Derick and Mesuli shared their testimonies and was really an encouragement for all.

Derick and Mesuli in Vryheid town

Offloading the car at Mesuli’s apartment in town

Toys delivered to KwaSibiya

Phumlani’s family had an unfortunate event where a family member passed away. May the Lord strengthen their family. The Sibiya family also had another loss, where Mr. Sibiya’s (Celani’s husband’s) mom passed away. Celani shared with the church concerning her experience at the funeral; that a few people spoke at the funeral making references to scripture to justify their false belief. As shocking as it was to her to hear how people falsely use scripture, using the Bible to try and prove their practice of ancestral worship was the common denominator. One young guy she says, spoke of being saved and accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior but apparently this guy is a sangoma (traditional healer) and this she only found out the next day and she was just explaining how prominent deception is today. She also expressed how it is our responsibility to continue ministering the word even if people have heard the message before. Fortunately the area now has electricity and people have DVD machines so they have access to Allegiance the film documented on ancestral worship.

Phumlani’s wife and daughter

Phumlani is now doing a series on The Holy Spirit. The point is so that we all understand what Gods Spirit’s purpose is in our lives and most importantly what it means to be filled by The Holy Spirit. We thank God for constantly giving us a direction. God truly knows what our we need to learn and we will continue to trust him.

Phumlani’s car with which he fetches brethren for the meetings.

Prayer points:

• That the Lord may teach and bring understanding to the church on the gifts of the Holy Spirit

• For Mkhulu and his family

• The Alpha East Mine area and KwaNgadi area; that The Lord may touch the hearts of those whom we minister to

• Salvador and Di in New Zealand

• The Second DVD that Salvador will be working on

• Thobani, from our church who is passionate about sharing the gospel.

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  1. Wonderful to hear about your news. Regards to everyone as we continue to uphold you all in prayer.


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