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Eastmine Home Church Newsletter 1.

February 11, 2018

Introduction by Salvador Ung Hayworth. 
Having left South Africa has made Di and I think of our relationship to KwaZulu Mission. In a sense we will always be a part of the work in that area but the Lord has moved us on and left the fellowship and work in the hands of those left behind. We worked with them and now they continue the work without us. It is only right that we started our own website and get one of the brethren there to write newsletters to update you all about the work there that you have continued to pray for.
Mesuli Mhlongo is a precious brother who has a heart for the truth of God’s word and is a young man of God. I first met him in 2004 when he was a boy. He came every week to the Children’s club we started. A young, enthusiastic and polite young man who was always attentive. It was a blessing to find out when Di and I came to live in the area in 2009 that Mesuli had given his life to the Lord. After the visit of our friends from Pretoria, Mesuli started to really grow in his faith and walk, making difficult decisions in order to please God, though following the Lord could mean conflict with those around him. He made the decision to be baptized in the middle of winter and went from strength to strength. Last year he completed studies in Pharmacology at Rhodes Varsity where he also was involved in a home bible study with other students and avoiding compromise with things unbiblical. At present he is back in Vryheid doing his practical. It is wonderful how the Lord brought him back to Vryheid before we left the country. Phumlani, Mesuli and Thobani support each other and share the teaching in the congregation. Mesuli is fluent in English and his mother language, isiZulu. He is able to connect with people from different cultures and he is perfect to be the person who would update you all as to what is happening in the Church and the community, a community that we have been practically disconnected from since we started filming, “Allegiance” movie. The Church there is called “Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa” which means, ‘congregation of the only way.’ It congregates in the home of one of the members in an area called “Eastmine”. In an area where people are trusting in other messiahs, ancestral spirits and witchcraft, the church exists as a testimony to the fact that Jesus is the only way to God.
May the Lord bless your work Mesuli and the brethren in the Church. May He make you fruitful in your lives and in your service to the Lord.
(The Newsletter of Ibandla Lendlela Eyodwa
– Congregation of the Only Way. Jesus is the only way.)
C/O Mesuli Mhlongo
P.O. Box 222
Vryheid 3100
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
KwaZulu Mission Website:       
KwaZulu Mission Facebook Page:
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Allegiance Movie Facebook Page:
Hi everyone. So on the 11th January 2018 we said goodbye to Salvador and Di, as the Lord has directed them to New Zealand for ministry. So, Mesuli, a member of the fellowship at East Mine will be updating the KwaZulu mission page.

Mesuli Mhlongo

Accepting Salvador and Diane’s leaving was really difficult because they have become a part of our lives but we have to follow where the lord leads us. “Your word is the lamp to my feet and a light on my path.” Nonetheless we pray that the Lord continues use them as a light in this dark world.
On his way to say goodbye to Sal and Di at the airport, Mesuli had the opportunity to meet the Wells family and was so encouraged by Sue’s and her husband’s big heart and love for their children. Such a wonderful family that loves the Lord

Sal, Di and Mesuli have supper with the Wells family


As Alan and Sue have adopted, fostered and have privately placed 11 children meal times are always a big affair.


Goodbyes 😦 


Time has come to say goodbye to the Wells family. 


Alan and Sue’s son, Ben, having his cool picture taken


At the O. R. Tambo Airport a few hours before Sal and Di departed.


Morné, Doret, Mesuli, Sue Wells and Thabo Wells accompany Salvador and Di.


Goodbye sister 

We miss you guys so much❤❤
The fellowship is growing and seeking the Lord at all times. We trust the Lord in everything that happens but our hearts seek for the Lord. The last 4 weeks or so, we’ve been looking into that happens in the last days, having read scripture from Jude on apostasy and the the parables in Matthew 13 and relevant scripture. The Lord has been speaking to us on His return much lately.

Time for Singing hymns and choruses to the Lord at the Church meeting.


View from Phumlani’s place near Eastmine

Prayer requests:
  • Mama Ntombela, part of our fellowship, will no longer be employed from April because her contract was not renewed due to corruption happening at her workplace. She isn’t well physically as well so may we please keep her in our prayers. Shes been really worried about her contract not being renewed but Celani spoke some words of encouragement to saying in Zulu “inkosi izolenza icebo buka angisebenzi kodwa nakhu siyaphila” meaning, “God will make a way, look I’m not employed but we’re surviving.”
  • This really encouraged mamaNtombela. May we please pray for her.
  • Thobani is growing in the Lord and it is encouraging. He wants to further his studies, and wants to do accounting as his dream job is to work in the bank. May we please pray for him that the Lord may lead him where he needs to be.
  • There are a few members in our fellowship who aren’t saved. They have heard the truth may we pray for their salvation.
Alpha and Eastmine community
  • Just between December 2017 and February 2018, one person has been butchered and thrown into a river apparently by young boys from the Eastmine community, juvenile suicide from Alpha area and 1 murder case where a man has was shot with 30 bullets and head butchered for theft. People in this area have heard the truth. We ask the Lord that He may use us to speak to the people in the community.

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