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Msindisi Newsletter # 135

January 28, 2016


NUMBER: 135 Feb 2016

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Hi all

This month I am going to give an overview with broad strokes of the last couple of months as we missed Dec newsletter. Sorry about that.

We arrived back from Joburg on the 3 rd of Dec.
Much of the month was organising for filming and then actually filming for the DVD along with activities that rounded off the end of the year. Meetings were set up to meet people who would be willing to play a role in the DVD, costumes needed to be sourced, Victory school had their prize giving, last kids club, shared meal with Celani and family etc. It was a busy time and a very hot time as temps rise to the 37- 38 so mid month we were so grateful to house sit in Vryheid for some friends, especially as they had a pool.


Celani with Di


Celani’s family come for a Braai

We we also went to visit Asimbonge and Ncedo in Newcastle. They are both well and Asimbonge got a couple of school awards.


Di with Asimbonge and Ncedo


Asimbonge and his school awards

We managed to grab a few days of rest while in town as we were both feeling rather tired by this stage. January started before we knew it. From the 4th we were filming scenes everyday. Many of the scenes of Jean (who shares her story on the Documentary) were re-enacted along with Murjuru’s story scenes. You can check out some of the progress on Facebook….  . We have many amazing stories that have happened along the way. The hand of God has really been with us and everyday He has led us.


Getting ready to shoot one of the Mujuru scenes


Talking actors through Varsity scene



Church meeting scene


Talking through the storyboard with Neil and AnneMarie Uys


Craig helping to assemble the camera car mount internally


Middle of January Di started at the Carebear Pre- school. Every year she helps them out with the new enrolments. Starting at 6 am and finishing up around midday.. while she was there Sal was carrying on with filming, story boarding, mock-editing, organising meetings with people. At the end of the week the cell group got together to celebrate Sal’s achievement of his honours in a degree in theology by sharing a meal out.


Kids arriving at Care Bear pre-school


Kids at Care Bear pre-school


Meal out to celebrate the degree

After being away for over a month again we returned home. We will be here for another week then head off again beginning of Feb. While home we had a lovely visit from our friends Lee and Lorna Pauls and their 3 girls from Ballito. They had come through to discuss and work through some building requirements that are needed in the filming. On Sunday they attended the Zulu fellowship and after lunch headed on their way. At the same time Salvador was able to do another bible study in Esihlengeni. Then Saturday morn before they arrived we went to Alpha to help with Khethiwe and Tholakele who have started a kid’s club that side to teach the little ones. This will enable the kids from the area to have their own kids club and not have to wait until we can pick them up each sat morning to take them to the kids club by us at Eastmine. Please keep both the ladies and kids in your prayers. Many thanks.


Khethiwe teaches kids club


Kids playing after Kid’s Club

This week, late one evening, we had a call from a teenage single mother, Mbali whose baby was not well  Salvador took them through to the hospital. We found out that the baby had a type of flu and fortunately the hospital were able to help. We later found out that another baby in the local community had the same symptoms and had died. That baby has left a twin sister. Please pray for the mother who is distraught and inconsolable.


Vryheid hospital at night

The rest of this month, need I say, is more of the same planning, filming etc. We are now starting the story of Hamilton. We will have two of the actors who are playing roles staying with us till the end of the month then we head to Pretoria again. The DVD will be dubbed into all the South African languages. We have a team led by Phumlani working on the Zulu translation. Hendrik and Belinda Els have translated into Afrikaans and those parts have been recorded. Dave Royle has also found a willing soul who is translating it into the Zimbabwean language, Shona.

On another note, we are very sad to report that Phumlani’s wife, Thabi, has just passed away. She had AIDS and, due to issues in their marriage, she ran away and abandoned the marriage a couple of years back. By the grace of God Phumlani has been spared from the same fate making this one of two occassions where God has miraculously spared his life, the other occassion being when he was shot in the head by a bullet which entered and exited his scalp without so much as leaving a fracture.  Though they were still legally married, they lived separate lives, Thabi living with her mother. Phumlani will be visiting the family tomorrow to discuss the funeral arrangements. Please keep him and Thabi’s family in prayer.


Phumlani with Thabi



We want to thank you all for your prayers, support, opening of your homes to us. To all the people who have contributed in so many ways from acting to setting up scenes and equipment, translation work, phoning around. It has been a huge help to us. We are amatures but with the help of you all we are getting excited about it all coming together. We hope to take the finished DVD around South Africa after there has been a showing in Vryheid in English and Zulu and in our local area. Please continue to keep us in your prayers

Much love
Prayer needs :

New kids club for the teachers and children

Thank the Lord for the help of so many people concerning the DVD project

Phumlani as he faithfully continues discipling and teaching

The Lords strength, wisdom and protection.

Thankful for His mercy for the rain that arrived was badly needed

Sorry there is no teaching this month. It has been so hectic that Salvador has not had the time to do one. Hopefully there will be one next month.

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