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Msindisi Newsletter #110

November 7, 2013



NUMBER:      110       Nov 2013


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End of October

When I look back over this month I can only say ” where did that go !!!! ” .

And wow !!!! the changes that have taken place are incredible. We are so thankful and grateful.

Our hut can no longer be called a hut ….. It’s a 3 room house. Sal has moved everything into his office area now. He is surrounded by books and spread out over his lovely large desk. This is one happy man !!!!!  and of course this means Di now has a kitchen table. She is in the process of arranging stuff into kitchen cupboards which in itself is soooooo amazing. Kitchen cupboards mounted on the wall. Check out the pic’s at the end of newsletter.

The outside was under coated white before the final coat of paint went on. Over that time we felt like the “white house” you could see the place for miles. We think it glowed in the dark. It is now a natural dune and we blend in much better.

The difference in our home is incredible !!!

The amount of work that John and Girlie Dely and the team of workers have put into the additions is amazing. We are so grateful. To all the people who have helped and given furniture, curtains, desks, wardrobes, cupboards, blocks, cement, door frames, window frames, free labour, jojo tank, beds, paint, bunks, bookcases and much much more. A HUGE thank you !!!!!!!!!!

This month also had it’s heart aches however with the attack on our neighbor’s farm property. The daughter and the wife were beaten badly after the owner Willem Weites was murdered. The criminals were not from the area and the community is upset. This attack will and has already had huge effects on many people. The local workers will now lose their jobs, the  community will lose their access to milk, mealie and vegetables as the farmer had a milk run in the surrounding areas that he supplied to. Also the local shop was run by one of the daughters who will be moving away now. Farm attacks are heinous here in south Africa. Many suffer with torturing, rapes and then brutal murders. I have yet to see what the government thinks about these attacks and see no sign of anything being addressed or done about them. All farmers are vulnerable !! As Phumlani used to work for Willem he is now helping out with the selling of milk etc for 3 days a week until the farm is sold and the girls move. Please keep the family in your prayers.

The family asked if Sal and Phumlani would like to have a memorable service for Mr Weites for the local community as the funeral would be held in town at the Afrikaans church on the Monday. We were already booked to visit Stanger to pick up some furniture and Sal was asked to preach at “Coming King Ministries” in Ballito, so Phumlani arranged the service. This service was to be held in the old Auction yard where Caleb and Sophie and Sal first lived. Apparently the place was full full. Phumlani was able to share the gospel to over 200 people. We thank the Lord, His desire is no man should perish but desires all to be saved.

We left for Stanger on the Thursday and drove straight to Durban to the bible society. Due to the generous gift from  Emanuel in New Zealand who had given for Zulu bibles we were able to pick up several books. We have already given many out This month we were able to give to each of the kids at kids club. Di taught from Genesis and the kids read and followed in their bibles.

On the Friday in Stanger we had the opportunity to visit St Luke’s, a home for the  physically and mentally disabled. MarieAnne Van Niekerk ministers there each Friday, so we try to meet up each time we visit. The people are very dear to our heart and bless us in so many ways. On the Saturday morn we meet up with Leslie Crickmay briefly to sort out picking up of furniture which had been generously given. Then early afternoon  we were able to share a meal with Gracie and Calvin before we headed to a Zulu community where Sal had preached once before in a tent crusade that Calvin had organized .  We met in the home of a dear sister in the Lord. Calvin has been meeting with the believers there on a Tuesday and going through the word with them. It was a special meeting.

Sunday was enjoying a wonderful time of fellowship together at ” Coming King Ministries” at Ballito. Sal preached on fruit bearing trees. We were also blessed to see our friends Jozua and Veronica as they were holidaying at the time at Umhlanga Rocks. We shared a meal with Leslie and Angie, along with Kevin and Michelle after the service.

Due to heavy rain, the afternoon which was planned for evangelism with Mis and others from the Stanger church was was put off for another time.

This meant however we could return and spend some time with Jed and Jenna, Dean and Taryn, and Christy Van Niekerk, Mark and MarieAnne’s sons and daughters in law, as they were all down. Sadly we left our laptop behind so Salvi’s teaching won’t be included on this newsletter.

Monday we returned for the funeral service for Willem Weites and then bible study with us that evening.

On a positive note, evangelism has progressed well into the Cibilili area with people seemingly receptive to hearing the message there. We look forward to seeing how the Lord works.

Health issues:

Gogo is very unwell with cancer throughout her whole body. She has seen doctors but treatment has not been encouraged. She is currently staying at her oldest son place as Phumulani is adding another room to her hut.

Celani’s  (Phumulani sister) daughter , Zanele had several headaches after her first major collapse. This was a concern for us all, however after a doctors visit, we were told it was  Migraines, this could be bought on by eating certain foods. She was advices to stay away from orange coated flavoured snacks and flavoured juice. We are happy to say she seems to be back to her old self.

Prayer request :

Give all praise and thanks for the opportunity the Lord opens to share.

That visitors over the month of November will have safe travels and be encouraged and blessed by their visit with us.

That the Lord will direct and lead our plans for the month of Dec.

Thank the lord for the Huge blessing of our home and bibles.

That the discipling, bible studies, and meetings will continue, strengthen, encourage and equip the brethren as they apply God’s word to their lives.



Gogo's house extension.
Gogo’s house extension.
Kids reading their bibles.
Kids reading their bibles.
Kids recieving Bibles
Kids recieving Bibles
Our new kitchen. Praise the Lord.
Our new kitchen. Praise the Lord.
John and Girlie Dely with Girlie's daughter, Samara.
John and Girlie Dely with Girlie’s daughter, Samara.
One of the residents of St Luke's
One of the residents of St Luke’s
Stunning Sunset
Stunning Sunset


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