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Our weekend at Uncle Salvador and Aunty Di’s House

July 6, 2011

Our weekend at
Uncle Salvador and Aunty Di’s house


We had such a wonderful weekend. We learnt a lot about how
many people in South Africa
live and learnt to appreciate what we have. We were privileged to experience
day to day activities with uncle sal and Aunty Di like kids club and the church
service. We also enjoyed many games of Black Jack (not gambling) in which we
all ganged up on Salvador, even though he was losing. There was a rooster that
insisted on crowing non stop from 3am and it was very cold but we managed with
gas heaters and many many blankets. We got to help Phumulani with the
foundation to the extension of his home and we taught ‘teletubie’, a.k.a
Asimbonge, how to show us his teeth. He really does eat a lot. We had such a
wonderful weekend and it really was so much fun getting away from buildings and
cars and getting to experience the beauty of the Lords creations


Love Nicole



What a lovely weekend it was indeed!! After we had arrived, we
had coffee with one of aunty Di’s friends who told us many fascinating and
hilarious tales of his journeys throughout his life. We all had many laughs.
Then after coffee uncle Salvador, Jacob, Nicole,
Sandile and I went out to a settlement about twenty minutes away and Salvador preached to some
of the kids that live there. If we were successful I am not sure as I don’t
understand Zulu. Then after preaching to the kids we moved down to where the
rest of the community were settled and spread the Word there… in majorly
strong, cold winds. Then on our return journey back to our four star chalet at
The Hayworth; Jacob, Sandile and myself exchanged stories of no importance
whatsoever (we were talking nonsense). That night we all congregated in the
honeymoon suite, that aunty Di and uncle Salvador resided in, for a well needed
and greatly appreciated ( very, very delicious!!) meal that aunty Di had
prepared for us in our absence. After dinner Phumulani and Thabi, his newly
wedded wife, joined us in the honeymoon suite as Salvador shared a short message from the
Bible. After that we all indulged in an extremely scrumptious cup of hot
chocolate that was, once again, prepared by aunty Di. Also, after dinner
everybody joined in an intense tournament on “black-jack” that Salvador had taught us just before dinner.
The first stage of the tournament engaged that night… little did we know that
it was to continue and intensify every time it was played. At about ten that
night, Salvador eventually decided to kick us out of their humble abode and
send us back to our own chalet, of which I was grateful  for as that place had caused me to get a
serious case of… dum dum duuum… THE GIGGLES!! At one stage that night I thought
I had developed the Toronto
blessing… along with everybody else. The first night at our place was very…
cold… restless… funny… cold… and annoying as one of the other residents at the
hotel we resided at had decided to bring along a chicken that had a disability
of telling the time. Normal chickens crow at sunrise which is at about 6:00 am.
No, not this one. It had been shipped in from some whack country that is two
hours behind South Africa,
meaning it crowed at 4:00 am!! Well, I had every intention of making dinner the
next night!! Anyway, on Saturday morning, Jacob had asked us to join him in the
kids club meeting and to do a re-enactment of “The Good Samaritan”, to which we
all agreed happily. The kids there were very welcoming and had a friendly and
kind expression about their faces. If you asked me, they enjoyed the play very
much, especially when I groaned (as I was the injured man). Then when we got
back from the kids club meeting I went on a long walk to observe the landscape
a little better. By the time I got back an hour had passed and everybody had
started getting ready for lunch which uncle Salvador would be preparing for us. Then we
all lazed around for the afternoon and I went and took a long awaited afternoon
nap… and again; when I returned about an hour had passed. Then I forgot what we
did after that because I only fully awoke another hour later, which might have been
when we had the second reading from the Bible. The same events and procedures
were to follow as the night before, except without the discovery of my sudden
and new found “condition”; aunty Di prepared an excellent cup of hot chocolate
for all of the people who temporarily hi-jacked her suite. Then the games
began… again!!! And Salvador
started getting annoyed because he never won as many games as the previous
evening sooo… he kicked us out… again. Then we got back to our chalet and got
right into bed for a peaceful sleep… or so we thought till the fake-imported-disabled
chicken started with its stories again!! I don’t know about the rest of my companions,
but I lay awake from 4:00 am till past when it should have crowed, to about
8:00 am when everybody else woke up. We all then gathered in the honeymoon
suite again and got ready for the church service which Salvador
had prepared the day before, and which Phumulani had translated from Salvador’s English to Zulu
for the rest of the congregation to understand. After the service, another
friend of the Hayworth’s joined us for lunch; I think her name was Joanne. Then
after lunch, which was again absolutely delightful, I honestly can’t remember
what we did… but then later that afternoon we played a few games of black-jack
and “chilled” till we had to leave for Vryheid again for the evening service at
Bethany Baptist Church
at which we watched a DVD called “The Daniel Project”. And that is more or less
what happened on our weekend away at the not-so-recognized Hayworth Inn. We
really enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was an unforgettable experience!!


Many thanks


Damian Els

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