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July 6, 2011

The Rapture Factor

“This book should be seen in light of the fact there are other views concerning the
return of Jesus that need to be explored, examined and digested. It can only
complement and lend credibility to Rosenthal’s work and certainly there are other
scholars who hold to these views. Should there be slight variances in
interpretation, as Bereans, we should look to God’s Holy Spirit for insight and
Young believers are generally presented with one aspect of the “rapture”. As they
grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, they will find there appears to be
irreconcilable differences on this subject. The problem cannot lie with the
Scripture. Maybe the time has come to accept that being dogmatic about certain
texts supporting a doctrine, cause more problems, than those who hold to the
possibility of an alternative understanding.
– From the Foreword by Mark Van Niekerk.
This book is primarily geared for those who have never really examined the topic
of the rapture or have only been presented with one view. It is hoped that this
introductory excursion into the rapture will be a sufficient springboard or
platform to study in greater depth while maintaining respect for other premillenarians.”


If you would like to obtain your free copy of this book please click on the following link:


May the Lord bless you,



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  1. Thank you very much for this book. It’s much needed. I have not read it all yet but you are right to say that the present-day church is asleep and needs to wake up, and that tolerance, calm discussion, and true scriptural understanding ought to be our first motive. If we differ, then it is WE who have to search the scriptures and seek God’s answer. God is not wrong, the bible isn’t wrong – so who is?


  2. Hi Tricia, thank you very much for your comment. I fully agree with you. If this book can help achieve that it will have been worth its penning down. Shalom to you sister.


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