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Msindisi Newsletter # 72

September 3, 2010


NUMBER:      72.       SEP 2010

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Dear Friends and family,

We thank God for another month of His faithfulness and guidance. Shortly after writing the last newsletter we visited the ladies group in Louwsburg. Salvi took his guitar and after we all sang hymns we challenged them with a message asking them to test if they are really saved. This dealt with aspects of true conversion and living a true Christian life. The issue of baptism came up and a couple of ladies were adamant that infant baptism was valid. The ladies are mostly members of the local Dutch Reformed Church. The main lady who runs the ladies group was challenged to examine the scriptures to see if these things are so. She answered by saying that she reads the words of a certain pastor and that the bible is too difficult to read by itself! Salvi welcomed her to put aside the pastor’s words to read it straight from the scripture and then to bring any questions she had to us so we can talk further. Speaking of baptism, we are really pleased that Jabulani got baptized last Thursday in obedience to the teachings he has been receiving. Salvi has been going through the foundations of Hebrews 6, looking at their significance from the OT in pointing to Christ and the experience of the new birth. Jabulani testified forcefully that Jesus is now the Lord of his whole life. It was a wonderful experience for Salvi as it was the same river where Phumulani was baptized.

We continue as ever to saturate the local areas with the Gospel. Phumulani and Salvi have almost completed preaching to all the Kraals at Esihlengeni. We want to visit one lady there who said that she have her life to the Lord years ago at a tent crusade. Salvi has ventured into new territory at Alpha and will finish East mine within a couple of months. In Ngentisheni another section is almost completed too and for the last couple of weeks Di and Khetiwe have shared with groups of children numbering around 20 – 24 while Salvi preaches. Salvi has been continuing to hit against the practices concerning ancestral spirits, knowing that it is such a bind for the people in these areas.

This month Salvi and Phumulani attended the funeral of one of Phumulani’s relatives. For those who visited the mission when Caleb and Sophie were running it, it was the mother of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. The people, including the community leader asked Salvi to share the word with them but Phumulani had something that was already on his heart to share. Without causing a scene, Salvi asked that Phumulani be allowed to share as he had his bible and had prepared something and Salvi agreed to do the prayers – he ended doing the last rites which he used to share that those who truly follow Christ will be resurrected to everlasting bliss and those who did not will be resurrected to everlasting judgment. There are many funerals in and around these areas and such a time is so crucial because it is a reminder of the reality and severity of death and the importance of being ready to meet our maker. Only Jesus can make us ready.

We are continuing meeting with the Louwsburg Bible Fellowship on Tuesday nights. It is great to see that the Lord is working in their lives. We meet from house to house, have a meal together, have communion, sing, have open sharing and have a teaching from the word. Our fellowship is really deepening and we are seeing some fruit as we all are encouraged to keep picking up our crosses. Salvi is teaching through 1 Corinthians. After this Phumulani is going to give a message before we look into end times teaching. Please pray for Phumulani as English is not his first language and that is the medium he will have to teach in. We trust this will lead onto other opportunities for him to teach in the group. Last week an old friend of Salvi’s from the area, called Veli, attended. He wants to continue attending.

On Wednesdays (our shopping and doing day in Vryheid) we are having the privilege of attending a prayer meeting at Bethany Baptist Church. They are a church whose members listen to bible teachers such as Dave Hunt, and Bill Randles, and maintain a strong stance against error while at the same time being involved in a local mission and fellowship. We have been attending the Wednesday nights for the last month and have been very encouraged. One such day we asked for prayer after visiting home affairs. Di needs to have her visa renewed and so we went to enquire what she needed to have prepared before she applies for the visa extension. The lady behind the desk was very helpful and pulled up Di’s details on the computer. But then she exclaimed that she could not help us as someone had typed in the data base that Di was born in 1801 and her visa expired that year also. Aside from Di feeling very flattered that she could look so good at the age of 209, she asked if the lady could change these details. Unfortunately the Vryheid office could not change them. We had to go back to Johannesburg Airport where they had made the mistake upon our arrival back into the country. When we asked at the prayer meeting, one lady told us that her sister is high up in home affairs and she would ask her and get back to us on Friday. When she called she explained that her sister had been in meeting that day and the day before with the general of immigration and he agreed to have our details changed in his office in Durban. We have to do nothing!

The last 2 days were hectic as we were having our hut plastered before the rains arrive. The men worked so hard, starting at 7.30am and finishing 7.30pm working by headlamps. They couldn’t do all of it as two windows and the blocks on the roof were left unfinished, which Phumulani and us did yesterday after Church. Now our place looks like a real Zulu hut but we will destroy that appearance by painting over it with some paint given to us over a year ago. Phumulani continues teaching in Church and he is working through the letter to the Hebrews. We are praying that the Lord will really stir the congregation into deeper fellowship/participation in the meetings. We have asked Phumulani to start contributing a monthly report on the church to be included in our newsletter. Please pray for him as he is trying to apply for other work, and is recently applying to the Police service. May the Lord’s will be done in his life.


Here is Phumulani:

My  name is Phumlani Mthembu at KZN[KWANGADI]. I am the one who got baptized by Caleb and Salvador a few years ago. I am still looking forward to our Lord Jesus as the one who saves us from our sins, as He promised His followers that no one can take us from His hand and He gives us eternal life.

I am currently giving God’s sheep food here in my home church but it is not a big group: we are few. But at this time I have my brother, Salvador, and Dianne who are doing missionary work here. They preach in this place which is around us during the week. Then on weekends I go out with Salvador to preach with him as we know that it is God’s desire that all men should be saved and His word has power to save all people who believe in it.

My prayer request is that: May God’s will be done to us as a church and to our missionary brothers.


It is a very interesting experience ministering in South Africa. Since the end of Apartheid, the services in South Africa have deteriorated, mines have closed, jobs, health care and schooling is suffering. We are seeing the third week of public service striking while 1.3 million public servants are seeking pay increases. There is threat of violent protests, but not where we are. Still we are faced with racial attitudes and tensions with some people blaming Apartheid and the whites for the present problems and then others claiming black people are under a curse, are to be subjugated to the level of slaves and they misuse the bible to back it up. They go so far as to say that black people are stupid, do not know how to build up and can only break down and consume. Such attitudes sadden us and are a denial of the gospel which states that in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile, no slave or free. Saved blacks will not be the slaves of saved whites in heaven! God’s house will be a house of prayer for all the nations. Neither does the blame shifting all present woes on past wrongs encourage us either. When we see these things we long for Jesus to return and install His righteousness and justice. There will be no corruption in His administration.

Thank you for all your prayers and fellowship in the work. God bless you all.

Salvi and Di

Devotional 13




James 1 v 5a, 6a & 8:


“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God… in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea…being a double minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

James is writing to Jewish believers going through trials, being persecuted with the temptation to turn away from the Lord. The trials were from the Lord to strengthen their faith but the temptation came from their own flesh. Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted of the Devil. Sometimes the trial and the temptation can be so inextricably linked that we can get confused by the phrase, ‘God sends these trials to test us.’ We wonder why God leads us into temptation. Such times need wisdom to distinguish God’s purpose and that of the flesh. But such asking for wisdom must be done in faith without doubting. One who doubts is double minded, or more literally ‘double-souled’. They wanted God but they also wanted riches and an easier life. They were spiritual adulteresses seeking to get something out of God to spend on their own pleasures. Wisdom will not compete with such rebellion. When James writes that ‘if we lack wisdom we should ask’, he is not implying that only by asking for it we get it. This is why he qualifies the promise. We must be careful how we ask. James is the New Testament version of Proverbs. In Proverbs 2: 1 – 10 there is also promise of wisdom to the reader but it elaborates that finding wisdom is dependant upon seeking for wisdom with the right attitude. V2: we are to prick up our ears and stretch out our heart for it. V3: We are to be vocal and cry out for it. V4: We must look for it just as people look for silver or hidden treasures. Proverbs 11: 4 states “Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, But righteousness delivers from death.” In a day when prophets prophecy for gain and ministers treat the ministry as a career ladder, there is no prizing of God’s word as something precious. The ministry is merely a means to an end. Whether it is self aggrandizing, using the pulpit to make a living or to build up our own little empires the value of God’s treasures have been cheapened and thus people request of God as double minded men who should expect nothing from the Lord. Steve Camp wrote a song in the 1980’s called “Playing marbles with diamonds” in which he comments, “There’s a whole lot more than raising lots of money, Building our churches and spreading our fame. Faith is just a dice that you roll to get lucky; we’re even playing marbles with diamonds.” How are we this day? Are we seeking the gift rather than the giver? Is God the means to our end or is He the end? Is God and His treasures of wisdom worth more than all the treasures of this world or do those things rival the Lord and His wisdom? The greater things are those which last for eternity. The greater gifts are those which help build up the church in such a way as those works stand the test of fire. The greatest of these is love because one day we will not need faith or hope but love is forever. Throughout this day may we continue to remember that this world is passing away and the lusts there of. If the Lord does not build the house they labour for nothing who build it. Let us be busy about God’s agenda and not our own, seeking His glory, His fame and the things that last for eternity.

He is a sad man who sells out on his everlasting inheritance,

To gain a bowl of ‘temporal popularity and riches’ stew.

Biblical texts taken from ‘NASB’.                                                                                                   SUH





Waking up to a very different world,

We’ve got mud on our flag before it’s even been unfurled.

Our heroes have fallen and a leader is hard to find,

The clock is ticking out, we’re casting our pearls before swine.

CHORUS 1:     There’s a whole lot more than preaching to the choir,

Kneeling at the altar and paying our tithe.

We’re even treating God like He’s happiness for hire,

We’re even playing marbles with diamonds.

Isn’t it a shame how His name gets thrown around.

We pat God on the back like a buddy from out of town.

We thank ‘the man upstairs’ for the things people praise us for.

Oh we give God the glory but we’re happy to take the award.

CHORUS 2:     There’s a whole lot more than raising lots of money,

Building our churches and spreading our fame.

Faith is just a dice than you roll to get lucky,

We’re even playing marbles with diamonds.

There are precious things of God and we must guard them with our lives.

Like an unborn baby’s dreams, like a husband loves a wife,

May the hope of His returning, may it purify our faith,

As we hold onto His holy word, may the chaff be blown away.

Can we ever live up to the things that we say we believe.

Cause the world is watching, looking for some honesty.

Have we been riding down a freeway instead of on a narrow road,

We’ve turned a passion for the lost into a business of saving souls.

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